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TGIF April 2014: Scores

1. IMPs. Both vul.
S A Q 8 5 3 2   H ---   D A K 3   C K J 7 3  
West North East South  
    2H ?

Your call?

Dbl 14 100
3S 3 70
2S 1 50
4S 0 40
3H 0 20
Moderator: The majority of the panel start with double.
Mike Lawrence: Dbl. Dare I hint that this should be unanimous? This hand is too good for 2S or 3S. Doubling does not stop you from showing your spades later.
Steve Robinson: 3S. I don't want to defend 2H doubled.
Geoff Hampson: 2S. I expect to have a chance to double back in later when LHO raises hearts. I prefer to start with my six-card suit and follow with double, rather than the reverse.
Craig T. Wilson: Dbl. . . then bid my spades at my next turn.
Martin Henneberger: Dbl. At 1st glance 3S. After pause for thought dbl is a big gainer playing lebensohl. We can bid 3S over leb 2NT and get back to par. Partner could also nicely surprise us by passing a huge misfit or positive in a minor potentially leading to slam.
Bill Angus: Dbl. Any call other than double just leads to me take unilateral actions later without letting partner knowing what the basis for these actions might be. Yeah I know LHO is likely going to bid 4H.
Monica Angus: Dbl. I have support for all other suits.
Jake Grabow: 3H. Power, don't believe partner is waiting to whack this one.
Larry Meyer: Dbl. Let's hear what partner has to say.
Andrew Krywaniuk: Dbl. This is good enough to double and bid spades. If partner passes then we didn't miss anything.
Perry Khakhar: Dbl. You won't lose the spade suit so dbl and bid spades. Can't give up on a minor suit slam plus the spade suit is ratty.
Brian Zietman: Dbl. A big double.
Timothy Wright: Dbl. If partner has a heart stack, then I'm happy to collect vulnerable undertricks.
Ig Nieuwenhuis: Dbl. . . and I will bid spades later. Assuming Lebensohl (should LHO pass) I can determine a possible slam if partner bids constructively at the 3 level.
Chris Diamond: Dbl. Seems automatic.
Amiram Millet: Dbl. . . then 3S over Lebensohl from partner.
Plarq Liu: Dbl. Even if I hold everything in the world, I still humbly double politely waiting for an answer from partner.
Beverley Candlish: Dbl. My hand is too strong to simply overcall.
Kf Tung: Dbl. You have strength in all 3 unbid suits and shortness in hearts. Double is more descriptive than 2S, 3S or 4S.

2. IMPs. None vul.
S A J 10   H A K Q J 3   D A Q 6   C Q 6  
West North East South  
Pass Pass 1C Dbl
Pass 1S 2C ?

Your call?

Dbl 13 100
3C 2 70
3H 2 70
2H 1 60
3S 0 60
4S 0 50
2S 0 20
Moderator: The red double cards are sure getting a lot of table-time this month.
Betty Ann Kennedy: 3C. If partner, by chance, bids diamonds, I'll continue with 3H.
Kerri Sanborn: 2H. At first glance, this looks like a huge underbid, but if partner can't bid again, I might be high enough. Facing a hand with no entries, I have a lot of losers. If I catch a 2S rebid, I will try game there.
The Sutherlins: Dbl. It is still takeout and shows 16-plus points and three-card support for partner. How we continue will depend on partner's response. 3NT, 4H and 4S are all possible game contracts.
Stephen Vincent: 3C. Something of a temporizing bid, but maybe partner will be in a position to say something useful.
Martin Henneberger: Dbl. . . to show extras with 3 spades. I will follow up with a 3H bid over the expected 2S sign off from partner or find out more if they take any other call. This hand does have a lot of holes and insisting on game myself is worrisome.
Jake Grabow: 3C. . . power and hoping for partner to bid an unlikely club stop. Even if partner is broke I have another try for game and north has not promised any values so far, so a pass is not unlikely.
Larry Meyer: 2H. Show the big hand and the 5-card suit.
Yue Su: Dbl. My plan is double, double, then new suit, hoping this can show 20+.
Andrew Krywaniuk: 3C. Let's see if partner can rebid diamonds or hearts or even NT. If he rebids 3S then I give up.
Perry Khakhar: 3C. Even with the wastage in clubs, this hand is too good to simply rebid hearts or take a shot at 4S. Torture partners a little more! They love it.
Brian Zietman: 3C. A big cue bid.
Timothy Wright: 2H. With the Q-6 of clubs, I'm not quite good enough to cue bid then bid hearts.
Roelof Van Lopik: 2H. Forcing.
Ig Nieuwenhuis: 2H. . . strong with hearts, forcing in principle, but partner can pass with an absolute bust. He may also bid 2S, promising at least 4 but probably 5+ (I will raise to 3S confirming 3 spades).
Chris Diamond: 3C. Queen-fifth of spades or Jack-third of clubs are enough for game so I guess I have to push hard to get there.
David Gordon: 3C. Dbl and cuebid is a 2C opener.
Amiram Millet: Dbl. . . then 2H aiming at 4M.
Plarq Liu: Dbl. Tell me more, partner. I don't think this is penalty.
Beverley Candlish: 3C. I have 23 high card points but that may be all I have. I could lose a diamond, two clubs and some spades. My first plan would be to cue bid clubs to see if partner has any kind of stopper in clubs. 3NT might make. 3S may be the contract.
Kf Tung: Dbl. Very strong, and you can bid hearts on the next round!

3. IMPs. N-S vul.
S Q 9 7 4   H K Q J 2   D Q 9 8 3   C 3  
West North East South  
    3D Pass
Pass Dbl Pass ?

Your call?

4D 16 100
Pass 1 60
3H 0 50
4H 1 50
3NT 0 40
3S 0 40
Moderator: This unanimous problem focusses on picking the strain.
Stephen Vincent: 4D. Get to the right vulnerable game first.
Martin Henneberger: 4D. Fairly easy and routine 4D cue, showing values for game and equal length in the majors.
Bill Angus: 4H. That's what opps' preempts do: they make subsequent bidding difficult.
Jake Grabow: 4D. We are vul and a major game is likley to score better than 3D down one or two.
Larry Meyer: 4H. Show my non-minimum and my nice suit.
Andrew Krywaniuk: 4D. We've seen this problem before. The panel would rather be down 1 in 4 of the right major than play the wrong major at the 3 level.
Perry Khakhar: 4D. Pick a major suit game partner.
Brian Zietman: 4D. Back to you partner - choose your better major.
Timothy Wright: 4D. I'm stretching only a little bit here - partner rates to have shape and we likely have a double fit.
Ig Nieuwenhuis: 4D. I have both majors, please choose one.
Chris Diamond: 4D. Hope it's enough opposite a balance.
David Gordon: 4D. Still enough for game opposite a balancing partner.
Amiram Millet: 4D. Looking for 4M.
Joel Forssell: 4D. Pick a major.
Plarq Liu: 4D. Hope partner does not have long long clubs.
Beverley Candlish: 4D. . . telling partner I have both majors. She can pick a major at the 4 level.
Kf Tung: 4D. You have both majors and pard will pick what he likes.

4. Matchpoints. N-S vul.
S A K 10 7 4 2   H 10 3   D K Q J   C A 8  
West North East South  
3D 3H 5D ?

Your call?

Dbl 15 100
5NT 3 70
5S 0 60
6NT 0 40
6H 0 30
6S 0 30
Moderator: Do you go for the extreme penalty? Or do you go for the slam?
Steve Weinstein: 5NT. With 5NT, I should be able to convey heart tolerance and spade length, and I think slam is too likely to do anything else. It's tempting to double with such great diamonds, but . . . nah!
Daniel Korbel: Dbl. In my partnership, this would be a forcing-pass auction. That, however, is not standard, so I must do something. Partner will not pass very often with a diamond void or excellent hearts, so we will still reach a lot of good slams.
Stephen Vincent: Dbl. I feel confident we can defeat this contract.
Craig T. Wilson: 5H. If vul was reversed I would have doubled.
Martin Henneberger: Dbl. I have learned to take my plus. The opponents have taken away my room to be sure we have a slam. When partner is short in spades we will not make anything. The opponents are white vs red making their actions friskier and juicier for our side by defending.
Jake Grabow: Dbl. Take the money and run, all though if partner has a strong or very strong hand there is another chance for north.
Larry Meyer: Dbl. I have support for whatever partner decides to do.
Stuart Carr: 6H. Bidding what I expect to make.
Andrew Krywaniuk: 5NT. 5NT = Pick a slam (with ELC for clubs). 5Dx rates to go for -1100 only, so we must compete.
Laurence Betts: 6S. Trump length onside, not unreasonable to X for 800, good problem.
Perry Khakhar: Dbl. Feels like 1100 or 1400. The question is do we have a slam? DK Q J opposite a likely void state otherwise.
Brian Zietman: Dbl. Don't want to miss the vulnerable game. The question is do the opps go down 3 or 4 in 5D. Since our 5H is not guaranteed better try for 4 down.
Timothy Wright: Dbl. Someone doesn't quite have her diamond bid. I'm hoping we don't make 6 (or 5 when we can't get them for down 4).
Roelof Van Lopik: Dbl. At least 5 down against a questionable slam.
Ig Nieuwenhuis: 6NT. Best chance for a good score in my opinion. Possibly it's 6S and not 6NT, but partner should have useful points.
Chris Diamond: 6NT. Hoping pard can work out my hand type and bid 7 of something if it's right. Don't expect it but at least we will be in a sensible spot.
David Gordon: 5S. New suit by unpassed responder forcing? ;)
Amiram Millet: 6NT. Science is out on aggressive bidding.
Plarq Liu: Dbl. Take the plus and bite the pride.
Beverley Candlish: 6H. Partner easily came in at the 3 level and I have a strong hand. I would try for a vulnerable slam instead of doubling their contract as they would have to go down 6 tricks.
Kf Tung: 5H. Game before slam. With solid hearts pard may bid 6H because you wouldn't bid 5H with one Ace.

5. IMPs. Both vul.
S K 10 6 4 3   H J 9 5 4   D 10 7 6 3   C ---  
West North East South  
1D 2C Pass Pass
Dbl Pass Pass ?

Your call?

Rdbl 17 100
Pass 1 70
2S 0 60
Moderator: SOS is the commonly used description for the Morse code distress signal. An SOS redouble sends the same message in bridge.
Stephen Vincent: Pass. Any attempt to find a better spot is all too likely to make a bad situation worse.
Martin Henneberger: 2S. Rescuing although fraught with danger. It looks right here as the opponents are well placed to make a good decision. Although rdbl allows us more places to land am I really going to pass 2H doubled next? That risks playing a 4-2 or 4-3 vs a 5-2 or 5-3. I bid 2S.
Bill Angus: Pass. I hate 2S or SOS XX (suppose Pard is 2-2-3-6 if I XX she'll throw her convention card at me).)
Jake Grabow: 2D. Should indicate a major takeout.
Larry Meyer: 2D. Asking pard to pick a major.
Stuart Carr: Rdbl. Hope to find a less awful spot.
Andrew Krywaniuk: Rdbl. Only because we have 3 chances to improve the contract at the 2 level. (Last time partner redoubled me, -1 xx was still the best contract.)
Perry Khakhar: Rdbl. Partner must be short in one of the Majors for his overcall. So, let him pick. Ideal SOS time.
Brian Zietman: Rdbl. SOS - partner choose a major.
Timothy Wright: Rdbl. Isn't this the hand that SOS redoubles were designed for?
Ig Nieuwenhuis: Rdbl. Should be SOS: partner seek a better spot please. Possible bonus: EW may run first.
Chris Diamond: 3C. I would have doubled before so now I'll guess to jump then bid all my suits if necessary.
Amiram Millet: 2S. Rooting for a safe lending.
Plarq Liu: Rdbl. Aieeee! This is SOS I think?
Beverley Candlish: 2S. I don't want to bid but would bid 2S and hope that partner has something in spades.
Kf Tung: 2D. The story goes on..... shall we laugh all the way to the bank with 2DXX?

Panel's Answers

  1 2 3 4 5 Total
Mike Lawrence Dbl Dbl 4D Dbl Rdbl 500
Jeff Meckstroth Dbl Dbl 4D Dbl Rdbl 500
The Sutherlins Dbl Dbl 4D Dbl Rdbl 500
Daniel Korbel Dbl Dbl 4D Dbl Rdbl 500
Roger Lee Dbl Dbl 4D Dbl Rdbl 500
Wafik Abdou Dbl Dbl 4D Dbl Rdbl 500
August Boehm Dbl 3C 4D Dbl Rdbl 470
Jill Meyers Dbl Dbl 4D 5NT Rdbl 470
Barry Rigal Dbl 3H 4D Dbl Rdbl 470
Steve Robinson 3S Dbl 4D Dbl Rdbl 470
Don Stack Dbl 3H 4D Dbl Rdbl 470
Mel Colchamiro 3S Dbl 4D Dbl Rdbl 470
Steve Weinstein Dbl Dbl 4D 5NT Rdbl 470
Larry Cohen Dbl Dbl Pass Dbl Rdbl 460
Allan Falk Dbl Dbl 4H Dbl Rdbl 450
Geoff Hampson 2S Dbl 4D Dbl Rdbl 450
Betty Ann Kennedy Dbl 3C 4D Dbl Pass 440
Kerri Sanborn 3S 2H 4D 5NT Rdbl 400

Local Heroes

    1 2 3 4 5 Total Points
1.    Brad Bart Dbl Dbl 4D Dbl Rdbl 500 161.00
2.    Jacky Wang Dbl 3C 4D Dbl Rdbl 470 100.63
2.    Yue Su 3S Dbl 4D Dbl Rdbl 470 100.63
4.    Martin Henneberger Dbl Dbl 4D Dbl 2S 460 56.35
5.    Rod Coote Dbl 3C 4D Dbl Pass 440 27.34
5.    Stephen Vincent Dbl 3C 4D Dbl Pass 440 27.34
5.    Andrew Krywaniuk Dbl 3C 4D 5NT Rdbl 440 27.34
8.    Joel Martineau Dbl 3C 4D Dbl 2S 430 20.13
9.    Adam Melzak Dbl 2H 4D 5S Rdbl 420 16.21
9.    Kai Zhou 2S 3H 4D Dbl Rdbl 420 16.21
9.    Alan Kemp-Gee Dbl 3H 4H Dbl Rdbl 420 16.21
12.    Diana Jing 2S 2H 4D Dbl Rdbl 410 12.90
12.    Ian Greig 2S Dbl Pass Dbl Rdbl 410 12.90

World Leaders

    1 2 3 4 5 Total Points
1.    Plarq Liu (United States) Dbl Dbl 4D Dbl Rdbl 500 108.50
2.    Perry Khakhar (Canada) Dbl 3C 4D Dbl Rdbl 470 57.87
2.    Brian Zietman (Israel) Dbl 3C 4D Dbl Rdbl 470 57.87
2.    Nate Vestal (Usa) Dbl 3C 4D Dbl Rdbl 470 57.87
5.    Timothy Wright (Usa) Dbl 2H 4D Dbl Rdbl 460 19.89
5.    Zhaowen Li (China) Dbl 2H 4D Dbl Rdbl 460 19.89
7.    Ranjan Bhaduri (Usa) Dbl 3C 4D Dbl Pass 440 12.99
7.    Bob Kuz (Canada) Dbl 3C 4D Dbl Pass 440 12.99
7.    Claude Vogel (United States) Dbl Dbl 4D 6NT Rdbl 440 12.99
7.    Nader Hanna (Canada) Dbl 3H 4D Dbl Pass 440 12.99
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