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TGIF June 2012: Scores

1. IMPs. N-S vul.
S ---   H K Q 9 8 7 4   D K J 7 4   C A 7 4  
West North East South  
  1S 1NT (1) ?
(1) 15-17.

Your call?

Dbl 17 100
2NT 1 70
4H 1 50
3NT 0 20
2H 0 10
3H 0 10
Pass 0 10
Moderator: This was an easy bid for the panel.
Larry Cohen: Dbl. Double for now. I sense a joker in the deck. East will likely run to 2C, but I have no choice but to start with a double, and I would be surprised to see any votes for any other action.
Steve Robinson: 2NT. Game-forcing with an unbalanced hand.
The Coopers: Dbl. We have enough to think they are going for a big number and they may have nowhere to play this.
Stephen Vincent: Dbl. I suspect this will not end the auction.
Martin Henneberger: Dbl. Starting with double as penalty and announcing ownership of the hand stands out to me here.
Larry Meyer: 3H. Showing my strength and my length.
Eugene Chan: Dbl. Dummy is guaranteed to be broke. Accurate defense may generate a big enough penalty to compensate against a vulnerable game.
Andrew Krywaniuk: Dbl. Game is not certain, and the opening lead gives us a big advantage on defense.
Aidan Ballantyne: Dbl. May not be so easy to defeat if RHO is real, but need to show points in case RHO is fooling around.
Julien Levesque: 2H. Got a suit, values and position for a free bid at vul vs non vul. Game is likely, as almost all the values are accounted for.
Bob Kuz: Dbl. A standard start as West is broke.
Mike Roberts: Dbl. Almost all 10+ point hands should start with double; I see no reason not to here.
Merv Adey: Dbl. Some play 2N as an artificial game force. If this is a total misfit, I may be glad we didn't discuss it.
Paul Mcmullin: Dbl. With many partners, I play transfers over NT overcalls, so 2D here would be a transfer to hearts; I would continue with 3D to invite choice-of-games.
Chris Diamond: Dbl. Simple soul, simple bid. Could be on for a vul game but I'd pretty much have to bid it myself. 2NT would be an interesting bid here.
David Gordon: Dbl. Start off by letting partner know it is our hand.
Ranjan Bhaduri: Dbl. Penalty double.
Tim Francis-Wright: Dbl. This is a tougher decision at MPs, where going +500 could be disastrous. I'm going to take our plus at IMPs.
Amiram Millet: Dbl. To punish. West has nothing. I'll lead HK and am expecting 800 for us.
John Gillespie: Dbl. If we miss game (4H?) we are live for +800 but our best result is +3 or 500 against a game that fails on the misfit.
Brian Zietman: Dbl. We have no guarantee of a heart fit so we may not have game. But we do have a sure 500, 800 or even 1100 with a penalty.
Plarq Liu: Dbl. I'm not sure if it is penalty or not, but this may be a good time to double.
Beverley Candlish: 2H. I could double but am beginning to wonder about the strength of my partner's 1S opener.
Kf Tung: Dbl. Your side has 24+ points. Enjoy your defense exercise and collect your maximum due.

2. IMPs. None vul.
S A 7   H Q 10 8 7 4 3 2   D A 3   C A 2  
West North East South  
3C 3S 4C ?

Your call?

4H 11 100
4S 3 70
Dbl 3 70
5C 1 50
5H 0 50
5NT 1 40
Moderator: The majority of the panel takes the conservative route with this hand, even though many believe the limit of the hand is likely in the slam zone.
Mike Lawrence: 5NT. . . asking partner to bid a slam of his choice. If he chooses diamonds, I will bid 6H suggesting hearts and some spade support.
Steve Robinson: Dbl. . . showing two places to play. If partner bids 4D, I'll bid 4H, which shows spade tolerance. If partner bids 4S, I'll pass. If partner bids 4H, I'll bid six. Bidding hearts directly shows a better suit.
Kerri Sanborn: 4S. So much to say, so little space. Partner surely rates to have six spades. If he doesn't have a heart fit - likely - my hand may not be as good as it looks.
Don Stack: 4H. It is tempting to bid 5H, but what would that ask for? If the opponents bid 5C and partner bids 5H, we will carry on to 6H.
Stephen Vincent: 5H. Hopefully partner will get the message that heart support is what I'm looking for.
Martin Henneberger: 4H. Complete guess.
Larry Meyer: 4H. If pard can't stand hearts, he can safely retreat to 4S.
Eugene Chan: 4H. Partner is unlikely to pass so a continuation to 5H should suggest trump weakness rather than asking for control in clubs.
Stuart Carr: 6S. I'm not sure if 4NT is RKC, so I'll bid what I think we can make.
Andrew Krywaniuk: 5C. Partner must have a very good spade suit to overcall at the 3 level with (at most) 1 ace.
Aidan Ballantyne: 4H. Maybe I will get another chance to catch up. Meanwhile, I better get my suit in first.
Julien Levesque: 4H. Forcing new suit by unpassed hand, an evil choice it was.
Bob Kuz: 4H. Those preemptors!!
Mike Roberts: 4H. Well, I'm going to stay low. The only question is hearts or spades. 4H leaves the (slim) possibility of 4S, but not the other way around.
Paul Mcmullin: 6S. If 5H asks for a heart control in support of spades, I'd bid that, but I'm not sure whether that is a standard treatment.
Chris Diamond: 4S. I'm way too good for this bid, but pard isn't going to cooperate when I hold all the aces and I can't find a way to show more without pushing us too high.
David Gordon: Dbl. Flexible. Bid 4H over 4D, 4NT over 4H and 5C over 4S.
Tim Francis-Wright: 4S. There are too many ways for 6S to be very, very wrong. And there's no good way to explore for slam.
Amiram Millet: 4NT. KCB for spades. We might have even a grand slam.
Leonid Bossis: 4H. Assuming it is forcing, otherwise 5H.
John Gillespie: 4H. No safety in getting pushy and pard can convert to spades.
Brian Zietman: 4H. We may have slam on here if partner has a couple of honours in hearts.
Plarq Liu: 4S. Better to make 4S than defend 4C doubled.
Beverley Candlish: 4S. Partner must have a full opener or better and a 6 card spade suit. I have 14 points, I must take her to game.
Kf Tung: 4S. 4S is playable at least, while 4H may have no chance at all.

3. Matchpoints. Both vul.
S J 8 7 4 2   H ---   D K Q 9   C J 10 9 7 4  
West North East South  
    Pass Pass
Pass 1C 1H 1S
3H 3NT Pass ?

Your call?

Pass 11 100
4C 7 80
5C 1 60
4H 0 50
6C 0 20
4S 0 0
Moderator: Does passing 3NT with this hand constitute an application of Hamman's Law? Whatever the reasoning, it is the contract most of the panelists settle for.
August Boehm: 4C. If partner has no interest in clubs, he can rebid 4NT (to play) over 4C with hearts well stopped.
The Joyces: Pass. Hamman's rules. Maybe what we have will be just what partner needs.
Stephen Vincent: Pass. Not the right time to override partners decision: he could easily have four hearts here and knows about your extreme heart shortage.
Martin Henneberger: Pass. I'm not guessing to override partner's 3NT. They could easily have a balanced 18-19 with hearts double stopped and could be our last making spot.
Larry Meyer: Pass. Pard heard me bid spades and then bid hearts - if he likes 3NT, my clubs should be helpful.
Eugene Chan: Pass. This sounds like a case of 3NT ends all auctions.
Andrew Krywaniuk: Pass. Partner's heart wastage opposite my void makes 6C unlikely. Let's be greedy and try for 3NT+4.
Aidan Ballantyne: 5C. Value bid, may get us to slam. 3NT could be a disaster if they have spade tricks to cash. Too many black suit losers and not enough strength to cue bid 4H.
Julien Levesque: 5C. Ok pard has running clubs with diamonds and heart stop but not much in spades - club slam maybe???
Mike Roberts: 5C. Sort of depends on what double means.
Paul Mcmullin: Pass. Let me guess - 6C is the winning HERO BID?
Chris Diamond: Pass. I didn't ask him to bid this.
David Gordon: 5C. Hand has to be worth a whole lot more tricks in clubs.
Tim Francis-Wright: Pass. It could be right to run to clubs, but if we have 11 tricks in clubs, we rate to have 9 (or more) in no trump.
Amiram Millet: Pass. It's MP. Can't find a way to check 6C without risking a bottom.
John Gillespie: Pass. 5C (or 6C) may be better but when I'm guessing I go for whatever scores best at MP's.
Brian Zietman: Pass. I always trust my partner. I wonder though if we have 6C.
Plarq Liu: Pass. We may lose 6C, but I'd rather play NT in MP.
Beverley Candlish: Pass. Partner must have two heart stoppers. Partner is not interested in a game in spades or clubs so I must pass. If I rescue her to a 5C contract, and everyone else makes 4NT, I will have a very unhappy partner.
Kf Tung: 5C. You will lose the lead once or twice in playing 3NT and the defense may get 3 hearts and 2 outside tricks. It will be easier to make 5C with your 7-loser hand as pard has a 6-loser hand.
Bob Todd: Pass. Tough - depends on partner's specific cards. Easier at IMPs.

4. Matchpoints. E-W vul.
S ---   H K J 4 2   D 8 6 4   C Q J 9 8 6 4  
West North East South  
  2H (1) Dbl ?
(1) Weak.

Your call?

5H 7 100
4H 6 90
4C 1 60
6H 3 60
4NT 1 50
Pass 1 50
3C 0 40
3H 0 30
3S 0 30
2NT 0 20
Moderator: The tables are turned on this hand - we get to preempt. The question is: How high?
Jill Meyers: 6H. I would love to psych 3S, but I don't want to try that on my new partner.
Karen Walker: 4H. 5H feels like the 'right' preempting level, but a 5S bid over 5H will sound a lot stronger to RHO than a 4S bid over my 4H.
Don Stack: 5H. We will bid immediately to the level that hopefully will give the opponents a problem in evaluation.
Martin Henneberger: 4H. 4H seems too easy here but that gets my vote. It will muddy the water enough so the opponents can't exchange enough info to be sure of exploring while not propelling them into something I might regret.
Larry Meyer: 4H. 10-card suit = bid to 4-level, assuming pard has either HA or HQ, heart lead vs their 4S should be OK.
Eugene Chan: 4C. This should be a fit showing jump for all those familiar with the concept. With favourable vulnerability, partner shouldn't expect much more.
Andrew Krywaniuk: 5H. Can a psychic bid win the bidding contest? I definitely wouldn't choose a vanilla 5H at the table.
Aidan Ballantyne: 6H. I wasn't going to defend five.
Julien Levesque: 5H. Max sacrifice bid -500 at worst [I hope].
Bob Kuz: 4C. Fit showing, allowing partner to bid on if they desire.
Mike Roberts: 4NT. No points. But this is the right bid.
Merv Adey: 4H. I may be pretty happy with -680/710 on this one.
Chris Diamond: 5H. Even this probably isn't high enough, but it at least makes them guess on a lot of hands.
David Gordon: 5H. A 4H bid is pointless.
Tim Francis-Wright: 5H. If I bid 2S here, they're going to figure it out.
Amiram Millet: 5H. They hold at least 10 spades with 25+ HCP.
John Gillespie: 5H. Any lesser number of hearts or a psyche is a waste of time.
Brian Zietman: 6H. Where are all the spades? Surely they have slam on, so here is my advanced sacrifice.
Plarq Liu: 6H. Scare them.
Beverley Candlish: 3H. I would compete to 3H making it more difficult for E/W to find their game or slam. It may cost me too much if I compete to 4H Doubled and go down 4.
Kf Tung: 4H. 5H or 4H? The cheaper bid gets you a better result in your club game. If you are sitting against strong opponents bid 5H and force them to guess at the 5 level.

5. IMPs. Both vul.
S A 10 9 2   H Q 8 6 4   D 2   C A 10 5 3  
West North East South  
Pass 4H Pass ?

Your call?

Pass 8 100
4NT 6 90
4S 4 80
6H 1 60
5C 0 50
5H 0 30
Moderator: The majority of the panel bid over partner's 4H with their super-max of a passed hand. However, the top score goes to the 8 panelists who chose to pass.
Steve Weinstein: 4S. East's pass of partner's third-seat 4H increases the chances that partner has a real hand. Bidding over 4H here as a passed hand has to be an exceptional hand, and I think I have it. If partner bids anything other than 5H, we are getting to slam.
Larry Cohen: 4NT. Since partner is in third seat, he could have quite a good hand. A grand slam is possible. If he shows 3 key cards, I can bid 5NT and he will know we have 'everything' - I can't possibly have more as a passed hand. If only 2, I'll settle for 6H.
Jeff Meckstroth: Pass. I am not going to bid over 4H and punish partner. If we miss a slam, perhaps he should have opened 1H.
Stephen Vincent: Pass. Attractive though my hand is, it would be undisciplined to bid. Very easy to imagine we're off a red suit ace and have an inescapable black suit loser.
Martin Henneberger: Pass. I just can't count 11 winners for certain let alone 12. To undo partner's effective 3rd seat preempt would be counter productive.
Larry Meyer: 6H. If pard has as little as HA and 3 small diamonds, 6 looks cold.
Eugene Chan: 6H. Vulnerable pre-empts are always good playing hands. Can't see much benefit for keycarding. I would have opened this hand 1C and would not be faced with this problem.
Andrew Krywaniuk: Pass. Give partner some leeway for his 3rd seat bid. Slam may depend on him having specifically CK x, which is too hard to determine.
Aidan Ballantyne: 5H. 2-way bid. General invite but should also shut out the diamonds. Blackwood won't solve the problem and too good to pass.
Bob Kuz: Pass. If partner is 1-7-4-1 or has a side king with 1-7-3-2 or 2-7-3-1, then I apologize.
Mike Roberts: Pass. One of many parties to which I have not been invited.
Paul Mcmullin: Pass. 4H should make.
Chris Diamond: Pass. I passed this? Ok I'll pass again, pard can have 8 hearts and out.
David Gordon: Pass. If partner wants you make a call then he/she would have bid something other than 4H.
Tim Francis-Wright: 4NT. Do I hear the theme song from Bonanza in the background?
Amiram Millet: Pass. I'm not hanging partner after a third seat preempt.
John Gillespie: 5H. I've heard of gang cuebids with no clue as to what they are. Maybe it's this.
Brian Zietman: 4NT. If partner has the DA then 7H looks good. If not then we will stop in 6H.
Plarq Liu: Pass. Nothing to be done.
Beverley Candlish: 4NT. With the shape of South's hand, I would explore a slam.
Kf Tung: 6H. Crispy. Pard likes it fast, and fast you go.

Panel's Answers

  1 2 3 4 5 Total
Jeff Meckstroth Dbl 4H Pass 5H Pass 500
The Gordons Dbl 4H Pass 5H Pass 500
Don Stack Dbl 4H Pass 5H 4NT 490
The Joyces Dbl 4H Pass 5H 4NT 490
Karen Walker Dbl 4H Pass 4H 4NT 480
Larry Cohen Dbl 4H 4C 5H 4NT 470
August Boehm Dbl 4H 4C 4H 4NT 460
Barry Rigal Dbl 4H Pass 4C Pass 460
The Sutherlins Dbl Dbl Pass 4H Pass 460
Bridge Buff Dbl 4S Pass 4H Pass 460
Allan Falk Dbl 4H Pass Pass Pass 450
Betty Ann Kennedy Dbl 4H Pass 6H 4S 440
Kerri Sanborn Dbl 4S 4C 5H 4S 430
Jill Meyers Dbl 4H 4C 6H 4S 420
Steve Robinson 2NT Dbl 4C 5H Pass 420
Mike Lawrence Dbl 5NT 4C 4H Pass 410
The Coopers Dbl 4S Pass 4NT 4NT 410
Steve Weinstein Dbl Dbl 4C 6H 4S 390
Mel Colchamiro 4H 5C 5C 4H 6H 310

Local Heroes

    1 2 3 4 5 Total Points
1.    Brad Bart Dbl 4H Pass 5H Pass 500 154.00
2.    Joel Martineau Dbl 4H Pass 4H Pass 490 82.13
2.    Martin Henneberger Dbl 4H Pass 4H Pass 490 82.13
2.    Craig T. Wilson Dbl 4H Pass 4H Pass 490 82.13
5.    Brian Stone Dbl 4H Pass 4H 4NT 480 30.80
6.    Michael Dimich Dbl 4H 4C 4H Pass 470 23.83
6.    Ronald Kuiper Dbl 4S Pass 5H Pass 470 23.83
8.    Yue Su Dbl Dbl Pass 4H Pass 460 19.25
9.    Andrew Krywaniuk Dbl 5C Pass 5H Pass 450 16.26
9.    Ernie Dietrich Dbl 4S 4C 5H Pass 450 16.26
11.    Eugene Chan Dbl 4H Pass 4C 6H 420 14.00

World Leaders

    1 2 3 4 5 Total Points
1.    Leonid Bossis (Canada) Dbl 4H Pass 5H Pass 500 94.50
2.    Chris Diamond (Canada) Dbl 4S Pass 5H Pass 470 70.88
3.    Tim Francis-Wright (Usa) Dbl 4S Pass 5H 4NT 460 33.08
3.    Bob Kuz (Canada) Dbl 4H Pass 4C Pass 460 33.08
3.    Yu Wang (Taiwan) Dbl 4H 4C 4H 4NT 460 33.08
6.    Ranjan Bhaduri (Usa) Dbl 4H Pass 4H 6H 450 12.20
6.    Susan Julius (Canada) Dbl 4H 5C 4H Pass 450 12.20
6.    Brian Zietman (Israel) Dbl 4H Pass 6H 4NT 450 12.20
6.    Richmond Williams (Canada) Dbl 4S Pass 4H 4NT 450 12.20
6.    Leo Weniger (Canada) Dbl 4S 4C 5H Pass 450 12.20
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