Hao (Richard) Zhang (张皓)
Distinguished SFU Professor, IEEE Fellow, Amazon Scholar

GrUVi Lab, School of Computing Science, SFU.
Email: haoz @ sfu . ca

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I am a Full Professor in the School of Computing Science at SFU and I have also been an Amazon Scholar since November 2021. I am an IEEE Fellow (see SFU news coverage) and hold a Distinguished University Professorship. I obtained my Ph.D. from the Dynamic Graphics Project (DGP) at the University of Toronto, and MMath and BMath degrees from the University of Waterloo. I direct the GrUVi (Graphics U Vision) Lab, one of the top places in the world to conduct computer graphics and computer vision research. My research is in computer graphics and more broadly, visual computing, with special interests in geometric modeling, shape analysis, 3D vision, geometric deep learning, and computational design and fabrication. I have published more than 180 papers on these topics, including 70+ articles in SIGGRAPH (+Asia) and ACM Trans. on Graphics (TOG), the top venue in computer graphics, and I have an Erdös number of 3. My research has been sponsored by Adobe, Autodesk, Boeing, Google, Huawei, MITACS, and NSERC.

I am privileged to have worked with many excellent students and postdocs. As of 2022, twelve of them are working as professors themselves. Awards and honours won by my current and past students include the Alain Fournier Best Graphics Thesis Award (twice), Eurographics PhD Award, Asia Graphics Young Researcher Award, National Science Fund for Outstanding and Excellent Young Scholars in China (1 杰青, 2 δΌ˜ι’), Azrieli Postdoc Fellowship, winners/finalists of Google, NVidia and Adobe PhD Fellowships, SFU Govenor's Gold Medal, as well as CVPR 2020 Best Student Paper Award and Best Paper Award at SGP 2008. Major companies where my students are working or have worked/interned at include Adobe, Amazon, Apple, Bytedance, EA, Google, Huawei, Meta (formerly Facebook), Microsoft, NVidia, and Snap.

In my spare time, I play badminton regularly, run about 5-10K per week, ski on blue/black runs (see a recent video of Grouse Mountain skiing with kids), and occasionally come up with cool puzzles to "challenge" prospective grad students.