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Hao (Richard) Zhang is a full professor in the School of Computing Science at Simon Fraser University (SFU), Canada. Currently, he holds a Distinguished University Professorship (2020-25), and is an Amazon Scholar. He has also been a visiting professor at Stanford University, Shenzhen University, and the Beijing Film Academy. Richard obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Toronto, and MMath and BMath degrees from the University of Waterloo, all in computer science. He directs the GrUVi (Graphics U Vision) lab at SFU. His research is in computer graphics and visual computing with special interests in geometric modeling, shape analysis, 3D vision, geometric deep learning, as well as computational design and fabrication. He has published more than 170 papers on these topics, including 60+ articles in SIGGRAPH, SIGGRAPH Asia, and ACM Trans. on Graphics, the most prestigious venue in computer graphics, as well as four US patents. Methods from three of his papers on geometry processing have been adopted by CGAL, the open-source Computational Geometry Algorithms Library.

Richard is currently on the editorial board of ACM Trans. on Graphics and he served as an editor-in-chief for Computer Graphics Forum, an associate editor-in-chief for IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications (CG&A), and an associate editor for IEEE TVCG, Graphical Models, among others. He has served on the program committees of all major computer graphics conferences and is SIGGRAPH Asia 2014 course chair, a paper co-chair for SGP 2013, GI 2015, and CGI 2018, and a conference chair for International Geometry Summit 2019.

Awards and honours received by Richard include

He and his students and collaborators have won several Best Paper/Dataset Awards, including

Two of Richard's SIGGRAPH papers, LOGAN and GRASS, had been selected (among 6 out of 100+) for press release at SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 and SIGGRAPH 2017, respectively. As of 2021, both his CVPR 2020 and SGP 2008 works have been the only award-winning papers at their respective venues for which all authors had Canadian affiliations at the time of publication: four from SFU and one from Google Brain Toronto, who happens to be a former PhD of Richard’s from SFU.

For his university service, Richard received the SFU Dean of Graduate Studies Awards for Excellence in Leadership in 2016.

Richard is privileged to have worked with many excellent students. Awards and honours won by his students include the Alain Fournier Best Graphics Thesis Award, Asia Graphics Young Researcher Award, National Science Fund for Outstanding and Excellent Young Scholars in China (1 杰青, 2 优青), Azrieli Postdoc Fellowship, SFU FAS Convocation Medal, and winners/finalists in Google, NVidia and Adobe PhD Fellowships. Major companies where his students have interned include Adobe, Amazon, Facebook (now Meta), Google, Huawei, and NVidia.