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Preview of Objects

Preview of Illuminants

Images (8 bit)
Full set, gzipped tar (56.8 MB)
(Recomended for most applications)

Images (16 bit)
Full set, gzipped tar (277.2 MB)

   Images of Objects Under Different Lights

This page contains links to some of the data described in:

Kobus Barnard, Lindsay Martin, Brian Funt, and Adam Coath,
A Data Set for Colour Research,
Color Research and Application, Volume 27, Number 3, pp. 147-151, 2002.

(This is the appropriate archival reference to this data).

Questions, comments, and problems with this data should be directed to Kobus Barnard.


Our methodology for the data capture is exactly the same as used for the colour constancy test images, including the 11 illuminants used, and all preprocessing. The data format is also the same as described there. The differences are as follows.

First, all scenes are of objects on a dark background, in order to make the data appropriate for certain types of experiments. Second, the pose of the object was changed every time the illuminant was changed.

Note that the setup is similar to, but slightly different from our preliminary experiment. In the preliminary experiment, we took a set of images under each of 5 lights without moving the object, and then a second series of images where the object was moved. In this set, we chose to simplify the experiment by not using registered images, but this meant that error metrics based on mappings between images could not be used. These error metrics were more justified using the 5 illuminants chosen for that experiment, but in general, using mapping between images as a metric is delicate because the geometry can only be maintained exactly using filters over one (or physically very similar) source. In the first experiment this criteria was essentially met for 4 out of 5 illuminants, but in the second, it would have been approximately true for only 8 out of 11 illuminants. Given the time trade off between a registered set, and more illuminant/scene combinations, we chose to drop the mapping based metrics.


Preview: All objects under one illuminant (106 KB).
(This is Figure 11.1 of Kobus's thesis).

Preview: One object under all illuminants (127 KB).
(This is Figure 11.2 of Kobus's thesis)

All the 8 bit TIFF images (56.8 MB).
(Recomended for most applications)

All the 16 bit TIFF images (277.2 MB).
(The 16 bit images have only a small amount of extra data beyond the 8 bit images--the true dynamic range of the images is 9-10 bits).

This data was collected by Lindsay Martin under the guidance of Kobus Barnard in Brian Funt's Computational Colour Vision Laboratory.

 Publications Which Use This Data

Kobus Barnard, Brian Funt, and Lindsay Martin
Color Constancy Meets Color Indexing,
In preparation.

Kobus Barnard
Practical Colour Constancy,
Phd thesis, Simon Fraser University, School of Computing Science, 1999, Chapter 11, pp 201-211.

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