CMPT 125 Burnaby


All the general announcements made via email to the whole class can be found in Archived Announcements. Initial announcements and others such as room changes will additionally be included in this section. You will also be able to keep track of announcements related to submissions in the CourSys system.

  • May 7 - There will be office hours for exam viewing 1:30pm to 3:00 pm on Monday May 7 in room TASC1-9223. If you are interested in seeing your exam but cannot come at this day and time feel free to email the instructor ( to arrange for a meeting, which will be after June 4.

  • February 28 - The room for the midterm will be B9200. Same day and time as originally announced: Wednesday March 7, during the regular Wednesday class time.

  • January 28 - The marking scheme has been revised to reflect in more detail the independent weight of the MPL and CodeWrite components in the course. This is not a change of the marking scheme, but rather a different way to present it with more detail. See the Course Description → Course Evaluation section. See also the Course Description → Software section and associated Q&A's to MPL and CodeWrite.

  • Jan 5 - There are no labs during the first week of classes.

  • Jan 5 - Make sure that you can access the lab rooms before they start. Check: Admin → Labs characteristics.

  • Jan 5 - To access protected postings in this course website and CourSys (to access grades and submissions) you will be asked an id and a password. Both your id and password are the usual ones from your SFU account.

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