We provide links to example datasets and outputs. Datasets are posted in various formats: (i) as a MySQL dump for a relational schema, (ii) in the WILL format, similar to the Aleph ILP input format, (iii) in the .db format of Markov Logic Networks as implemented in the Alchemy system. Sarah Riahi has provided a tool for converting data from SQL format to the Alchemy and Will formats. Outputs are posted in two format: (i) a Bayes net in BIF/XML format, and (ii) a MySQL dump for a schema that contains tables for the Bayes net structure, conditional probability tables etc.

Datasets Learned Models
unielwin unielwin_sql.tar.gz unielwin-WillFormat.rar unielwin.rar unielwin_BN.tar.gz Bif_unielwin.xml
Mutagenesis_std Mutagenesis_std_sql.tar.gz Muta-WillFormat.rar Mutagenesis_std.rar Mutagenesis_std_BN.tar.gz Bif_Mutagenesis_std.xml
MovieLens_std MovieLens_std_sql.tar.gz MovieLens-WillFormat.rar MovieLens_std.rar MovieLens_std_BN.tar.gz Bif_MovieLens_std.xml
MovieLens_TQ(1M) MovieLens_TQ_sql.tar.gz MovieLens-TQ-WillFormat.rar MovieLens_TQ.rar MovieLens_TQ_BN.tar.gz Bif_MovieLens_TQ.xml
Financial_std Financial_std_sql.tar.gz Financial-WillFormat.rar Financial_std.rar Financial_std_BN.tar.gz Bif_Financial_std.xml
Mondial_std Mondial_std_sql.tar.gz Mondial-WillFormat.rar Mondial_std.rar Mondial_std_BN.tar.gz Bif_Mondial_std.xml
UW_std UW_std_sql.tar.gz UW-WillFormat.rar UW_std.rar UW_std_BN.tar.gz Bif_UW_std.xml
imdb_MovieLens imdb_MovieLens_sql.tar.gz IMDB-WillFormat.rar imdb_MovieLens.rar imdb_MovieLens_BN.tar.gz Bif_imdb_MovieLens.xml
Hepatitis_std Hepatitis_std_sql.tar.gz Hepatitis_std_WillFormat.rar Hepatitis_std.rar Hepatitis_std_BN.tar.gz Bif_Hepatitis_std.xml
(Continuous database)
Cont_PLG_TM.tar.gz Cont_PLG_TM_WillFormat.rar Cont_PLG_TM.rar Cont_PLG_TM_BN.tar.gz (Cunrrently not avaliable)