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Multi-Robot Simulation

Stage-3.0: 100 complex robots in real time [2008]

Stage-3.0: 2000 simple robots in real time [2008]
Adaptive ForagingHuman-Robot Interaction

Bucket-brigade foraging of non-uniformly distributed objects [Lein 2008]

Commanding robots by looking at them and waving [Couture-Beil 2010]
Chatterboxes Robot Sheepdog

Autonomy Lab robot colony (under construction) [Wawerla 2008]

Robot fetches flock of ducks to goal location and holds them there [1998]
Emergent Object Clustering

36 Creates running their default demo program right out of the box [2007]

A study for a dance project with Henry Daniel [2007]
Aggressive Display Behaviour

Reducing spatial interference by local symmetry breaking (simulation) [2000]

Rational aggressive behaviour in real robots [Zuluaga 2006]
The Frugal Feeding Problem

A fast and frugal heuristic for energy-efficient multi-robot, multi-place rendezvous [Litus 2006]

Online calculation of the most energy-efficient series of rendezvous points [Litus & Zebrowski 2005]
Sound-Mediated Localized Mutual Exclusion

Adding an audio propogation model to Stage [Karimian 2005]

An audio protocol for achieving localized mutual exclusion [Karimian 2005]
Particle Filter Target Tracking and Coordination

Using a particle filter for simultaneous target tracking and multi-robot coordination [Mottaghi 2005]

Locating and tracking a person with multiple robots using a single, shared particle filter [Mottaghi 2005]

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