Software, Systems, Source Code

Material for Project on Statistical-Relational Structure Learning for Relational Data.

Learns Bayesian Networks and Markov Logic Networks for a multi-relational database. Executable, scripts, datasets, examples.

Material for Sports Analytics.

Q-learning for the NHL. Executable, scripts, datasets, model. A dataset for box scores in the 2011-2012 Premier League season can be found here as well.

Material for Simple Decision Forests for Relational Data.

Learns a forest of decision trees for multi-relational classification. Decision trees are combined using a log-linear model derived from a conditional independence assumption, see this paper. Code, Scripts and Readme . No datasets, sorry.

Material for Project on Automated Discovery of Conservation Principles in Particle Physics

List of Particles included in Database

Particle Database (in Excel Format)

Reaction Database (in Excel Format)

Matlab: Code and Data Files (as .zip file)

Maple: Code and Data Files (as .zip file)