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TGIF March 2014: Scores

1. IMPs. E-W vul.
S K Q 8   H A K J 10 6 5 3   D 10 5 4   C ---  
West North East South  
Pass 1S Pass ?

Your call?

4H 9 100
3H 7 90
3D 1 50
2H 0 40
2S 0 30
Moderator: The top score goes to panelists who rocket to 4H without a second glance.
Steve Weinstein: 3H. This could miss a game if pard has the right minimum, but that seems less likely than the problems 4H could cause if pard has a good hand. We might belong in spades or 4H might get us too high if pard pushes to the five-level without a diamond control.
Steve Robinson: 3D. I'll see what partner does. Maybe 3D will stop a diamond lead.
Roger Lee: 4H. I play this as sort of a gambling bid and that many strong hands with hearts go through a jump shift. I think 3H is OK, but there are too many hands with which partner will pass, when game is good. I'm not worried about missing spades.
Martin Henneberger: 3H. With a 7 card suit playable opposite a void and a good 3 card fragment in a suit partner has shown, I will upgrade this hand and bid 3H. For me 2H is a gross underbid and 4H is too unilateral.
Joel Martineau: 3H. Probably best to underbid in this uncontested auction. Use our bidding space economically.
Monica Angus: 2H. Partner's response does not guarantee game and we need more input from partner to assess the best strain and the full potential of the combined hands.
Jake Grabow: 4C. Splinter - can't rule out spades - and with a diamond control there might be more than game.
Larry Meyer: 4H. Bid what I think I can make opposite pard's minimum.
Andrew Krywaniuk: 3H. This hand is worth an upgrade, but let's not get carried away. Partner rates to have club wastage.
Mike Roberts: 3H. Feels about right.
Perry Khakhar: 3H. Don't get a minus on a non-vul hand by pushing too hard! I will pass 3NT, raise 3S to 4S and be happy if pard bids 4H. Chances are that we are best off with hearts as trumps.
Norm Tucker: 4H. With partner's diamond stopper, game should be available. He can advance the bidding if he wants.
Brian Zietman: 3D. This should inhibit a diamond lead and we will get to game or slam in Hearts or Spades.
Timothy Wright: 4H. 5 losers=time to bash.
Ig Nieuwenhuis: 4H. IMP-bid: the right points make 4H.
Chris Diamond: 2C. Almost sure to lose a bidding contest. But rubber bridge players will consider it an auto.
Amiram Millet: 4H. With a self sufficient major, and 8 playing tricks, I bid my hand.
Plarq Liu: 4C. How can I express my slam interest? Splinter will start a cuebid process.
Beverley Candlish: 3H. 2H does not describe my hand properly. With my void, 7 hearts and spade support, I need to encourage game or slam.
Kf Tung: 3H. Just short of 3S or 4H. Pard will choose 3N or 4H, and you will raise 3S to 4S.

2. Matchpoints. Both vul.
S A Q 5   H Q 6 4   D 4 3   C K J 7 4 2  
West North East South  
1D 1H 1S Dbl (1)
2D Dbl Pass ?
(1) Three-card heart support.

Your call?

Pass 12 100
3C 4 70
2H 1 50
Moderator: Most of the panel see this as a penalty double. Some even see it as an 'action double', but decide it's right to play in 2D doubled.
Allan Falk: 3C. These days, it's an 'I have values to compete but no clear action' double. I have mediocre defense, so even though 2D doubled is not game, I don't think it is right to defend at this level.
The Sutherlins: Pass. Because we have defined our hand well and his hand is over the 2D bidder, partner's double is penalty. He many have as little as 10 points with three defensive tricks. If he has more, we have a chance at +800.
Geoff Hampson: 2H. I have a minimum hand and no diamond stopper to bid notrump. Hearts pays better than clubs and is a level lower.
Martin Henneberger: Pass. Normally low level doubles are for takeout, however here we have exchanged info. The possibility that pard is sitting behind the 2D bidder with a diamond stack is very real and I believe this double strongly suggests defending. I will oblige by passing.
Monica Angus: 3C. Don't much like going to the 3 level with this hand but partner wants me to bid and this is the best description of my values.
Jake Grabow: Pass. Not the best opener, but spades are nicely placed - I have told my story and have to trust my partner.
Larry Meyer: Pass. Taking pard for 4 hearts and extra values, but I don't want to rebid that club suit at the 3 level.
Andrew Krywaniuk: 2H. This looks like a competitive double situation. With a minimum hand, I make a minimum bid.
Mike Roberts: Pass. Even in these times, I think this one is for blood.
Perry Khakhar: Pass. Clearly, I would like a better hand for my pass (or for my opener). But, I have had a chance to describe my hand very well and we may be in for +200 or better. Plus, where else should we play this?
Norm Tucker: 2H. Wish I had not opened; want to defend.
Brian Zietman: 3C. What else?
Timothy Wright: Pass. While partner's double does not guarantee a trump stack, we don't have a big fit and East's spades are toast.
Ig Nieuwenhuis: Pass. Partner thinks +200 or better; no reason to pull.
Chris Diamond: Pass. Making my original pass. Support doubles are horrible.
David Gordon: Pass. Opponents have not agreed upon a suit. Pard's dbl is penalty.
Amiram Millet: Pass. I've already told my hand. A penalty might be best.
Plarq Liu: 3C. Partner surely has extra values for double. Bid clubs again to tell partner our shape.
Beverley Candlish: 2S. I am not promising a big hand and don't want to rebid hearts or clubs. I would bid 2S to show I have stoppers in spades. My partner may be looking for NT.
Kf Tung: 2S. Pard shows extra strength but you are just short of 3N. Bid 2S to show the stoppers and pard will bid 3C or 3N.
Bob Todd: Pass. Why would I overrule?

3. Matchpoints. Both vul.
S A J 5   H Q J 10 6 4 3   D K 6 4 2   C ---  
West North East South  
  Pass Pass 1H
2C Dbl Pass 2H
Pass Pass 3C ?

Your call?

3D 16 100
3H 0 60
Dbl 0 50
Pass 1 50
Moderator: This problem must have been way too simple - 16 out of 17 panelists are in agreement.
Martin Henneberger: 3D. If I could dbl for takeout I would love to do that here, however I don't believe that's what dbl means and as such need to avoid disaster. This is a complete guess to pass or bid, but my void sways me to take 1 more call and I will introduce diamonds now.
Monica Angus: Pass. . . as fast as I am ethically able to do so.
Larry Meyer: Dbl. Tell pard not to bid at the 3 level.
Yue Su: Pass. Partner could have 4-1-3-5, and I will pass if he doubles 3C.
Andrew Krywaniuk: Pass. RHO chose not to bid 3C right away (suggesting he may have some defense against spades). Partner still has a bid.
Ian Greig: 3D. If I'm not bidding 2D over partner's Dbl (which he could then correct to 2H if necessary) then why didn't I just open 2H?
Mike Roberts: 3D. Standard matchpoint push?
Perry Khakhar: 3D. Diamonds will play well! Hope partner has a few! Tough to sell out to a 9+ card fit.
Norm Tucker: 3H. I like my void.
Brian Zietman: Dbl. Please make another bid partner.
Timothy Wright: 3D. If double were definitely takeout here, I would do that. But it's not.
Ig Nieuwenhuis: 3D. The hand feels better for offense, partner now knows I'm 6-4.
Chris Diamond: 3D. Is double for takeout these days?
David Gordon: 3D. . . completing a weak 6-4 echo of hearts and diamonds.
Amiram Millet: Pass. Probably not our hand.
Plarq Liu: 3S. Spades...that should give us enough to ruff.
Beverley Candlish: 3D. I would like to bid spades but I know my partner only has 4 and I will likely need my trump length to trump hearts.
Kf Tung: 3D. . . is safe and keeps better things in view.

4. IMPs. None vul.
S Q 6 3   H J 6 4 2   D A K Q 7 4   C A  
West North East South  
  Pass Pass 1D
Pass 1S Pass ?

Your call?

2H 13 100
2S 4 60
1NT 0 50
2D 0 30
2NT 0 30
3S 0 30
Moderator: In days done by, Culbertson defined a minimum biddable suit as Q-J-x-x. Today? All bets are off. The panelists are reversing into hearts with abandon.
Mike Lawrence: 2H. . . a wretched bid that looks good only in comparison to the alternatives. If I am lucky, my partner will bid 2S, showing five. Now I can raise.
Kerri Sanborn: 2S. I can't think of a better bid, and sometimes we miss a non-vulnerable game. I would not reverse with these values, and 2D or 3D really isn't perfect either.
Adam Melzak: 1NT. Two and a half spade/hearts?
Martin Henneberger: 3S. This is a hand I would have opened 1NT as I have a flawed rebid over 1S. If partner had responded 1NT, I would also be guessing to pass or raise. Now I am guessing again and will make a bid that is aggressive at IMPs.
Bill Angus: 2H. The auction's not over - this bid tells pard my hand-value and shape info.
David Waterman: 3S. I would have opened this hand 1NT.
Jake Grabow: 2H. Tell me more.
Larry Meyer: 3S. Jump raise pard with prime extra values, 3-card support including an honour, and a ruffing value.
Stuart Carr: 2H. . . an overbid, but upgrading hand for the 3 spades, which I can show next time.
Andrew Krywaniuk: 2S. This is probably the ideal hand for an off-shape 1NT. Having failed to do so, let's treat this as a minimum unbalanced hand.
Mike Roberts: 2S. Big underbid.
Perry Khakhar: 2S. I would have opened a strong 1NT. Now, we have to put partner in a position to make an easy game try and hope for the best.
Paul Mcmullin: 2S. Hopefully partner will check-back for hearts if he is 5-4 in the majors and invitational
Norm Tucker: 3D. I want to encourage game with 16 hcp.
Brian Zietman: 2H. Looks good enough for a reverse.
Timothy Wright: 2S. I like this better than 2D, although 2D could be right. I'm too weak for 2H and too strong for 1NT.
Ig Nieuwenhuis: 2H. . . . and then support spades.
Chris Diamond: 2H. Spades or NT next round. Who cares, only a bidding contest but I can't see how describing a shapely strong hand can hurt.
David Gordon: 2H. Partner is a passed hand so stretch for the reverse.
Amiram Millet: 2S. Better than 2H.
Plarq Liu: 2H. Reverse bid shows both values and shape.
Beverley Candlish: 2H. I don't like this situation at all. I am on the cusp of a reverse if I count 6 for my singleton Ace. I don't want to bid NT either 1NT (which is wrong) or 2NT (which is wrong) with a singleton A.
Kf Tung: 2H. Bid spades on the next round to complete the description.

5. Matchpoints. N-S vul.
S K Q 9 7   H A K Q 3   D A Q 9 6   C 3  
West North East South  
1D Pass 1H ?

Your call?

Dbl 8 100
Pass 8 90
1S 1 80
1NT 0 40
Moderator: Holding 20 HCP, the doublers refuse to sit idly by. And there's always a chance that partner will bid spades, right?
August Boehm: 1S. Maybe partner can eke out a raise. If my double over West's possible 1NT rebid is penalty (my preference) rather than a light takeout, that is a point in favour of a trap pass. If they stop in 2D or 2H, I'll have to take an inadequate 50 per trick.
Larry Cohen: Dbl. Yes, I'll have to correct clubs to notrump, but I'm afraid the opponents are stealing, and if I pass now and enter later, partner will never realize how strong I am.
Mel Colchamiro: Pass. Just a guess. I'm hoping they will bid clubs so I can back in with a double ot show three suits. If lefty rebids 1NT and it comes back to me, I'll double to show hearts and spades. If lefty psyched and passes, I'm toast.
Martin Henneberger: Dbl. My gut is telling me to just bid 1S here but I believe that is an early position to take and would probably be anti-field. I will start with dbl and feel my way through the rest of the auction.
Joel Martineau: Dbl. I do not believe the old maxim that 'all strong hands start with a double,' but this one should.
Monica Angus: Pass. Yes, I have lots of HCP, but this hand suggests we defend any contract they might end up in.
Jake Grabow: Pass. Partner has next to nothing, I am staying silent - maybe they will go overboard.
Larry Meyer: Pass. Pard is broke - I won't take many tricks if I declare and have to always lead out of my hand.
Andrew Krywaniuk: 1S. Doubling here when partner has long clubs and ~2 points is just masochistic. A spade lead is our best chance to defeat a likely 1NT contract.
Mike Roberts: Dbl. Don't like it, but I'll try to play it straight.
Perry Khakhar: 1S. This will probably go 2C P P ? if we take no action now. That will be even more difficult. So, we may as well try to get partner involved now.
Norm Tucker: Dbl. Too strong for any other bid, depending on partner's black suit response I will bid game.
Brian Zietman: Dbl. If partner bids Clubs I will bid NT.
Timothy Wright: Dbl. . . and then a nonjump in no-trump if partner does not bid spades.
Ig Nieuwenhuis: 1S. It won't be a game for our side, but I like my chances.
Chris Diamond: 1S. Old enough to remember psyches and young enough to do them. Or just wait for yap at north for not acting with his 1 count.
David Gordon: Dbl. If pard bids 2C then rebid 2NT.
Amiram Millet: Pass. Let them go overboard.
Plarq Liu: Dbl. Always start from double. Then we can describe our hand after.
Beverley Candlish: Dbl. With 20 points, I have to double. If partner bids clubs, I will try 2NT. I can only hope she bids spades.
Kf Tung: Pass. Want to get a plus score? PASS!
Bob Todd: Pass. Anybody bidding at this point deserves punishment.

Panel's Answers

  1 2 3 4 5 Total
Mike Lawrence 4H Pass 3D 2H Dbl 500
Don Stack 4H Pass 3D 2H Dbl 500
Larry Cohen 3H Pass 3D 2H Dbl 490
Jeff Meckstroth 3H Pass 3D 2H Dbl 490
Mel Colchamiro 4H Pass 3D 2H Pass 490
August Boehm 4H Pass 3D 2H 1S 480
Betty Ann Kennedy 3H Pass 3D 2H Pass 480
Roger Lee 4H 3C 3D 2H Dbl 470
Steve Weinstein 3H 3C 3D 2H Dbl 460
Daniel Korbel 4H 3C 3D 2H Pass 460
Allan Falk 3H 3C 3D 2H Pass 450
Jill Meyers 4H Pass 3D 2S Pass 450
Kerri Sanborn 4H Pass 3D 2S Pass 450
Geoff Hampson 4H 2H 3D 2H Dbl 450
Barry Rigal 3H Pass 3D 2S Pass 440
Steve Robinson 3D Pass 3D 2H Pass 440
The Sutherlins 3H Pass Pass 2S Dbl 400

Local Heroes

    1 2 3 4 5 Total Points
1.    Peggy Lacasse 4H Pass 3D 2H Dbl 500 171.50
2.    Rod Coote 3H Pass 3D 2H Dbl 490 107.19
2.    Michael Dimich 4H Pass 3D 2H Pass 490 107.19
4.    Laurence Betts 4H Pass 3D 2H 1S 480 60.03
5.    Stephen Vincent 3H Pass 3D 2S Dbl 450 29.13
5.    Anssi Rantamaa 4H Pass 3H 2H Pass 450 29.13
5.    Ernie Dietrich 3H Pass 3D 2S Dbl 450 29.13
8.    Yue Su 3H Pass Pass 2H Dbl 440 19.21
8.    Jack Qi 3H Pass 3D 1NT Dbl 440 19.21
8.    Darien Cozart 3H Pass 3D 2S Pass 440 19.21
11.    Adam Melzak 3H Pass 3D 1NT Pass 430 13.83
11.    Gilbert Lambert 4H Pass Pass 2H 1S 430 13.83
11.    Stuart Carr 3H Pass Pass 2H Pass 430 13.83
11.    Ian Greig 3H 2H 3D 2H Pass 430 13.83

World Leaders

    1 2 3 4 5 Total Points
1.    Ranjan Bhaduri (Usa) 4H Pass 3D 2H Dbl 500 101.06
1.    Richmond Williams (Canada) 4H Pass 3D 2H Dbl 500 101.06
3.    David Gordon (Canada) 3H Pass 3D 2H Dbl 490 35.13
3.    Bob Todd (Canada) 4H Pass 3D 2H Pass 490 35.13
3.    Leonid Bossis (Canada) 3H Pass 3D 2H Dbl 490 35.13
3.    Claude Vogel (United States) 3H Pass 3D 2H Dbl 490 35.13
7.    Leo Weniger (Canada) 4H Pass 3D 2H 1S 480 14.59
7.    Ig Nieuwenhuis (Netherlands) 4H Pass 3D 2H 1S 480 14.59
7.    Roy Bolton (Canada) 3H Pass 3D 2H Pass 480 14.59
10.    Joel Forssell (Sweden) 3H Pass 3D 2H 1S 470 11.55
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