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TGIF April 2010: Scores

1. IMPs. Both vul.
S Q 9 8   H 7 6   D ---   C Q 9 8 7 5 4 3 2  
West North East South  
1H Dbl 2H ?

Your call?

3C 10 100
5C 5 70
4C 2 50
Pass 1 30
Moderator: How many clubs should you bid? Ten experts choose to bid 3C. Some say they are worried that partner may have a strong hand with diamonds.
Allan Falk: 3C. Partner is likely to have a hand too good to overcall 2D. If I leap to 4C or 5C, partner will trot out his diamonds and we'll be in the soup, so I am going to stay low with 3C.
Brad Theurer: 5C. I'm anticipating West bidding 4H or at least making a game try, so I'll put him to the test right away. A 5C contract might make or be a cheap save. Occasionally partner may have a hand without decent club support. If so, too bad.
The Sutherlins: 4C. We choose 4C, the middle-ground bid. Bidding 5C is too much.
Michael Dimich: Pass. If West has the power hand and bids 4H then you can take the 5C sack. If North has a strong hand with 6 diamonds and 4 spades, then the subsequent auction can be controlled.
Eugene Chan: 3C. 5C appears too impulsive with two heart losers and bad trump suit.
Stephen Vincent: 5C. Despite the two small hearts I bid 5C. It could be cold on the right minimum from partner and LHO may be faced with an unpleasant guess.
Peg McShane: 4C. I will set up the spades.
Martin Henneberger: 5C. Going through my options to pass or bid 3C or 4C seem terrible, so I will punt 5C and pray nothing bad happens.
Steve Ottridge: 3C. Will cue bid diamond void next.
Mike Hamilton: 4C. A normal takeout double gives our side at least 11 clubs and 7 spades. Or partner has the strong-hand double. A bid that suggests a long suit caters to either. Two working queens, an 8-card suit, and a void are enough for a jump-response.
Ronald Kuiper: 5C. Has to be preemptive, and I am sacking against 4H. Give pard AK or AJ in both black suits and it might even make.
Andrew Krywaniuk: 3C. 8 trumps or not, this hand is full losers. If partner has a rock-crusher he will bid again.
Larry Meyer: 5C. Force opponents to make a guess at the 5-level.
Mike Roberts: 4C. This must be weak...if the minors were reversed I'd still bid this! This hand shows the downside of 'equal level conversion'.
Perry Khakhar: 4C. What do you call an 8 card suit? Trumps! Either LHO or partner has a big hand, so the auction isn't over. In any case, free bid of 4C gets my suit into the picture for both constructive or sacrificing situations.
Kees Schaafsma: Pass. 5C could easily be right or dead wrong when pard has diamonds. Anything else is too encouraging.
Merv Adey: 2NT. This is why we play Leb in this sequence... I hope. I want to compete with a poor distributional hand.
Chris Buchanan: 3C. I want to leave room just in case partner has a strong hand with spades.
John Gillespie: 5C. I expect a diamond lead after I double 5H (I hope).
David Gordon: 5C. 2-way shot.
Chris Diamond: 3C. Opposite a classic 4-1-4-4 I want to bid 5C, but I suspect a strong hand with long diamonds and secondary spades instead. I don't want to find out about that at the 5-level vulnerable.
Tim Francis-Wright: 4C. I have this funny feeling that partner has a big hand with diamonds, but bidding just 3C is silly.
Brian Zietman: 5C. Partner wants to hear my suit so here it is!
Paul Hardy: 4C. If partner raises to game, they are either making 4H or we're making 5C. :)

2. Matchpoints. None vul.
S A K 10 6   H A K 10 9 7 2   D A Q 10   C ---  
West North East South  
5C Pass Pass ?

Your call?

Dbl 11 100
6C 4 60
6H 2 40
5H 1 20
5NT 0 20
Moderator: The majority recognize they don't have a clear-cut way to show their shape, so they choose double. It may not work out, but it's in the right ballpark.
Jill Meyers: Dbl. If I bid 5NT and partner bids 6D, I won't know whether to pass or bid.
Steve Robinson: 6H. I need very little from partner to make slam. There is no way to show this hand without misstating my major-suit length. I don't want partner to choose spades with three spades and two hearts.
The Coopers: 6C. If we double, partner will pass and we doubt that this is right, so we go for a better score. If we're wrong, it's only a board.
Eugene Chan: 6H. Bid what I think (hope) I can make.
Joel Martineau: Dbl. According to Bob Hamman, all powerful hands begin with DOUBLE.
Stephen Vincent: 6C. Should get us to the right strain at least.
Martin Henneberger: 6H. I will bid what I expect has a reasonable shot. Partner will pass a double too often when its not right and 6C just tortures partner.
Mike Hamilton: 6C. Over a 5-level minor-suit pre-empt, “pick a slam” becomes a takeout bid while the cue-bid shows a major 2-suiter. This hand is off-shape on both counts. I prefer the focus of the cue-bid and if partner can bid 6D, waiting, I can be the closed hand.
Ronald Kuiper: 6C. Too tough a problem for me, willing to take a flyer at slam in partner's longest suit. All finesses should work, hope pard has a couple of queens for entries.
Andrew Krywaniuk: Dbl. Chances are we can set them at least 3, whereas slam may be 50% or worse.
Larry Meyer: 6C. Ask pard for his best suit, plus show 1st round control.
Mike Roberts: 5H. Yes, we could be cold for 6H, and partner will pass. But breaks will be unkind.
Perry Khakhar: 5NT. Clearly this is take out. Correct 6D to 6H. Double will get +500 at most. Whereas, a decent 7 count from partner will make slam.
Kees Schaafsma: Dbl. A sim shows that North has 2 cover cards 37% of the time, not enough for a slam(try) and 5H won't be raised.
Chris Buchanan: 6C. Pick a slam. They have made me guess so I will settle for whatever partner says.
John Gillespie: 6C. Will convert 6D to 6H and pray.
David Gordon: Dbl. It will likely go pass but partner might surprise you.
Chris Diamond: Dbl. Double wins the contest, but the right bid is 5NT-pick a slam. If 6C shows the majors then pulling 6D to 6H shows hearts with secondary spades. Could be trading cold 7D for a minus so maybe double is right.
Tim Francis-Wright: 6C. If partner comes back with 6D, I have a tough decision next round, but I'm hoping she has 4 cards in either major.
Brian Zietman: 6C. Partner choose your slam.

3. Matchpoints. None vul.
S A 10 8 6 4   H 10 9 8 4   D 8 6 4   C 7  
West North East South  
    1S Pass
1NT Dbl 2D ?

Your call?

2H 13 100
Pass 5 60
3H 0 30
Dbl 0 30
Moderator: After North's takeout double, the majority chooses to bid their major suit.
The Gordons: 2H. We think 2D is unlikely to succeed, but double doesn't feel right and will lead to a poor result if the opponents can scramble at least seven tricks. That thinking leads us to bid 2H, which is likely to make or might just push the opponents.
Karen Walker: Pass. One trick and four weak hearts isn't enough to enter this non-fitting auction, especially because we may not have an eight-card heart fit. Partner can bid again if he's loaded.
Eugene Chan: 2H. No reason yet to take drastic action.
Stephen Vincent: 2H. I'd rather defend than play but hopefully this will get the opponents up a level.
Martin Henneberger: 2H. Partner doubled as takeout for spades. My 1st instinct was to bid 2H then the warning bells said this is a potential misfit disaster if pard has only 3 hearts and 2 spades with a 5-1 break in hearts looming. Ah it's only matchpoints: I'm a bidder.
Mike Hamilton: 2H. The auction marks partner with hearts, so I’ll “raise” in competition with 7 dummy points in support. It looks like suits are breaking badly and that West may have hearts also. That and my modest hearts argue for bidding cautiously.
Ronald Kuiper: 2H. Expect pard to have 4 hearts for sure and probably 4 clubs - 3 diamonds - 2 spades or something. On the auction I can not have many points, so with my shaped hand I can eke out 2H.
Andrew Krywaniuk: Pass. Tough one. 2D by them might be down 1. And 2H could have decent play if partner has the right hand. OTOH it would be really nice if I just passed and West gave a preference to 2S.
Larry Meyer: 2H. Compete to 2-level becuase of 8-card fit.
Mike Roberts: Dbl. By far the most interesting one of the lot. 2D will be a disaster (lead a club), if LHO isn't void in spades, and hearts won't play very well on a diamond through.
Perry Khakhar: 2H. If LHO raises diamonds, I am considering 4H. This hand should play quite well on a cross ruff. But for now, a free bid should suffice.
Kees Schaafsma: 2H. I expect this scores 110 and don't see that 2D doubled gets 300.
Chris Buchanan: 2H. I hate to bid here but the temptation to play in a major partial is too great.
John Gillespie: 2H. +110 beats +100?
David Gordon: 2H. This should play well.
Chris Diamond: 2H. Doubling 2D could be right but they're white. The SA is good offensively and if the NT bidder bids 3C I won't be entirely happy sitting for pard's double.
Tim Francis-Wright: 2H. It could be right to pass, but it's easy for them to wind up in 2NT or 3D and us to miss our heart fit if I don't pipe up here.
Brian Zietman: 2H. Only 4 points but partner must be short in spades and I have a singleton club.
Paul Hardy: Pass. They might correct 2D to 2S.

4. Board-a-Match. N-S vul.
S A Q 10 6 3   H 6   D A 5   C A K 10 7 5  
West North East South  
    1S ?

Your call?

2C 13 100
Pass 3 50
1NT 2 40
Dbl 0 20
Moderator: The hand is too strong to pass. Doubling or overcalling 1NT, however, rates to hear partner bid or transfer to hearts. Most panelists choose, therefore, to bid 2C.
Mike Lawrence: 2C. If you have a fit, you might have a slam. If you pass because some silly book warns you against bidding when you have their suit bottled up, you may find yourself defending against 1S undoubled.
Jeff Meckstroth: 1NT. Crystal clear to me.
Michael Dimich: 2C. This looks like the 1st problem in February. If I bid 1NT then West will bid 2H and I can double for +200. Nah, I'll bid 2C.
Eugene Chan: 1NT. NT is a frequent winner at BAM. If partner transfers, then 3C should clarify an off-shape NT.
Eurydice Nours: Pass. Real difficult hand to bid, if I pass, trust that partner will re-open with a X, then, I'll convert it into penalty.
Martin Henneberger: Pass. These are my 'I'm in the minority' hand types. I still pass.
Mike Hamilton: 2C. My spades lie behind the bidder and are full value. Being 5-5 in the blacks, I would have opened this hand 1C anyway. A 2C overcall is a good lead-directing bid and I am strong enough to bid spades twice to get across my strength and distribution.
Ronald Kuiper: 2C. The answer probably will be double, but I hate double here on principle, can't be takeout with my short suits and 5 spades, and club suit is not strong enough for double and bid. Pass is an option, but what if opps find their red fit before I get to bid?
Andrew Krywaniuk: 2C. This hand is way too good to gamble on a trap pass red vs. white.
Larry Meyer: 2C. Downgrade because most of my strength is in opp's suit and in a short suit, which makes this hand too weak to double.
Mike Roberts: 2C. Not enough to double, too much to pass.
Perry Khakhar: 2C. Decent suit, good values, what is the problem? I will not start with a double and later try to convince partner that I don't have hearts. Pass could be awkward whether partner balances (red suit) or passes.
Chris Buchanan: Pass. We will wait and see what develops here. I doubt this auction is over.
David Gordon: 2C. Your partner is short on spades. If partner can't take a call, game is unlikely.
Chris Diamond: 2C. Yeah, yeah. I'm supposed to pass but they're white again and I can't see getting to defend 1S doubled.
Tim Francis-Wright: 2C. The problem with a trap pass here is that it's not going to trap anyone most of the time.
Brian Zietman: Pass. Trap pass.
Paul Hardy: 2C. I have points and a suit, so I bid it.
Amiram Millet: Dbl. Too strong for any other call with 9 playing tricks.

5. IMPs. N-S vul.
S ---   H K Q 4 2   D J 5 2   C A 10 8 7 5 3  
West North East South  
    Pass Pass
4S Dbl Pass ?

Your call?

5C 10 100
4NT 4 60
5S 2 40
6C 1 30
Pass 1 30
5H 0 20
6H 0 20
5NT 0 10
Moderator: The South hand looks good for offense, so most experts decide against passing 4S doubled. Should you bid your four-card major or your six-card minor or try something else? Most of the panel choose to bid 5C.
Mel Colchamiro: 4NT. . . followed by 5NT. I'm going to force to slam, but why didn't I open 1C in the first place?
August Boehm: 5C. Taking out to 5C should be bidding to make, so maybe partner can act.
Brad Theurer: 6C. The preempt has taken away valuable space, so I have little room to explore. If I simply bid 5C, North will never play me, a passed hand, for these values.
Michael Dimich: 4NT. Respect Larry Cohen's shipboard lectures. Double is takeout. Bid 4NT for 2 places to play.
Eugene Chan: 6C. 6H might be a better slam but I will take my chances in my long suit. I play partner's double as takeout.
Robin Hart: 5H. I play double here is for takeout. Pard should have 4 or more hearts.
Stephen Vincent: 4NT. Showing an unspecified 2-suiter. Partner should have values not a trump stack.
Eurydice Nours: 4NT. Slam may be possible, ask partner to choose a suit.
Yue Su: 5C. Slam is likely but risky because opps need one red ace and a singleton to set it.
Martin Henneberger: 5S. I'm going to bid slam so I might as well trot out 5S along the way.
Steve Ottridge: Pass. I assume dbl was for penalties and I have 2 tricks.
Mike Hamilton: 5S. I expect partner to solidify my clubs, hold 4 hearts, and have diamond strength. The cue-bid shows spade control and a “top-and-bottom” 2-suiter with an implied longer minor. This should be played from partner’s side.
Ronald Kuiper: Pass. Over 4S, double is penalty and 4NT is T/O. I trust pard, and I probably bring 2 tricks.
Andrew Krywaniuk: 6C. Not much room for science here. If the slam is better than 48% then bid it.
Larry Meyer: Pass. Pard doubled for penalty - trust him.
Mike Roberts: 5S. It's lazy, unproductive, and gets me by a round of bidding. What more can I ask for?
Perry Khakhar: Pass. I wasn't invited to this party, and I have better than expected defense. Let us try to not convert a guaranteed +800 or better into a potential minus.
Merv Adey: 5S. Lots of hands in this set seem to need agreements. I hope pard agrees. :-)
Chris Buchanan: 5C. Dbl is values. I prefer to play in my 6-card suit and I also like a lebensohl type agreement in these situations. With that agreement, 5C would show this hand very well.
John Gillespie: 6C. Still a takeout double in my partnership.
David Gordon: 5C. North's dbl is semi-balanced.
Chris Diamond: 5C. Spade void says don't pass. Not willing to commit to slam vs good balanced hand with spades. IMPs says find the safest contract, auction may not be over. Tough set, don't think anyone's acing it.
Tim Francis-Wright: 5NT. Holy Culbertson, did my hand get better! Pick a slam, partner.
Brian Zietman: 5S. Choose your slam partner.
Paul Hardy: Pass. Double here, is penalties, not takeout: I expect partner to have a trump stack. Look for spades breaking 7-6 or 7-5-1. If partner wants me to bid he would have bid 4NT.
Amiram Millet: 5NT. Pick a slam partner.

Panel's Answers

  1 2 3 4 5 Total
Mike Lawrence 3C Dbl 2H 2C 5C 500
Larry Cohen 3C Dbl 2H 2C 4NT 460
Allan Falk 3C 6H 2H 2C 5C 440
Jeff Meckstroth 3C Dbl 2H 1NT 5C 440
Barry Rigal 3C Dbl 2H 2C 5S 440
August Boehm 5C Dbl Pass 2C 5C 430
Jill Meyers 5C Dbl Pass 2C 5C 430
Karen Walker 5C Dbl Pass 2C 5C 430
Kerri Sanborn 3C Dbl Pass 2C 4NT 420
Mel Colchamiro 3C 6C 2H 2C 4NT 420
The Coopers 3C 6C 2H Pass 5C 410
The Gordons 3C Dbl 2H Pass 4NT 410
The Joyces 4C 6C 2H 2C 5C 410
Brad Theurer 5C Dbl 2H 2C 6C 400
The Sutherlins 4C Dbl 2H 2C 5S 390
Don Stack 5C 6C Pass 2C 5C 390
Steve Robinson 3C 6H 2H 1NT 5C 380
Bridge Buff Pass 5H 2H Pass Pass 230

Local Heroes

    1 2 3 4 5 Total Points
1.    Ivy Pye 3C Dbl 2H 2C 5C 500 147.00
2.    Gilbert Lambert 4C Dbl 2H 2C 5C 450 91.88
2.    Norma Doucette 4C Dbl 2H 2C 5C 450 91.88
4.    Joel Martineau 3C Dbl 2H 1NT 5C 440 51.45
5.    Ted Vesak 3C Dbl 2H 2C Pass 430 26.95
5.    Steve Ottridge 3C Dbl 2H 2C Pass 430 26.95
7.    Brad Bart 5C Dbl 2H Pass 5C 420 19.69
7.    Craig T. Wilson 3C 6C Pass 2C 5C 420 19.69
9.    Stephen Vincent 5C 6C 2H 2C 4NT 390 13.59
9.    Andrew Krywaniuk 3C Dbl Pass 2C 6C 390 13.59
9.    Michael Dimich Pass Dbl 2H 2C 4NT 390 13.59
9.    Yue Su 5C 5H 2H 2C 5C 390 13.59
9.    Julie Smith 5C 5H 2H 2C 5C 390 13.59

World Leaders

    1 2 3 4 5 Total Points
1.    Chris Diamond (Ca) 3C Dbl 2H 2C 5C 500 70.00
2.    David Gordon (Canada) 5C Dbl 2H 2C 5C 470 52.50
3.    Chris Galbraith (Canada) 3C Dbl 2H 2C 6C 430 24.50
3.    Kees Schaafsma (Netherlands) Pass Dbl 2H 2C 5C 430 24.50
3.    Paul Janicki (Canada) 5C Dbl 2H 2C 4NT 430 24.50
6.    Bob Todd (Canada) 3C 6C 2H 2C 4NT 420 11.67
7.    Chris Buchanan (Canada) 3C 6C 2H Pass 5C 410 10.00
8.    Leo Weniger (Canada) 5C 6C 2H 2C 4NT 390 8.75
9.    Susan Julius (Canada) 5C 6C 2H 2C 5S 370 7.78
10.    John Gillespie (Canada) 5C 6C 2H 2C 6C 360 7.00
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