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TGIF November 2008: Scores

1. Matchpoints. Both vul.
S 10 9 8 7 6 5 4   H ---   D ---   C A Q 10 8 5 3  
West North East South  
    1D ?

Your call?

1S 9 100
2S 2 80
4S 4 50
Pass 1 30
3C 0 20
3S 1 20
2C 0 10
Moderator: While it's true there is no right or wrong action with a freak like this, it is still instructional to examine various actions. The majority of the panel take the slow train and make a simple 1S overcall.
Allan Falk: 2S. There is no bid to describe my hand. Starting with 2S limits my strength. I expect to bid again, even at a fairly high level. If I overcall 1S, partner would expect an extra king.
Mike Lawrence: 1S. Getting to the right suit is more important than guessing and missing the best fit. I will bid to 5C if I have to.
Jeff Meckstroth: 1S. Who dealt this one? If I don't get raised, I'll bid clubs next.
Steve Robinson: 4S. Yes, I'm guessing, but there's no correct way to bid seven-six hands. Because I have only 6 high-card points, however, it could be right to pass and see what the opponents have. You might find out that you don't belong in this auction.
Eugene Chan: Pass. Anti field. Lots to be said for 2C. But I am passing here.
Mark Eddy: Pass. I'd rather double, to be honest, and have some fun... but my partners often dislike my sense of humor. I'll wait and see what happens, for now.
Stephen Vincent: 1S. Not a good problem: table presence is important on these freak hands.
Gilbert Lambert: Pass. Any suit bid could be right.....or wrong. In some of my partnerships, I play top and bottom cue. It would work well here!
John Hurdle: 2C. I'll treat my black suits as touching equals to save some bidding room.
David Breton: 1S. I just can't find any other bid, I guess I lack imagination.
Stephen Ottridge: 2S. Let partner know you have length in spades.
Aidan Ballantyne: 1S. Bidding freaks is more art than science. Not in a hurry to preempt holding the master suit and a second suit to boot.
Susan Peters: Pass. I have no idea how to show this hand. It may become clear later.
Martin Henneberger: 4S. I thought about getting cute by starting with 2C but nah. Let them figure out what to do over 4S.
David Schmidt: 1S. Planning to rebid clubs at whatever level is necessary.
Mike Hamilton: 2D. I’ll try a Ghestem two-suited overcall (and explain it to partner afterwards) because I’ve been waiting for years to trot out a bid showing 7-0-0-6 over a 1D opening. We’d better buy this hand or we’ve given declarer a blueprint of how to play it.
Andrew Krywaniuk: 4S. Shutting out the opponents is more important than showing the clubs. 5S is too likely to backfire if partner has a decent hand.
Larry Meyer: Pass. No bid is right on this round, plan to come in on the next round.
Bonny Lee: 2C. I could come in with 2S over any red suit bids to show my black 2 suiter.
Mike Roberts: 4S. I need 7 points for a one level overcall, so I'll bid 4S. I don't think I can intelligently reach 6C/6S when it's right.
Perry Khakhar: 3C. .. followed by a high number of spades (hopefully only 4!). At least the lead indicator is in for the 5H contract. Against 6H, Lightner double.
Paul Hardy: 1S. Tempting to just bid 4S, but I feel I should mention my clubs sometime.
Chris Buchanan: 1S. Followed by as many clubs as necessary. Usually not a fan of such poor suits, but E/W are NEVER playing this hand! 3C is an interesting treatment for the Top and Bottom Unusual, but this is hardly standard.
David Gordon: 1S. Your next bid is clubs at any level.
Roelof Van Lopik: 2D. In Holland that's the Ghestem-convention, promising the 2 extremes.
Chris Diamond: 1S. Wish I was playing 3C here as clubs and a major. This could end up at the 4 or 5 level before I get clubs in.
Tim Francis-Wright: 1S. Strangely enough, it is easier to bid this hand over 2D than 1D.
Kevin Strangway: 1S. I miss my Ghestem in BB standard.
Susan Julius: 1S. 2D would be the bid of choice if playing top-bottom cue-bids.

2. IMPs. None vul.
S K 3 2   H 4   D A J 7 5 4   C Q 5 3 2  
West North East South  
  1C 1H 2D
3H (1) Pass Pass ?
(1) Weak.

Your call?

4C 9 100
3S 2 80
5C 0 50
Pass 3 50
Dbl 3 40
4D 0 0
4H 0 0
Moderator: The majority of the panel makes a straight-forward 4C bid.
August Boehm: 3S. Double is fine only if specifically defined as takeout. Lacking firm agreement, I'll improvise with 3S, keeping 3NT in view. If partner raises to 4S, I'll retreat to 5C.
The Colchamiros: 4C. This one strikes us as easy. You have too few hearts and too many clubs to double, and we don't like pass.
Kerri Sanborn: 4C. I can't see selling out, and double is too risky with only one heart and four-card support for clubs.
The Sutherlins: 4C. We need to show our club support because partner may have extras. An action double would probably show one more spade and one less club.
Eugene Chan: 4C. The 2D overbid got you into this mess. I prefer an initial negative double.
Mark Eddy: Dbl. I have no idea how else to show this hand.
Stephen Vincent: Pass. You're fixed as you can't support clubs now without ending up in game opposite what is probably no more than a flat 12-14. The choice of 2D on the first round was questionable.
John Hurdle: 4C. What else? 3S shows 4 spades and long diamonds with a better hand. Double is just wrong.
David Breton: Dbl. I hope partner can pass but I doubt he will.
Aidan Ballantyne: 4C. Going with the odds we have a minor fit and pard is not 4-4-2-3.
Martin Henneberger: Dbl. Again I choose the most flexible bid. Since pard didn't bid 3NT here opposite my known 10+ I will pull 3S or 3NT to 4C and he should visualize this hand. Sometimes pard passes and we pick up 300-500 here.
Mike Hamilton: 4C. It appears nobody owns the master suit. If partner has a spade fragment, I have 10 useful HCP opposite his opening bid and shortness in the opponents' suit. I show my club support as cheaply as possible.
Andrew Krywaniuk: 3S. Let partner choose from 3NT, 4C, 4D. Any of these could be down 1, but 3H could also make.
Larry Meyer: Dbl. It's our hand - protect partner in case he has some hearts.
Bonny Lee: 3S. Prepare to play 4-3fit.
Mike Roberts: Dbl. This depends on what double by partner would mean. I really want to pass.
Perry Khakhar: Dbl. Most flexible bid in a forcing auction. You essentially have the hand that partner expects.
Paul Hardy: 3S. Might be the best partscore or game we have.
Chris Buchanan: 4C. Double should be co-operative here and not takeout. Partner's pass shows something like 3-3-2-5, 4-3-2-4, 4-2-2-6, or 4-3-1-5.
David Gordon: Dbl. Most flexible bid.
Chris Diamond: 4C. Trying to find a spot.
Tim Francis-Wright: 4C. I don't think partner has the right stuff for 3NT, especially since she passed this round. Selling out seems like losing bridge here, so 4C it is.

3. Matchpoints. Both vul.
S J   H K   D A Q J 7 5 4   C A 10 8 7 6  
West North East South  
2S 4H 4S ?

Your call?

4NT 9 100
5D 2 80
5H 0 30
6H 2 30
Dbl 2 20
5NT 2 10
5S 0 0
Pass 0 0
Moderator: Is the HK good enough support for slam? The majority of the panel think so and try 4NT.
Larry Cohen: 6H. It's not clear how to reach 7H. Even if partner shows two key cards and the HQ over 4NT, I can't confidently bid seven. I can't bid less than 6H because partner's bid shows a good hand. You can't preempt over a preempt.
Jill Meyers: 4NT. If partner has two key cards and the HQ, I am bidding a grand.
Eugene Chan: 4NT. Hard to know if grand is there. RKC is a good start.
Mark Eddy: 4NT. .. for keycards, I hope.
Stuart Carr: 5S. I would like to bid 4NT, as long as it is forcing.
Stephen Vincent: 6H. Eschew science and just bash it. Partner must have good hearts here as there's not much else for him to have. On a good day the opponents may even bid 6S. I shall know what to do then.
Gilbert Lambert: 4NT. Partner's jump after a preempt shows a very strong hand. We probably have a slam.
John Hurdle: 4NT. Blackwood, because partner has shown a good hand with a good suit. Generally I play 4NT as takeout over 4S.
David Breton: 4NT. Something is fishy, I was allowed to use keycard.
Aidan Ballantyne: 6H. What I think we can make. 4NT key card would be nice but I fear ambiguity. Going for a grand is idealistic.
Susan Peters: 6H. Partner jumped to 4H missing a lot, must have a good heart suit and I can fill in a few blanks.
Martin Henneberger: 4NT. 4H is a really good hand with long hearts. 4NT is keycard for hearts. I'm not giving up on a grand yet. Can still ask for specific kings this way.
Mike Hamilton: 6H. Partner should have a strong hand with a self-sufficient suit. I have 17 high-quality points in support of hearts. My stiff king and controls should give a good play for 6H. I don’t know how to ask partner for first-round spade control for 7H.
Andrew Krywaniuk: 5H. The diamond finesse looks to be onside, but don't count on avoiding a trump loser. 5 is the max.
Larry Meyer: 5H. I'm providing 1st / 2nd round control in all side suits, plus a trump trick.
Bonny Lee: 5D. Do not want my HK knocked by partner's HA lead.
Mike Roberts: 6H. What else can partner have but mega good hearts and a minor king?
Perry Khakhar: 6H. It would be really unlucky to not make this contract.
Paul Hardy: 4NT. Blackwood of course, we might even make 7H opposite: SA x HA Q J x x x x DK x CJ x
Chris Buchanan: 5C. It is best to find out if partner has the DK to go with the AQJxxxx of hearts. 4NT is bad! This is not a keycard situation.
David Gordon: 6H. Your king fills in for a running suit. 4H shows a good hand.
Chris Diamond: 4NT. I'm intending it as RKC. Pard should have a pretty good hand for the jump. We may belong in a minor, but I don't know how to find it.
Tim Francis-Wright: 5NT. I hope partner knows that 5NT is pick-a-slam.

4. Matchpoints. None vul.
S A Q 10 5 3   H A J 10   D 8 4   C 10 6 5  
West North East South  
  1D Pass 1S
Dbl Pass 2C Dbl
3C Pass Pass ?

Your call?

Dbl 14 100
Pass 1 50
3D 1 20
3S 1 10
3H 0 0
Moderator: The majority chooses double. No other call describes your hand, and you are too strong to sell out.
Richard Freeman: Dbl. .. and lead a trump.
Barry Rigal: Dbl. Nobody gets past the Iron Duke! What choice do I have?
Eugene Chan: Dbl. First double was essentially for penalty. This double is for sure penalty.
Mark Eddy: Dbl. X and lead trumps...
Stephen Vincent: Dbl. West freely bid 3C opposite a possible yarborough but still double and lead a trump. The hand's a misfit: I fully expect RHO to have 5 spades.
Gilbert Lambert: Pass. Partner saw both my bids.
John Hurdle: Pass. Lead trumps. Partner must be 2-4-5-2 (no support redouble or 2D rebid) and minimum. We may not beat them.
David Breton: Dbl. It's our hand. I hope we have strong agreements about this double.
Aidan Ballantyne: Pass. Depends on quality of opposition. If good, I'm thinking they have shape and that we are outbid even holding balance of HCP as no real fit to go on in, and doubling to turn 50 into 100 doesn't gain much at matchpoints.
Susan Peters: Dbl. Don't see how this contract can be made.
Martin Henneberger: Dbl. Wow I feel a theme here. Double to say it's our hand do something right. Again the most flexible bid. If pard passes it's probably right and I'm leading trumps.
Mike Hamilton: Dbl. I have 11 HCP, 2˝ QT, and the master suit facing a first-seat opening bid. West’s 3C call over my double made things awkward for partner. Double is the most flexible call here allowing partner to make a descriptive rebid as cheaply as possible.
Andrew Krywaniuk: Pass. A close call between dbl and pass. We have the edge in HCP, but no obvious partscore. I pass because the major suit finesses look to be on.
Larry Meyer: Dbl. It's our hand, but no fit or club stopper.
Bonny Lee: 3H. Hope partner can bid 3NT or 4S with 3 small. May also have a good 4-3 heart fit.
Mike Roberts: Pass. I've asked, and partner has no interest. I'll lead a trump, and hope to beat it.
Perry Khakhar: 3S. They have a 9 card fit and we have the balance of power (although partner appears to have opened a 4-6 in the reds with 10). I refuse to play in their 9 card fit at the 3 level. Let's play our 7 card fit!
Paul Hardy: 3D. Partner's not being much help here. He must have opened crap with diamonds, so he can play it! :)
Chris Buchanan: Dbl. Cooperative again. Maximal values and 3 clubs. I am already leading a trump.
David Gordon: Dbl. Do somethin' intelligentish there pard.
Chris Diamond: Dbl. Can't let them play here undoubled, so see if pard has any ideas.
Tim Francis-Wright: Dbl. Three possibilities: this is a 50-point deck, partner has a future in sketch comedy, or West does not really have a hand good enough to double then raise partner. I think door #3 is right.
Kevin Strangway: Dbl. Presumably partner has denied 3 spades with no support double.

5. Matchpoints. N-S vul.
S A 10   H K J 9 4   D 6   C A 10 9 7 5 3  
West North East South  
1C 1D Pass ?

Your call?

1H 12 100
1NT 2 50
2NT 2 40
3NT 1 20
2C 0 0
Pass 0 0
Moderator: The majority voted for 1H, even though that bid should show five cards or longer. The notrump bids have their problems, as well, and South is too strong to pass.
Mike Lawrence: 2NT. I stretch to 2NT, courtesy of the S10.
Steve Robinson: 1NT. Bidding 1H shows five and could lead to a silly contract.
The Sutherlins: 1H. We need to bid something and 1H seems like it has a good upside. 1NT and 2NT feel ugly.
Bridge Baron: 3NT. I declare contracts better than humans.
Grant Baze: 1H. If this is terribly wrong, there is a good chance that someone will save me. With most partners I play this as a one-round force.
Eugene Chan: 1NT. To hog the matchpoints. With 2 tens and nines, I would try 2NT at IMPs.
Stephen Vincent: 2NT. Got the values if not the shape.
Gilbert Lambert: Pass. We are going nowhere. Where are our tricks on offence?
John Hurdle: 1H. Partner can easily have one of the majors. I'll continue with 2NT over 2D or 3NT over any other rebid.
David Breton: 1H. I predict I'll get a horrible score for the whole contest: I didn't find any real issue on any problem.
Stephen Ottridge: 1H. Maybe there's a heart fit.
Aidan Ballantyne: 1H. 2NT could lose the heart fit if pard has 4-card hearts but too weak to bid on, whereas this approach may get us to light but cold 4H on 4-4 fit.
Martin Henneberger: 1NT. Unfortunately 2C is not natural here. Some will bid 1H but I believe this shows 5. That leaves 1NT on values.
Mike Hamilton: 1H. No need to hurry here. I show my 4-card heart suit naturally. If partner can support hearts, we should have enough to drive to game. The lower we keep this auction, the more time we have to find our best spot.
Andrew Krywaniuk: 1H. Partner didn't deny 4 hearts and it should be safe to bid 2NT over a 2D response.
Larry Meyer: 2C. Cue bid to let pard know that game is possible.
Mike Roberts: 1H. 2NT, the value bid, gets me past my safety level. Sonny was right sometimes.
Perry Khakhar: 1H. I cannot imagine what the issue with this hand is! So long as your partner won't raise you with a doubleton, this hand should be fine.
Paul Hardy: 1H. Is this really a problem?
Chris Buchanan: 1H. Is this a trick question?
David Gordon: 1H. Should have 5 hearts. If pard bids 2H or 3H then bid 3NT. If pard bids 4H then you will probably make it.
Roelof Van Lopik: 2C. In the system I play this asks North to describe his strength.
Chris Diamond: 1H. Pard should have a decent hand for a vulnerable 1D since it should be constructive. Maybe he has 4 hearts too. Will follow with NT.
Tim Francis-Wright: 1H. I can always try no trump next round.

Panel's Answers

  1 2 3 4 5 Total
Grant Baze 1S 4C 4NT Dbl 1H 500
Kerri Sanborn 1S 4C 4NT Dbl 1H 500
Jill Meyers 1S 4C 4NT Dbl 1NT 450
Allan Falk 2S 3S 5D Dbl 1H 440
Mike Lawrence 1S 4C 4NT Dbl 2NT 440
Jeff Meckstroth 1S 4C 4NT Dbl 2NT 440
Larry Cohen 2S 4C 6H Dbl 1H 410
The Colchamiros 1S 4C 5D 3D 1H 400
Steve Robinson 4S 4C 4NT Dbl 1NT 400
Karen Walker 4S Pass 4NT Dbl 1H 400
August Boehm 1S 3S 5NT Dbl 1H 390
Richard Freeman 4S Dbl 4NT Dbl 1H 390
Betty Ann Kennedy 4S Dbl 4NT Dbl 1H 390
The Coopers 1S Pass Dbl Dbl 1H 370
Barry Rigal 1S Dbl 5NT Dbl 1H 350
The Sutherlins 3S 4C 6H 3S 1H 260
Bridge Baron Pass Pass Dbl Pass 3NT 170

Local Heroes

    1 2 3 4 5 Total
1.    Rod Coote 4S 4C 4NT Dbl 1H 450
1.    June Pocock 4S 4C 4NT Dbl 1H 450
1.    Anssi Rantamaa 4S 4C 4NT Dbl 1H 450
4.    David Breton 1S Dbl 4NT Dbl 1H 440
5.    Joel Martineau 1S 4C 6H Dbl 1H 430
6.    Peg Mcshane 1S 4C 5S Dbl 1H 400
7.    Eugene Chan Pass 4C 4NT Dbl 1NT 380
7.    Aidan Ballantyne 1S 4C 6H Pass 1H 380
7.    David Schmidt 1S 4C 5H Pass 1H 380
10.    Mark Eddy Pass Dbl 4NT Dbl 1H 370

World Leaders

    1 2 3 4 5 Total
1.    Paul Mcmullin (Usa) 1S 4C 4NT Dbl 1H 500
1.    Leo Weniger (Canada) 1S 4C 4NT Dbl 1H 500
1.    Chris Diamond (Canada) 1S 4C 4NT Dbl 1H 500
4.    Bill Camp (Canada) Pass 4C 4NT Dbl 1H 430
4.    Kevin Strangway (Canada) 1S 4C 6H Dbl 1H 430
6.    Tim Francis-Wright (Usa) 1S 4C 5NT Dbl 1H 410
7.    Paul Hardy (Canada) 1S 3S 4NT 3D 1H 400
7.    Chris Buchanan (Canada) 1S 4C 5C Dbl 1H 400
9.    Judi Carter (Canada) 1S 4C Dbl Pass 1H 370
9.    David Gordon (Canada) 1S Dbl 6H Dbl 1H 370
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