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TGIF April 2011: Scores

1. IMPs. N-S vul.
S A Q 6   H Q 10   D J 10   C K Q J 10 7 6  
West North East South  
    3H ?

Your call?

4C 8 100
Dbl 5 60
Pass 4 60
3NT 2 40
5C 0 10
Moderator: The panel is divided into four camps - each call having flaws.
Barry Rigal: 3NT. In a bidding contest, it's easy to be a paper tiger and bid 3NT, isn't it? I want all my partners to know I'd never do this at the table, but bear in mind that even if East has the HA K, my partner may have jack third or maybe they won't lead the suit.
Allan Falk: Pass. This looks like too many losers to go venturing to 4C. Partner could produce two aces and a club fit and we still can't make game. Sometimes, you just gotta pass.
Betty Ann Kennedy: 4C. . . but 3NT is a close second. For 3NT to be right, however, I need two cards from partner - a heart stopper and the CA.
Jeff Meckstroth: Dbl. Double leaves room for partner to bid 3NT or pass 3H doubled.
Dan Jacob: 3NT. Somebody needs to bid NT- pressure bid.
Stephen Vincent: Pass. Well and truly fixed.
Martin Henneberger: Pass. This hand is basically a 12 count with bad shape. If it's our hand and partner can't balance I doubt we've missed the boat. Other than suit quality this hand is junk and I am not entering this auction at the 4 level. 3NT and Dbl are off the wall. -800 looms.
Kai Zhou: Pass. 4C is slight madness but I am normal aren't I?
Andrew Krywaniuk: Pass. I would sooner take a wild stab at 3NT than bid 4C here.
Larry Meyer: Dbl. Want to leave 3NT available as an option.
Kees Schaafsma: 4C. What's the problem?
Plarq Liu: Dbl. Not the worst bid. Pard can bid 3NT with HJ x x. Straightly bid 3NT and go down 2 by a heart lead?
John Gillespie: Dbl. . . with fear and loathing.
Bob Todd: 4C. Pass is probably best.
Mike Roberts: Dbl. It is jack TEN of diamonds, after all.
Chris Buchanan: Dbl. Double is the most flexible here. We might end up in a 4-3 spade fit or an unlucky 4-2 diamond fit but it is a risk I am willing to take.
Brian Zietman: Dbl. I don't see a logical alternative. Partner may pass 4C and we may have an easy 3NT or 5C. Double shows strength and if partner has some scattered values like SK x x x HJ x x DQ x x x CA x, we may have an easy game in 3NT.
Chris Diamond: Pass. Congrats to the 3NT bidders if it works but losing the first 7 heart tricks would be embarrassing. 4C begs partner to raise and then the doubling could start.
Tim Francis-Wright: 4C. At matchpoints, I would be really worried about missing 3NT here, but at IMPs the only major risk of this bid is that 3NT makes opposite SK x x x HJ x x DQ x x CA x x but 5C is down.
Amiram Millet: Pass. If the DJ was the HJ I'd bid 3N.

2. Matchpoints. N-S vul.
S K 10 2   H 9 8 2   D A K 4   C J 10 9 2  
West North East South  
3H Dbl Pass ?

Your call?

Pass 11 100
4H 6 70
3NT 1 50
4C 1 40
5C 0 40
3S 0 10
4S 0 10
Moderator: The panel use the law of total tricks to make their decision.
Barry Rigal: Pass. The law of total tricks suggests that they have nine trumps and we have eight, and Larry Cohen has promised to pick up my losses whenever I do this. If it doesn't work, he will explain how to adjust the law - just kidding, Larry!
Bob Giragosian: 3NT. It's a little risky, but our best chance to get to the correct game. Hopefully, if partner has a good suit and heart shortness, he will bid his suit at the four level.
August Boehm: Pass. We probably have a better spot, perhaps a much better spot, but really no assurance of finding it.
Dan Jacob: Pass. I better pass otherwise I have to bid NT again.
Anssi Rantamaa: 4H. Choose a suit, partner!
Stephen Vincent: 4H. The lure of a vulnerable game is too strong. This should at least help us arrive in the correct strain.
Martin Henneberger: 4H. To underbid or overbid? Well I certainly can't be completely pessimistic, as this hand should have a play for game. The clear problem being pard is short in hearts and getting tapped won't be fun. Pard could have a 5 card suit at this level so I will try 4H.
Kai Zhou: 4H. Forward going.
Andrew Krywaniuk: 5C. How can I get partner to bid 5D with a 5-card diamond suit or 5C otherwise? If 4NT is definitely for the minors, I would pick that.
Larry Meyer: 4H. Asking partner to name his best suit.
Plarq Liu: Pass. For a plus. If they can make 3H, we have no game to make.
John Gillespie: Pass. Less fear, more loathing.
Mike Roberts: 5C. Yes, I see I'm down 1. Pre-empts work.
Chris Buchanan: Pass. Wrong hand type for the moysian fit and 5 of a minor is a long ways away. Going plus in MP is good.
Brian Zietman: 4H. I am strong enough for game so I give partner the choice.
Chris Diamond: Pass. Call me Mikey: I hate everything. Nothing guarantees a plus so let's try for 300.
Tim Francis-Wright: 3S. That's not a stopper.
Amiram Millet: 4H. Letting partner choose between 4S and 5 of a minor.

3. Matchpoints. None vul.
S K 7 5   H J 9 8 6   D J 9 5 3   C 9 8  
West North East South  
  1NT Pass Pass
Dbl (1) Pass 2C (2) ?
(1) Five or more of a minor; four or more of a major.
(2) Pass or correct.

Your call?

Pass 11 100
2H 5 60
Dbl 3 40
2D 0 10
Moderator: South would like to compete, but it's not clear that it's safe to bid.
Steve Robinson: 2H. With a doubleton club, I have to bid. I've denied five hearts, so at the worst, we'll be in a 4-3 fit. Double would be good if I was sure that it was takeout.
Barry Rigal: Dbl. All first doubles from either side must be takeout and all subsequent doubles are penalty. One can't sensibly play any other way.
The Sutherlins: Pass. The points for each side are equal and it's possible that nobody has an eight-card fit. Let's defend well and try to go plus.
Dan Jacob: Pass. What else?
Stephen Vincent: Pass. The way the auction has gone I wish I'd bid 2C on the first round. But I'm not wandering in on this hand, and anyway the auction is not necessarily over.
Martin Henneberger: Dbl. Our side has half the deck or more. Being a matchpoint tiger means competing in these auctions. I will not let the opps play here, so double as takeout allows many good things to unfold.
Andrew Krywaniuk: Pass. Even if partner could be trusted to interpret double as takeout, it is presumptuous to assume that the opponents have found a fit.
Larry Meyer: Pass. I have nothing to say.
Kees Schaafsma: Pass. I could double for T/O, but I don't want pard to pass after double and a pass from West.
Plarq Liu: Pass. My hand is too weak and flat to do anything.
John Gillespie: Pass. I'm only getting involved if they correct.
Mike Roberts: Pass. If double were takeout, I'd do that, but I'm not sure that it is.
Chris Buchanan: Pass. Is this a trick question? What am I missing?
Brian Zietman: Pass. Awaiting developments.
Chris Diamond: Pass. I don't know what their suits are and they may have half the deck. I can't believe I'm passing all 3 of these so far.
Tim Francis-Wright: Dbl. This can't be penalty, I think, so it has to be takeout of clubs (for takeout of diamonds, I could wait for West to correct).
Amiram Millet: Pass. My hand didn't become better.

4. Matchpoints. Both vul.
S A Q 4   H 6 5   D 8 7 3   C K Q 10 7 5  
West North East South  
    1S Pass
2S Pass Pass ?

Your call?

3C 17 100
Pass 2 60
Dbl 0 20
Moderator: The majority of the panel weren't willing to sell out to 2S, feeling that defending would lead to a bad result.
Steve Robinson: Pass. I would have overcalled 2C because it's a lot safer. At matchpoints, 3C is too likely to go for -200, especially when either opponent can double for penalty.
The Coopers: 3C. Partner is short in spades and has scattered values. The good suit makes it hard for East-West to double 3C. Some days we will make it, some days the opponents will bid on to 3S and some days we'll have egg on our face.
Dan Jacob: 3C. Not a great hand to balance vulnerable, but pass is not much better.
Martin Henneberger: 3C. I pre-balance in these auctions, so I'm never faced with balancing in passout seat with length. Easy pass with my regular partners. That being said the panel doesn't have that luxury of partnership agreements, and being a tiger makes me bid 3C.
Kai Zhou: 3C. Spades position is very favourable.
Andrew Krywaniuk: Pass. We might beat 2S, and there is no particular reason to believe we can take 9 tricks in any other suit.
Larry Meyer: Pass. We're Vul, so I'm not risking -200 vs their part score.
Chuck Arthur: 3C. Was I barred on the previous round?
Kees Schaafsma: Pass. Not even tempted to bid - let other pairs have their way.
Plarq Liu: Pass. Don't give them magic 200.
John Gillespie: 3C. I can't pass 3 times in a bidding contest can I?
Mike Roberts: 3C. Yes, this could be horrible. But it's pairs.
Chris Buchanan: 3C. Letting them play 2S will result in between 0-40% of the matchpoints. This is not a winning score so I balance.
Brian Zietman: 3C. Probably the opponents will go on to 3S so my bid is a good lead indication for partner. This is a classic balancing position so partner must have values. If I am left in 3C I will be in good shape after a spade lead.
Chris Diamond: 3C. Pass is probably the right answer here too but I just can't do it.
Tim Francis-Wright: 3C. This should describe this hand--not quite good enough for a direct 2C but willing to play in clubs opposite partner's balanced 10-count.
Amiram Millet: Pass. Too weak to bid anything else.

5. Matchpoints. N-S vul.
S 8   H K 7   D K 9 8 7 5 4 3   C K 10 4  
West North East South  
1H Pass 2H ?

Your call?

3D 11 100
Pass 8 80
Moderator: Would you pre-balance? The majority sees its long suit and chooses to do so.
Barry Rigal: Pass. It's much less clear to act in the direct seat. The auction is not over and I may get a chance to act later.
Mike Lawrence: 3D. It's clear to bid. If I pass and opener passes and partner balances with 2S, I would still have to bid 3D. The fact that partner didn't overcall 1S means he likely has something in the minors, which is good news.
Stephen Vincent: Pass. The wasted HK suggests pass. Also, where are the spades? Partner likely has 5 but was still unable to muster an overcall.
Martin Henneberger: 3D. Classic example of a pre-balance. When the opps have bid and raised the requirements for entering the auction are shortness in hearts and a place to play. High cards are irrelevant. 3D is clear using that theory.
Andrew Krywaniuk: Pass. We can't outbid them and I don't particularly want a diamond lead. Why tell declarer how to play the hand?
Larry Meyer: 3D. Can't just roll over and pass.
Kees Schaafsma: 3D. Optimum OBAR bid.
Plarq Liu: Pass. Safety first. What can you do if partner has bad diamonds? Even 2 small diamonds aren't enough.
John Gillespie: 3D. I should probably pass 5 times in this set.
Mike Roberts: Pass. Not my style, but if there's anyone on the panel from Ottawa, 3D is automatic for them.
Chris Buchanan: Pass. Bidding could lead to disaster. Coming in in a live auction, partner will expect more values or a better suit.
Brian Zietman: 3D. Another classic balancing situation - I would rather have another honor in diamonds but the 7 card suit compensates.
Chris Diamond: 3D. Again pass could be right. But they might have a big spade fit and be slammish so maybe I can make it tougher for them. Probably should have passed 5 times.
Tim Francis-Wright: Pass. I don't have a great hand. I don't want a diamond lead here. I'm happy to pull partner's 2S/3C balance to 3D.
Amiram Millet: Pass. Have some defense. Can't bid 3D even at MP with this vulnerability.

Panel's Answers

  1 2 3 4 5 Total
August Boehm 4C Pass Pass 3C 3D 500
The Sutherlins 4C Pass Pass 3C Pass 480
Karen Walker 4C 4H Pass 3C 3D 470
Mike Lawrence Pass Pass Pass 3C 3D 460
The Joyces Dbl Pass Pass 3C 3D 460
The Gordons 4C 4H Pass 3C Pass 450
Betty Ann Kennedy 4C Pass Dbl 3C 3D 440
Kerri Sanborn Dbl Pass Pass 3C Pass 440
Don Stack 3NT Pass Pass 3C 3D 440
The Coopers Dbl 4H Pass 3C 3D 430
Bob Giragosian 4C 3NT Pass 3C Pass 430
Steve Robinson 4C Pass 2H Pass 3D 420
Mel Colchamiro Pass Pass 2H 3C 3D 420
Bridge Baron 4C 4H Pass Pass Pass 410
Larry Cohen Pass Pass Dbl 3C 3D 400
Jill Meyers Dbl 4H 2H 3C 3D 390
Jeff Meckstroth Dbl 4H 2H 3C Pass 370
Barry Rigal 3NT Pass Dbl 3C Pass 360
Allan Falk Pass 4C 2H 3C Pass 340

Local Heroes

    1 2 3 4 5 Total Points
1.    Yue Su 4C Pass Pass 3C Pass 480 122.50
2.    David Schmidt 4C 4H Pass 3C 3D 470 91.88
3.    Larry Pocock Pass Pass Pass 3C 3D 460 61.25
4.    Peg McShane 4C 4C Pass 3C 3D 440 33.69
4.    Ronald Kuiper 4C 5C Pass 3C 3D 440 33.69
6.    Gilbert Lambert Dbl 4H Pass 3C 3D 430 20.42
7.    Joel Martineau 4C Pass Dbl 3C Pass 420 13.96
7.    Margaret Mcshane Dbl Pass Pass Pass 3D 420 13.96
7.    Stuart Carr Dbl Pass Pass Pass 3D 420 13.96
7.    Barry Yamanouchi Dbl Pass Pass Pass 3D 420 13.96
7.    Dan Jacob 3NT Pass Pass 3C Pass 420 13.96

World Leaders

    1 2 3 4 5 Total Points
1.    Chris Diamond (Canada) Pass Pass Pass 3C 3D 460 63.00
1.    Kees Schaafsma (Netherlands) 4C Pass Pass Pass 3D 460 63.00
1.    John Gillespie (Canada) Dbl Pass Pass 3C 3D 460 63.00
4.    Bud Vestal (Usa) 4C 4H Pass 3C Pass 450 29.40
5.    Chris Buchanan (Canada) Dbl Pass Pass 3C Pass 440 16.80
6.    Brian Zietman (Israel) Dbl 4H Pass 3C 3D 430 14.00
7.    Judi Carter (Canada) 4C Pass Pass Dbl 3D 420 12.00
8.    Bob Todd (Canada) 4C 4H Pass Pass Pass 410 9.92
8.    Paul Erikson (Canada) Dbl 4H Pass 3C Pass 410 9.92
10.    Plarq Liu (China) Dbl Pass Pass Pass Pass 400 8.02
10.    Junko Noguchi (China) Pass Pass Dbl 3C 3D 400 8.02
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