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My research centres around the making of database systems in the context of modern hardware, new programming language features, and new applications. My work also extends to related areas such as operating systems, parallel programming and distributed systems. Most of our work is open-source and some has been adopted by real products, such as Amazon Redshift which uses the Serial Safety Net, and DragonflyDB which adopts Dash. Our lab is part of the Data Science Research Group and Systems Group at SFU.

If you would like to schedule a meeting with me, please check my calendar.


  • Oct 25, 2023: New paper on hiding various kinds of latencies to appear at VLDB 2024! Led by Kaisong and collaboration with Qingzhong Meng and Qingqing Zhou.
  • Oct 25, 2023: Our previous VLDB 2022 tutorial on persistent indexing now becomes a book! Check it out to learn about concurrent non-volatile memory indexing and lessons learned from recent persistent memory research.
  • May 23, 2023: New paper about optimistic MCS locks for robust indexing to appear at SIGMOD 2024! Led by Ge and Ziyi.
  • Apr 6, 2023: Serving on the program committee for EuroSys 2024.
  • Feb 19, 2023: Serving on the program committee and artifact chair for VLDB 2024/PVLDB 17.
  • Dec 22, 2022: Our Skeena paper about cross-engine transactions is selected for the 2023 ACM SIGMOD Research Highlight Award!

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The Art of Latency Hiding in Modern Database Engines. (to appear) [code]
Kaisong Huang, Tianzheng Wang, Qingqing Zhou and Qingzhong Meng.
VLDB 2024

OptiQL: Robust Optimistic Locking for Memory-Optimized Indexes. (to appear) [preprint] [code]
Ge Shi, Ziyi Yan and Tianzheng Wang.

Indexing on Non-Volatile Memory: Techniques, Lessons Learned and Outlook.
Kaisong Huang and Tianzheng Wang
SpringerBriefs in Computer Science 2023 (Book)

Future Database Engine Development: You Will Only Need One Programming Language. (invited “DBrainstorming” column) (to appear)
Tianzheng Wang.
SIGMOD Record 2023, Volume 52, Issue 4.

Efficiently Making Cross-Engine Transactions Consistent. (invited) [technical perspective] [full paper at SIGMOD]
Jianqiu Zhang, Kaisong Huang, Tianzheng Wang and King Lv.
SIGMOD Record 2023, Volume 52, Issue 1.

Online Schema Evolution is (Almost) Free for Snapshot Databases. [code]
Tianxun Hu, Tianzheng Wang and Qingqing Zhou.
VLDB 2023

Blink-hash: An Adaptive Hybrid Index for In-Memory Time-Series Databases. [code]
Hokeun Cha, Xiangpeng Hao, Tianzheng Wang, Huanchen Zhang, Aditya Akella and Xiangyao Yu.
VLDB 2023

NV-SQL: Boosting OLTP Performance with Non-Volatile DIMMs.
Mijin An, Jonghyeok Park, Tianzheng Wang, Beomseok Nam and Sang-Won Lee.
VLDB 2023

Data Pipes: Declarative Control over Data Movement.
Lukas Vogel, Daniel Ritter, Danica Porobic, Pınar Tözün, Tianzheng Wang and Alberto Lerner.
CIDR 2023

SSDs Striking Back: The Storage Jungle and Its Implications on Persistent Indexes. [slides] [code] [talk] [abstract at NVMW 22]
Kaisong Huang, Darien Imai, Tianzheng Wang and Dong Xie.
CIDR 2022

Skeena: Efficient and Consistent Cross-Engine Transactions. [code]
Jianqiu Zhang, Kaisong Huang, Tianzheng Wang and King Lv.
2023 ACM SIGMOD Research Highlight Award
Invited to ACM TODS "Best of SIGMOD 2022" Special Issue

Evaluating Persistent Memory Range Indexes: Part Two. [extended version] [code]
Yuliang He, Duo Lu, Kaisong Huang and Tianzheng Wang.
VLDB 2022

The Past, Present and Future of Indexing on Persistent Memory. [slides]
Kaisong Huang, Yuliang He and Tianzheng Wang.
VLDB 2022 (Tutorial)

APEX: A High-Performance Learned Index on Persistent Memory. [extended version] [code] [abstract at NVMW 22]
Baotong Lu, Jialin Ding, Eric Lo, Umar Farooq Minhas and Tianzheng Wang.
VLDB 2022

Are Updatable Learned Indexes Ready? [code]
Chaichon Wongkham, Baotong Lu, Chris Liu, Zhicong Zhong, Eric Lo and Tianzheng Wang
VLDB 2022

ConnectorX: Accelerating Data Loading From Databases to Dataframes. [code]
Xiaoying Wang, Weiyuan Wu, Jinze Wu, Yizhou Chen, Nick Zrymiak, Changbo Qu, Lampros Flokas, George Chow, Jiannan Wang, Tianzheng Wang, Eugene Wu and Qingqing Zhou
VLDB 2022

CoroBase: Coroutine-Oriented Main-Memory Database Engine. [code] [HackerNews discussion] [talk at NWDS 2021]
Yongjun He, Jiacheng Lu and Tianzheng Wang.
VLDB 2021

Scaling Dynamic Hash Tables on Real Persistent Memory. (invited) [technical perspective] [full paper at VLDB]
Baotong Lu, Xiangpeng Hao, Tianzheng Wang and Eric Lo.
SIGMOD Record 2021, Volume 50, Issue 1.

Dash: Scalable Hashing on Persistent Memory. [abstract at NVMW 2021] [code]
Baotong Lu, Xiangpeng Hao, Tianzheng Wang and Eric Lo.
2021 ACM SIGMOD Research Highlight Award
VLDB 2020

Evaluating Persistent Memory Range Indexes. [PiBench code] [BzTree code]
Lucas Lersch, Xiangpeng Hao, Ismail Oukid, Tianzheng Wang and Thomas Willhalm.
VLDB 2020

PiBench Online: Interactive Benchmarking of Persistent Memory Indexes. [live system] [code] [demo video]
Xiangpeng Hao, Lucas Lersch, Tianzheng Wang and Ismail Oukid.
VLDB 2020 (Demo)

Parallelizing Filter-Verification based Exact Set Similarity Joins on Multicores. [code]
Fabian Fier, Tianzheng Wang, Erkang Zhu and Johann-Christoph Freytag.
Nominated for the Best Paper Award
SISAP 2020

Easy Lock-Free Programming in Non-Volatile Memory. [slides] [code] [full paper at ICDE]
Tianzheng Wang, Justin Levandoski and Per-Ake Larson.
Nominated for the Memorable Paper Award
NVMW 2019

DPI: The Data Processing Interface for Modern Networks.
Gustavo Alonso, Carsten Binnig, Ippokratis Pandis, Kenneth Salem, Jan Skrzypczak, Ryan Stutsman, Lasse Thostrup, Tianzheng Wang, Zeke Wang and Tobias Ziegler.
CIDR 2019