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TGIF May 2010: Scores

1. Matchpoints. None vul.
S 9 3   H Q J 10 6   D K 8 3   C K J 7 6  
West North East South  
  1S 2C ?

Your call?

Dbl 15 100
2NT 3 50
Pass 1 20
2S 0 0
Moderator: Even though you likely have two club stoppers, the majority looks for a heart fit with a negative double. Only one panelist aims for a penalty.
The Gordons: Dbl. We think pass has merit, but finally decided it is too unilateral.
August Boehm: 2NT. This is the value bid, and if parnter is balanced, notrump may play better than a 4-4 heart fit with club ruffs looming. If partner is distributional, there is still room to find hearts.
Karen Walker: Pass. . . and hope partner can reopen with a double. That should lead to a plus score and it's unlikely they have anywhere to run.
The Sutherlins: Dbl. When partner has four hearts, we will be able to play the hand at the correct level. When he has a minimum without hearts, we should be able to make 2S. When he has extra values without four hearts, we will play 3NT or 4S.
Michael Dimich: Pass. Wait for the re-opening double and then lead the HQ.
Eugene Chan: Dbl. How else can we find a heart fit? Is this a beginner's quiz?
Stephen Vincent: Dbl. Close to pass looking for a penalty but not quite there: the values are a little soft.
Silvana Trotter: 2NT. With stoppers in three other suits and 10 HCP nonvul, it's worth a bid.
Stephen Ottridge: 2H. Try for a 4-4 fit in hearts, will double their 3C if they dare, if not 2NT.
Martin Henneberger: Dbl. Easy problem, explore first think of penalty a far 2nd in a who knows hand type! Kudos to all the trap passing cowboys. Try explaining -280 vs +450.
Mike Hamilton: Dbl. A negative double denies 3-card spade support and suggests 4 hearts. Although I have clubs stopped, I prefer a direct 2NT call to show hands lacking 4 cards in the unbid major. I can bid no-trump if partner doesnít bid hearts or rebid spades.
Andrew Krywaniuk: Dbl. This hand is a coin flip between an immediate 2NT vs double and rebid NT. Double is more flexible, but it risks drawing a roadmap for the defense.
Ronald Kuiper: Dbl. Negative double first, I have 4 hearts and can stand diamonds. Over 2D from partner I'll try 2NT.
Aidan Ballantyne: Dbl. The way I defend, I need to get them higher.
Larry Meyer: Dbl. Choosing the most flexible option.
Mike Roberts: Dbl. Yes, notrump (or 2C*) could be right. But it's too early to misstate my hand.
Kees Schaafsma: Pass. Primarily defensive values so a penalty pass seems like the right approach.
Merv Adey: Dbl. Club spots not quite good enough to pass waiting for double.
Chris Buchanan: Dbl. Leaving all my options open.
David Gordon: Dbl. This call is easy. Maybe follow up with a 2NT bid after a 2-level response.
Amiram Millet: Dbl. If we belong in 3NT it might be better from partner.
Chris Diamond: Dbl. Tempting to pass and wait for a double and I probably would if they were vul.
Tim Francis-Wright: Dbl. Do I really have a penalty pass here? I can imagine lots of hands where defending 2C-x will do poorly against our major-suit partscore or 3NT, if it comes to that.
Brian Zietman: Dbl. The most flexible bid - who knows where we are headed.

2. IMPs. Both vul.
S K Q 8 2   H J 6   D 6 3   C A K J 7 4  
West North East South  
1D Pass 1S ?

Your call?

2C 17 100
Pass 2 20
1NT 0 0
Dbl 0 0
Moderator: It was 2C vs pass, and the panel saw all the good things that might happen: you may have a game, you help partner make a better lead and you compete for the partscore.
Jeff Meckstroth: 2C. I have too many values not to enter the bidding. I can't afford to miss a game.
Jill Meyers: Pass. I don't like to overcall at the two level with a five-card minor unless my hand is super good. Also, I don't love it that I have length in spades.
Steve Robinson: 2C. This is a bidder's game. There are many IMPs lost when you don't compete for partscores. It's a lot safer to bid 2C now, than to bid clubs the next time.
Michael Dimich: Pass. Only at fevered matchpoints would you even consider a bid of 2C.
Eugene Chan: 2C. Could be disastrous. But it could also lead to 3NT. Come on. Double me!
Stephen Vincent: Pass. How far should one go to get the lead you want? Not so far as to bid 2C on this.
Silvana Trotter: 2C. With opening hand, stoppers in one of opps suit, I should participate in the bidding even if pard is a passed hand.
David Walker: 2C. Waiting for the action.
Martin Henneberger: Pass. 2-level overcalls are completely different than the 1-level. Whoever bids 2C here deserves west to have 5/5 in the minors. Welcome to 800 vs a part score. Join another team.
Stuart Carr: 2C. Primarily lead directing, as this probably won't win auction.
Mike Hamilton: 2C. The overcall shows a good suit and suggests a safe opening lead. A competitive auction might tempt the opponents to overbid their spades.
Andrew Krywaniuk: 2C. I can't see us being doubled in 2C, so might as well get my suit in.
Ronald Kuiper: 2C. If opps end up in NT I want a club lead from pard, this might be only chance to bid.
Aidan Ballantyne: Pass. Bidding is too dangerous. Too many losers. Too flat. With spades stopped, don't have to make a risky lead directing bid.
Larry Meyer: 2C. Mainly lead directing.
Mike Roberts: 2C. I'm wary of only having 5, but this is needed.
Kees Schaafsma: Pass. 2C could be right of course but is risky and seems a bit pointless.
Merv Adey: 2C. For the lead mostly.
Chris Buchanan: 2C. Good suit for a lead.
David Gordon: 2C. You would like to have 6 clubs.
Amiram Millet: 2C. Guess it's not going to end the auction.
Chris Diamond: 2C. If you pass and west bids 1NT do you balance with 2C? Probably, so I'm bidding it now. And thanks to support doubles he can't hit you with a good hand.
Tim Francis-Wright: Pass. Wrong scoring and wrong colors for 2C here.
Jack Brown: Pass. Losing club lead by pard but red, 5 card club suit is risky to come in on and makes it easier for them to determine their exact major suit distributions.
Brian Zietman: 2C. Partner is probably very weak but my suit is good, my points are not wasted, and I feel that lead directing will be important.

3. Matchpoints. None vul.
S A K 10 9 8   H ---   D 6   C A K Q 10 9 8 7  
West North East South  
2H (1) 3D Pass ?
(1) Weak.

Your call?

4C 6 100
6C 6 100
3H 4 60
5H 2 30
3S 0 10
5C 1 10
Moderator: This is the best problem of the month as shown by the diversity of answers.
Don Stack: 3H. Let's start with a 3H cuebid, even though this usually shows diamond support. We may get lucky and hear partner bid spades. If he doesn't, then our next bid will be 6C.
Mike Lawrence: 5H. This is a fantasy land, so I can give you a fantasy answer: Bid 5H, exclusion Blackwood. If partner shows the DA with a 5NT bid, I'll risk 7C.
Kerri Sanborn: 4C. Luckily 4C is forcing. There's no way to find out everything, but let's get started.
The Joyces: 6C. We doubt that anyone has the methods to bid the grand slam with confidence, so why not bid 6C - what you think you can make.
Eugene Chan: 3H. Could be cold for 7C or 7S. Only forcing bid available is 3H. Partner will think I have diamonds. Boy, is he/she in for a surprise!
Stephen Vincent: 6C. East's failure to raise hearts suggests partner has some, reducing the likelihood of well-fitting black cards.
Silvana Trotter: 6C. With a little break in spades and partner bidding diamonds. . .
Gilbert Lambert: 3H. This the kind of hands that Ernie brings all the time.
Eurydice Nours: 3H. . . asking my partner to describe his hand further before I introduce my club suit.
Martin Henneberger: 3S. New suits are forcing. If partner raises great, if not I will punt 7C.
Mike Hamilton: 3H. I have a 2-loser hand in the black suits and partner shows a good hand by overcalling a weak-2 opening. How do I get him to bid his best black suit? By cue-bidding hearts until he does.
Andrew Krywaniuk: 3H. Lots of fun inferences about what was[n't] bid. Hopefully, a 3H cue bid will convince partner to keep the bidding low while we choose the best slam (but not sure East will cooperate).
Ronald Kuiper: 4C. Don't want to bid 3H as pard will forever believe we have a diamond fit no matter what I bid after.
Aidan Ballantyne: 6C. What I would do at the table. Probably I'll have a lot of company.
Larry Meyer: 3H. Tell pard that I have a strong hand.
Mike Roberts: 6C. The problem with 3H is I'll never be able to convince partner I don't have diamonds. I can't investigate 7, and I won't stay out of 6.
Kees Schaafsma: 6C. In principle I don't go for the grand after opps preempt as suits will split badly.
Merv Adey: 4C. The next call may be harder.
John Gillespie: 4C. Spades coming soon.
Chris Buchanan: 4C. Hmm, is 4H exclusion? Bidding my longest suit first.
David Gordon: 4C. Bid naturally. New suit forcing one round.
Amiram Millet: 3H. Too strong for any other bid. We might have even a grand.
Chris Diamond: 4C. This is going to get messy. I suppose over 4D, I bid 5S and if that is raised I'll bid 7C.
Tim Francis-Wright: 6C. At least the field wil have the same problem I have.
Jack Brown: 4C. Going to lose the spades but only way to get to 7C is to introduce the suit now.
Brian Zietman: 3H. Difficult to know if we have a black suit slam or even diamond slam. I need partner to bid again and I need to show him that I am strong.

4. IMPs. Both vul.
S A 6   H A Q J 10 5   D ---   C K 10 9 8 6 4  
West North East South  
  1S 5D ?

Your call?

5NT 10 100
Dbl 6 80
5H 2 40
5S 0 10
6C 1 10
Pass 0 0
Moderator: Partner opens the bidding, your RHO bids your void at the five level and you have a strong hand with the other two suits. Now what? The majority bids 5NT - pick a slam.
Barry Rigal: 5NT. . . pick a slam. Anyone who tells you that they have any idea what's right, should be kicked off the panel. A few might resign, mind you, rather than answer this one!
Don Stack: 5H. I must bid, but what? I would bid 5NT if I thought partner would choose between hearts and clubs, but it should probably show a stronger spade tolerance. I will opt for the reasonable guess of 5H.
Larry Cohen: Dbl. I really don't like double, but I can't see guessing to bid 5H or 6C. In my dreams, partner pulls the double, but in real life, he will probably pass, and I have done the wrong thing.
Mike Lawrence: 6C. This is more fantasy. I would bid 5NT if I was sure it was some kind of pick a slam.
Michael Dimich: 5NT. Show your 2 suits.
Eugene Chan: Dbl. Who dreamed up these hands? I will take our guaranteed plus.
Stephen Vincent: 5NT. Hope partner's on the same wavelength.
Silvana Trotter: 5H. If partner doesn't like my hearts he can rebid his spades. I would like to bid 6D but that doesn't leave enough room.
Martin Henneberger: 5NT. Pick a slam. Yah double might be the winner, but facing a good opp and a grand not overruled, I'm a bidder.
Stuart Carr: 5NT. I hope partner doesn't pass.
Mike Hamilton: 5NT. Over a 5-level pre-empt, 5NT is takeout for the unbid suits and should apply to this auction also. If the bidding on both sides is sound (vulnerable at IMPs) slam prospects are too bright to risk a double being passed for penalties.
Andrew Krywaniuk: 5NT. With 25+ likely points in a 30 point deck, I don't want to risk stopping short of slam here. Hope partner has nothing wasted in diamonds.
Ronald Kuiper: 5H. Too high for negative double, so just try to find our fit as efficiently as possible.
Aidan Ballantyne: 6C. Should be a good shot for 6 or 7, but what is the strain? I'll take a chance on length before strength.
Larry Meyer: Dbl. Tell pard that it is our hand.
Mike Roberts: 5NT. Unusual (heh).
Kees Schaafsma: 5NT. With North having 2 of 3 covercards 80% of the time (sim) slam looks very promising.
Bob Todd: 5NT. I wish 5N was pick a different suit!!!
Merv Adey: Dbl. Cards: if partner is balanced he will pass, and that may be fine.
John Gillespie: 5H. Nasty!
Chris Buchanan: 5NT. Pick a slam. I have three places to play.
David Gordon: 5NT. Force to slam with more than 1 destination.
Amiram Millet: 6C. Ready to go on.
Chris Diamond: 6D. Cue may not solve anything, but I see no alternative.
Tim Francis-Wright: 5NT. I hope this is pick-a-slam.
Jack Brown: 6D. Have to take a bid and void in their suit indicates we shoud be playing it.
Brian Zietman: 6D. 6 or 7 is a distinct possibilty but the preempt has reduced bidding space. Partner's points are not in diamonds so he should have all the rest of the points -SK, HK and CA plus one or 2 black queens.

5. IMPs. Both vul.
S 9   H Q 10 6   D Q 10 9   C A 10 7 5 4 2  
West North East South  
4H Dbl Pass ?

Your call?

5C 15 100
Pass 4 50
6C 0 0
Moderator: Should you pass and take a likely plus score or bid your six-card suit?
The Coopers: Pass. . . and take our plus score. While 5C is tempting, we are not sure it will make, and we never bid at the five level in auctions like this unless we expect to go plus.
Brad Theurer: 5C. Another preempt forcing me to guess, so I'll guess 5C. Pass is possible, but we might not beat it very much, and, occasionally, it could even make.
Michael Dimich: 5C. You don't want to be responsible for a double game swing.
Eugene Chan: Pass. Another easy pass, unless I am playing against Meckwell. For them, I will bid a chicken 5C.
Stephen Vincent: Pass. Swayed by the HQ.
Silvana Trotter: Pass. I am leaving double in as penalty. Partner is sitting behind him and don't think my clubs are good enough.
Eurydice Nours: Pass. Take the plus score any time.
Martin Henneberger: 5C. When it's a guess to bid or pass, BID!
Mike Hamilton: 5C. A simple response gives partner a suit and room to make a descriptive bid below slam. We are close to slam, but partnerís next bid is needed for us to find our best spot.
Andrew Krywaniuk: 5C. Is there any other logical call? (I guess I will find out...)
Ronald Kuiper: 5C. With only 1 defensive trick can't leave double in, don't have 4 spades, so bid my best minor.
Aidan Ballantyne: 5C. Partner can correct to diamonds with diamonds and spades, in which case I will probably have to pass rather than raise to slam.
Larry Meyer: Pass. Weak club suit and soft values in red suits suggest playing defense.
Mike Roberts: Pass. I don't think this is close. A rule of thumb I learned is that you should sit for the double 20% times the level.
Chris Buchanan: Pass. There is no safety in clubs and with a ruffing value in spades we should get this 1 or 2 down.
David Gordon: Pass. At least they are vulnerable. Take your plus. Not sure about 5C.
Amiram Millet: 6C. Inviting pass, 7C or 6D.
Chris Diamond: 5C. Not really tempted to pass. With AKJ 8th they might even make it if dummy has the right 6 or 7 count, and so might my partner.
Tim Francis-Wright: 5C. All the cool kids might pass here, but partner made a takeout double and I'm going to believe her.
Brian Zietman: Pass. Good defensive values and no guarantee that 5C is on.

Panel's Answers

  1 2 3 4 5 Total
Allan Falk Dbl 2C 4C 5NT 5C 500
Barry Rigal Dbl 2C 4C 5NT 5C 500
Steve Robinson Dbl 2C 6C 5NT 5C 500
Kerri Sanborn Dbl 2C 4C 5NT 5C 500
Brad Theurer Dbl 2C 4C 5NT 5C 500
Jeff Meckstroth Dbl 2C 3H 5NT 5C 460
Mel Colchamiro 2NT 2C 6C 5NT 5C 450
The Sutherlins Dbl 2C 3H Dbl 5C 440
August Boehm 2NT 2C 6C Dbl 5C 430
The Coopers Dbl 2C 4C Dbl Pass 430
The Joyces Dbl 2C 6C Dbl Pass 430
Jill Meyers Dbl Pass 4C 5NT 5C 420
Karen Walker Pass 2C 6C 5NT 5C 420
The Gordons Dbl Pass 6C 5NT 5C 420
Larry Cohen Dbl 2C 5H Dbl 5C 410
Bridge Buff Dbl 2C 5C Dbl 5C 390
Betty Ann Kennedy Dbl 2C 3H 5H Pass 350
Mike Lawrence Dbl 2C 5H 6C 5C 340
Don Stack 2NT 2C 3H 5H Pass 300

Local Heroes

    1 2 3 4 5 Total Points
1.    Mike Hamilton Dbl 2C 3H 5NT 5C 460 115.50
1.    Andrew Krywaniuk Dbl 2C 3H 5NT 5C 460 115.50
1.    Rock Yan Dbl 2C 3H 5NT 5C 460 115.50
4.    Ronald Kuiper Dbl 2C 4C 5H 5C 440 53.90
5.    Dave Gabel 2NT 2C 6C Dbl 5C 430 28.23
5.    Norma Doucette 2NT 2C 4C Dbl 5C 430 28.23
7.    Brad Bart Dbl Pass 4C 5NT 5C 420 20.63
7.    Samantha Nystrom Dbl Pass 4C 5NT 5C 420 20.63
9.    Joel Martineau Dbl 2C 3H 5H 5C 400 13.70
9.    David Walker Pass 2C 6C Dbl 5C 400 13.70
9.    David Breton Dbl Pass 4C Dbl 5C 400 13.70
9.    Diana Jing Pass 2C 4C Dbl 5C 400 13.70
9.    Jeanne Taylor Pass 2C 4C Dbl 5C 400 13.70
9.    Roy Li Dbl 2C 3H 5H 5C 400 13.70

World Leaders

    1 2 3 4 5 Total Points
1.    Chris Galbraith (Canada) Dbl 2C 4C 5NT 5C 500 73.50
2.    Bill Camp (Canada) Dbl 2C 6C Dbl 5C 480 55.13
3.    Mike Roberts (Usa) Dbl 2C 6C 5NT Pass 450 22.36
3.    Bob Todd (Canada) Dbl 2C 4C 5NT Pass 450 22.36
3.    David Gordon (Canada) Dbl 2C 4C 5NT Pass 450 22.36
3.    Chris Buchanan (Canada) Dbl 2C 4C 5NT Pass 450 22.36
7.    John Gillespie (Canada) Dbl 2C 4C 5H 5C 440 9.84
7.    Paul Erikson (Canada) Dbl 2C 4C 5H 5C 440 9.84
9.    Merv Adey (Canada) Dbl 2C 4C Dbl Pass 430 8.17
10.    Tim Francis-Wright (Usa) Dbl Pass 6C 5NT 5C 420 7.35
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