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Camera and Capture Settings
The settings that were used for each of the image captures.

Image Database Contents
- Objects
- Illuminants
- Image Sets

Data Available for Download
Assorted images and text files available online.

   Object Recognition Image Database

The image sets listed below accompany the publication  "Is colour constancy good enough?" [ECCV '98] .

 Camera and Capture Settings

All images were captured with a Sony DXC-930 3 CDD digital video camera using the following settings:

  • Gamma Correction  : OFF
  • Colour Tempurature: 3200 K
Each object in the database was placed in a Macbeth Judge II light booth, and an image was captured of the object under five different illuminants. The camera aperture was adjusted to prevent image clipping under the brightest lighting conditions for a given object, and not changed between illuminants.

 Image Database Contents


The following objects form the database:
Object Name Description
ball1 Fuzzy fluorescent ball.
ball2 Shiny multicoloured ball.
book Yellow "Data Communications" textbook.
coffee Disposable coffee cup.
cruncheroos Cereal box.
flowers Boquet of carnations.
javex Plastic bleach bottle.
macaroni Macaroni & Cheese box.
rope Multicoloured climbing rope.
shampoo Plastic shampoo bottle.
tide Detergent box.
Preview of all objects in database.


Each of the objects listed above was captured under the following illuminants:
Illuminant Name Description
mb-5000 Macbeth 5000 K fluorescent tubes.
mb-5000+3202 Macbeth 5000 tubes with Roscolux #3202 Full Blue filter.
syl-cwf Sylvania Cool White Fluorescent tube.
ph-ulm Phillips Ultralume fluorescent tube.
halogen Sylvania 75W halogen bulb.

Preview of "ball2" under all illuminants.
Plots of illuminant spectra and chromaticities.

Image Sets

The image database consists of two sets, the Model and Test databases:
  • Model Database - images of objects in a fixed orientation, captured under 5 different illuminants.
  • Test Database - images of objects in a random orientation, captured under the same 5 illuminants as the model database.
Example of model and test images for "ball2".
 Data Available for Download


  • Text file describing image database, capture settings and file naming conventions.

raw_images.tar.gz (30336 KB):

  • Expands to 97685 KB.
  • Gnu Zip compressed tar file of both the Model and Test image datasets. Images are in TIFF format, have been linearized (camera offset removed, and low intensity values linearized), and include the white to black row of the Macbeth Colour Checker in the image.
  • Example raw model database image
  • spectra of the 5 illuminants, collected  with a Photoresearch PR-650 Spectrometer.
  • 101 measurements: 480 - 780 nm every 4 nm.
  • text labels for each illuminant spectrum.
  • Camera sensor sensitivity curves for the Sony DXC-930 digital camera used to capture the image database.

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