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The Fallible Genius

      "Erroneous in my play; flawless in my analysis­ a new Bridge superhero has emerged.
       I am The Fallible Genius­ no one can result better than I can."

      "I challenge you to make it!"
      "It really can be done!"

The Percentage Line is a new series of Bridge challenges issued by me to the rest of the world.
Similar to Gitelman's software, I am allowed to change the distribution of the opponents cards to punish you if you choose the wrong line of play.
As an extra incentive, the first three correct submissions will win prizes.
(Claimable only in Vancouver, Canada.)

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Tributes to Greatness

      In this section, I have tried to honour those among us who have exceptional qualities.
      I hope that you feel the same about some of the honourees below.

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