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TGIF December 2007: Scores

1. IMPs. Both vul.
S K Q 6 4   H K 5   D 10 7 3   C A 9 8 7  
West North East South  
1H Pass 1S Pass
Pass Dbl 2D Pass
Pass 2H Pass ?

Your call?

Pass 12 100
3H 4 90
2S 2 80
4H 0 30
2NT 0 20
Moderator: The auction is unusual. What does partner's double and subsequent 2H bid mean? The panel agreed it should be natural, but disagreed on the overall hand strength.
August Boehm: 3H. My second choice is 4H. My hand is prime.
The Colchamiros: Pass. We're not looking to be heroes by getting to game in a suit they've overcalled, though game is not impossible.
Barry Rigal: Pass. I'm close to bidding 3H, but I can't say I like my spade or diamond holdings for that.
Paul Soloway: 3H. Just worth the raise to 3H.
Karen Walker: Pass. Partner's double showed a trap-pass of hearts, and 2H says his hearts are better than theirs.
Kai Zhou: Pass. I think pard has a trap pass over 1H.
Eugene Chan: 2NT. My head hurts trying to figure out this impossible auction. 2NT is a plea for mercy.
Adam Melzak: 2S. Are hearts 6520 around the table? or just 4 in pard's hand and he wants to go on. They both bid so game seems unlikely lacking a fit, BUT...
Aidan Ballantyne: 2S. Pretty sure partner has opening bid with penalty double in hearts. I will show with 2S rather than ask with 3D. If partner does not bid notrump I will bid hearts next.
Martin Henneberger: Pass. Partner has hearts. I predict a shutout in the voting.
Bonny Lee: Pass. Sounds like west bid partner's suit; I have king-doubleton in support and spade honours behind bidder.
Larry Meyer: 2NT. If pard is looking for stoppers, I have them.
Dave Waterman: Pass. There should not be any dissenting votes.
Mike Roberts: Pass. If partner had a really good heart trap, he could have bid 2S over 1S.
Perry Khakhar: 2S. We have bid 2 suits so 2S shows, not asks. I am unsure how bad the West's psyche was, but with my Kx of H and decent controls, I am not ashamed of my hand. However, some number of NT might still be the best contract.
Chris Buchanan: 2S. I have stylistic issues with this auction, but partner has hearts. I am bidding 2S to show that suit controlled and looking for NT. Partner is likely going to hear pass at my next opportunity to bid.
Ranjan Bhaduri: 2S. Usually I play this as Western Cue bid, but not sure what's going on in this sequence. Partner passed first round, and then did a dbl (does that mean he likes diamonds?), but then he chose not to defend 2D. Confusing!
Chris Diamond: 3H. Does pard intend 2H forcing? Raise just in case he does.
Brian Zietman: Pass. Isn't this the only possible bid I can make on this bidding?

2. IMPs. N-S vul.
S 3   H 10 6 5 4 3   D K 8 7 6   C K J 5  
West North East South  
  1C 1S Dbl
Pass 4D (1) Dbl 4H
Pass Pass 4S Pass
Pass Dbl Pass ?
(1) Splinter raise of hearts (singleton or void in diamonds).

Your call?

Pass 14 100
5H 2 40
5C 1 20
5D 1 10
Moderator: Over 4S, you passed to get partner's opinion about what to do. Partner elected to defend, so you should respect that and pass---at least that's the feeling of 14 of the panel.
August Boehm: Pass. What else?
The Colchamiros: Pass. Wasn't our pass over 4S telling partner that going on to 5H was okay with us? Partner declined. What's the problem?
Barry Rigal: Pass. My soft cards and weak trumps all argue for passing. The real problem is what to lead.
Paul Soloway: Pass. Pass and take my plus score. There's no guarantee of making 5H.
Karen Walker: Pass. East was kind enough to tell us we're getting dreadful breaks in our suits, which makes the five level a gamble. I'll respect partner's decision.
Kai Zhou: 5H. 4S might go down but I would rather gamble 5H. Pard should have a good working 17-19 count with no waste in spades, so 5H has a play. While East doubled 4D looks like he has a two suiter, something like 6151. Not happy to defend.
Eugene Chan: 5C. Might be right to pass but they have a double fit. And so do we.
Olga Guitelmakher: 5H. Partner is strong or distributional, so 5H looks good; I don't see 4S going down 4.
Adam Melzak: Pass. Vulnerable game's nice but do you want to overrule with an offensive hand?
Stephen Vincent: 5H. Sounds like east has something of a freak. The anticipated diamond ruff on defense may not be enough.
Aidan Ballantyne: 5H. I can almost BW over 4S given the 5th heart, club fit etc. I would have bid 5H--would also have been reasonable. Pass and pull is slam invite, a slight stretch that I will make UNLESS pard made slow double in which case pass is a logical alternative.
Susan Peters: 5H. Who knows what's right here but it is a vulnerable game if made.
Martin Henneberger: Pass. I am concerned about my original decision to bid a cut off 4H over 4D doubled. Wish I had passed that round. At least then I would know if pard had 1st round control of diamonds. When forced to accept this auction I made a forcing pass, and I will pass now.
Bonny Lee: 5C. Show my values in club and let partner decide the final contract.
Larry Meyer: Pass. Unlikely that we can take 11 tricks.
Dave Waterman: Pass. If I was not going to sit for the double, I would hardly have passed 4S. Bidding on violates partnership trust.
Mike Roberts: Pass. If I wasn't going to pass the double, I shouldn't have passed 4S.
Perry Khakhar: 5C. I could have been xx Qxxx QJxx xxx for my bidding so far! Enough with the weak bidding or trying to figure out Partner's or RHO's (7-4?) hand. Let's cooperate a little!
Chris Buchanan: Pass. All in with my forcing pass. I believe partner made the right choice.
Chris Diamond: Pass. Wasted DK bad; 5 card hearts and club honours good; 5 level dubious; Pass.
Brian Zietman: 5H. Can't afford to miss the vulnerable game.

3. Matchpoints. None vul.
S A K 10 5 4 3   H ---   D A K 6 5   C K Q 6  
West North East South  
Pass Pass 4H ?

Your call?

4S 9 100
5H 3 70
Dbl 4 50
4NT 1 40
5S 1 30
Moderator: Half the panel make the straightforward bid of 4S, even though South has a monster hand. Perhaps the underbid is necessary: when the opponents preempt, sometimes you are fixed.
The Colchamiros: 4S. Double would torture partner. What would he bid with SJ 9 2 HJ 7 5 3 DQ 4 3 CJ 8 7 and similar hands?
Paul Soloway: 4S. Slight underbid.
Karen Walker: 4S. They've preempted me out of a more intelligent auction, so I'll stay fixed and take the sure plus.
Kai Zhou: 4S. Usually I do not expect pard to have the perfect cards for me.
Eugene Chan: Dbl. Too good to merely overcall 4S. Minor suit slam also a distinct possibility.
Olga Guitelmakher: Dbl. If we play take-out doubles then it is my best call. Slam could be made in any suit, so Dbl lets partner choose.
Adam Melzak: 4S. Nice hand. Preempts work.
Stephen Vincent: Dbl. This could cause a silly result but it's most flexible. 4S makes it pretty much impossible to find a minor suit slam should one exist.
Eurydice Nours: 4NT. Will correct to 5S after partner's bid of a minor.
Aidan Ballantyne: 4S. Wimpy, but maybe auction will continue and I can catch up (e.g. with a follow-up double). Can't afford TO dbl now as pd may be 3-4-3-3 and have to leave it in. At least I named my best suit.
Susan Peters: 5H. If they bid 6H I will bid 6S. If pard bids 6C then I will pass.
Martin Henneberger: 5H. I'm going to gamble that any bid partner makes here will work out. Hopefully they know to default to 5S with a bust and 3 cards. Otherwise I'm happy to hear 5NT pick a slam or any other action.
Bonny Lee: 5S. Hope partner can interpret it as support in the suit since I did not make a takeout double.
Larry Meyer: Dbl. Double, then bid spades to show extras and invite slam.
Dave Waterman: 4S. There may be a better spot, but no reasonable way to get there without risk.
Mike Roberts: 4S. I'll stay fixed. Double isn't right, and 5S seems too much.
Perry Khakhar: Dbl. Double followed by 5S over partner's likely bail out in 4NT (pick a minor) or 5 of a minor.
Chris Buchanan: 5H. Rule number 1: Opponents are not allowed to preempt when I hold this hand. Rule 2: When rule 1 violated, choose a slam!!!!
Bob Todd: 4NT. Will follow up with 5S.
Chris Diamond: Dbl. Horrible. X will often end the auction when you're cold for slam, but everything else is guessing.
Brian Zietman: 4NT. Partner passed but all I need from him is the CA, SQ and DQ for a possible 7. I can't double as partner may leave it in with 4+ hearts. If partner bids clubs - I bid 5S and if he bids diamonds or spades I am in slam.

4. Matchpoints. Both vul.
S A K 8 4   H Q 8 6 5   D ---   C A K J 5 2  
West North East South  
  Pass 1H ?

Your call?

2C 13 100
1S 1 70
Dbl 1 60
2H 1 20
Pass 2 10
Moderator: The majority agree that there is no clear-cut bid, but 2C is the least of evils. Doubling with a void in one of the suits you are asking partner to bid is too dangerous.
August Boehm: 2C. What else?
The Colchamiros: 2C. A takeout double with a void in an unbid suit is always asking for trouble. If it goes all pass and we are cold for 4S, we'll try and make up for it on the next deal.
Barry Rigal: 2C. I'm not sure why, but passing never works for me. I'll try 2C, and see what happens.
Paul Soloway: 2C. I don't like to make a takeout double with a void in an unbid suit.
Kai Zhou: 2C. Rebid 2S if possible.
Eugene Chan: Dbl. Good hand. Support for unbid major. Strong enough to bid clubs if partner bids your void. Classic textbook T/O double.
Adam Melzak: 2C. Double if hearts are raised and back to you, but if partner jumps in D then 3S or 4C sound painful.
Stephen Vincent: 2C. Can't go too far wrong bidding one's best suit.
Peg Mcshane: 2C. More than enough to overcall.
Aidan Ballantyne: 2C. Seems more flexible than 1S overcall; will hope to bid 2S next.
Susan Peters: Dbl. If pard bids 2D I will bid 3C. Other choice is to bid 2H but would like to have 5 spades.
Martin Henneberger: Pass. With length in opener's suit I pass 1st and plan to reenter later. It's unlikely this will be passed around, plus my partner's balance with hearts shortness and 5 counts. Doubling will get diamonds from pard and 2C is more likely to get passed than passing is!
Bonny Lee: 2C. Will bid my spades if I have a second chance.
Larry Meyer: 2C. Want to be able to bid both my suits.
Dave Waterman: 2C. Double is silly. 1S is ill-advised (short suit, big hand) and pass is too deep.
Mike Roberts: Dbl. I know that 2C is very popular, but what if partner raises? I can't look for a 4-4 spade fit AND investigate 3NT (3H asks, not shows, a H stopper). Double, followed by 3C over 2D, should get us to the right space most of the time.
Perry Khakhar: 2C. I hate it that I can't think of any thing more enterprising with this hand! The best of all possible bad bids.
Chris Buchanan: 2C. Is this a trick question? I do have a nice 17, but I need to downgrade a little for having length in the opponents' suit. If we have game, partner will bid.
Chris Diamond: 2C. Same old, same old. Hope to get spades in later.
Brian Zietman: Dbl. Classic strong take-out double, no?

5. Matchpoints. Both vul.
S Q 6   H Q 8 7 6   D Q J 9 6   C 10 9 7  
West North East South  
    Pass Pass
1S 2H Pass Pass
2S Dbl Pass ?

Your call?

3H 11 100
4H 6 90
2NT 1 10
3S 0 0
Pass 0 0
Moderator: Once you chose not to raise the first time, 3H is an underbid. The panel majority, however, is not willing to push to game at matchpoints. Minus scores at matchpoints are the kiss of death.
August Boehm: 4H. What else?
The Colchamiros: 3H. We hate passing the previous round. Now we have to guess and so bid 3H---go for the plus score!
Barry Rigal: 4H. I would have bid 3H over 2H as indeed would any member of homo sapiens, so I better make up for lost time.
Paul Soloway: 4H. I trapped myself by not raising to 3H directly.
Karen Walker: 3H. I have good trumps, but not much outside. At IMPs, I'd bid 4H.
Kai Zhou: 4H. Pard advertised shortness in spades and decent hand with 16-17 count: just put these points randomly in the other 3 suits, looks like 4H can make.
Eugene Chan: 3H. An immediate raise to 3H is preferred. Still no reason to bid anything other than 3H.
Adam Melzak: 3H. Not quite sure why I didn't raise earlier.
Stephen Vincent: 3H. The wasted values in spades suggest partner will be minimum.
Aidan Ballantyne: 3H. My theory is 2H overcall of 1S shows a good hand as it makes it easier to gauge partscore vs. game. In my style I would bid 3H first time (courtesy, as I would bid 4H with a little more). 3H now due to high LTC. Pard can go on if right.
Susan Peters: 3H. I passed 2H so 3H seems right. No defense and don't think I have enough for 4H.
Martin Henneberger: 4H. Why didn't I courtesy raise originally? 2H in these auctions are quality bids not noise. Now I'm faced with a decision I shouldn't have to make.
Bonny Lee: 3H. I should have bid 3H last round.
Larry Meyer: 3H. Great heart fit, but not enough strength to bid 4H.
Dave Waterman: 3H. Another partnership question. I should have bid 3H, but having passed I can hardly start leaping about - each bid must be consistent with the one that came before it.
Mike Roberts: 3H. When I passed 2H, it was because I considered the SQ wasted. It still is. To bid 4H here means that I should have bid 3H the time before - that wouldn't be too bad a bid, but I must remain consistent.
Perry Khakhar: 4H. Should have some play despite my quacky hand!
Chris Diamond: 4H. Oh I woke up. 4H because pard can't believe I have this hand after my last pass.
Paul Hardy: 3H. Why didn't I bid 3H right away?
Brian Zietman: 3H. Why didn't partner double on the first round ?

Panel's Answers

  1 2 3 4 5 Total
The Colchamiros Pass Pass 4S 2C 3H 500
Karen Walker Pass Pass 4S 2C 3H 500
Barry Rigal Pass Pass 4S 2C 4H 490
August Boehm 3H Pass 4S 2C 4H 480
Paul Soloway 3H Pass 4S 2C 4H 480
Richard Freeman Pass Pass 5H 2C 3H 470
Betty Ann Kennedy Pass Pass 5H 2C 3H 470
The Sutherlins Pass Pass 4S Dbl 4H 450
Mike Lawrence Pass Pass Dbl 2C 4H 440
Steve Robinson Pass Pass 5H 1S 4H 430
Jeff Meckstroth 2S 5H 4S 2C 3H 420
Kerri Sanborn Pass Pass 4S Pass 3H 410
Larry Cohen 3H Pass 4S Pass 3H 400
Grant Baze Pass Pass Dbl 2H 3H 370
The Coopers 3H 5C Dbl 2C 3H 360
Bridge Buff Pass 5D Dbl 2C 3H 360
Allan Falk 2S 5H 5S 2C 3H 350
Jill Meyers Pass Pass 4NT 2C 2NT 350

Local Heroes

    1 2 3 4 5 Total
1.    Dave Gabel Pass Pass 4S 2C 3H 500
1.    Dave Waterman Pass Pass 4S 2C 3H 500
3.    Joel Martineau Pass Pass 4S 2C 4H 490
4.    Jim Bodner 2S Pass 4S 2C 3H 480
4.    Rod Coote 2S Pass 4S 2C 3H 480
4.    Adam Melzak 2S Pass 4S 2C 3H 480
7.    Zoran Peca Pass Pass Dbl 2C 3H 450
8.    Brad Bart Pass 5H 4S 2C 3H 440
9.    Kai Zhou Pass 5H 4S 2C 4H 430
10.    Aidan Ballantyne 2S 5H 4S 2C 3H 420

World Leaders

    1 2 3 4 5 Total
1.    Mike Roberts (USA) Pass Pass 4S Dbl 3H 460
2.    Ranjan Bhaduri (Canada) 2S Pass 4S Dbl 3H 440
3.    Bob Todd (Canada) 3H Pass 4NT 2C 3H 430
3.    Chris Diamond (Canada) 3H Pass Dbl 2C 4H 430
5.    Leo Weniger (Canada) Pass 5H Dbl 2C 4H 380
6.    Paul Hardy (Canada) Pass 5C Dbl 2C 3H 370
7.    Lea Gaboury (Canada) Pass Pass 4S Dbl Pass 360
8.    Chris Buchanan (Canada) 2S Pass 5H 2C Pass 350
9.    Perry Khakhar (Canada) 2S 5C Dbl 2C 4H 340
9.    Ross Jamieson (Canada) 3C 5H 4S 2C 3H 340
9.    Fred Bart (Canada) Pass 5H Dbl Dbl 4H 340
9.    Susan Julius (Canada) 2NT 5C 4S 2C 3H 340
9.    Brian Zietman (Israel) Pass 5H 4NT Dbl 3H 340
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