Financial Support for Undergraduate Research Assistants

I know mainly of opportunities for SFU students and for Canadians, but there are some programs for international students as well.
  1. NSERC Undergraduate Research Award. A USRA pays you to do full-time research over the summer (4 months). You should not be doing courses during this time. Half the funds come from the Canadian government and half come from my research grant. As for now, this is limited to Canadian citizens and permanent residents. For more information click here.
  2. SFU Work-Study Award. This program pays SFU students an hourly wage to do research-related work. You need to demonstrate financial need. International SFU students are eligible. I can designate you as a preferred student which makes acceptance very likely (depending on the SFU budget). For more information click here.
  3. Mitacs Globalink for Foreign Students. The Canadian government has started a new program designed to attract foreign undergraduate students. I haven't had personal experience with this yet, but it looks very interesting. The general idea is that the student comes for 12 weeks to Canada, does research at a university, takes part in a set of seminars with other scholarship holders. If you are thinking of graduate school in North America, this seems like a great way to build up experience and connections. For more information, click here.