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TGIF September 2022: Scores

1. Matchpoints. E-W vul.
S A Q 10   H Q   D A 9 7 2   C A K 5 3 2  
West North East South  
Pass Pass 2D ?

Your call?

2NT 6 100
Dbl 6 90
3NT 2 70
3C 0 50
Moderator: Not your average 19-count, many panelists downgrade with 2NT.
Daniel Korbel: Dbl. This hand is too strong not to start with double.
Mike Lawrence: 3NT. After two passes and a random weak two-bid, I think this hand is worth 3NT as opposed to 2NT. Double could be better. But I'm not interested in partner's heart bids. No matter what he has in hearts, he is limited by the fact that he did not open 1H or 2H. Glad this is matchpoints.
August Boehm: 2NT. A touch heavy, but more likely to avoid an unwelcome heart contract than double.
Michael Dimich: Pass. With 8-10 HCP partner can re-open with a double or bid a suit or make a Michaels cue bid.
Larry Meyer: Dbl. Too strong to simply overcall.
Christopher Diamond: Dbl. Always risky, but no real choice except 3NT. And that's flawed too.
Stephen Vincent: Dbl. Difficult. A club contract is likely to play very well but 3C will end the auction on too many hands where game is cold.
Allan Simon: Dbl. Too strong for 3C. 2N and Double both run the risk of partner jumping to 4H, but 2N has extra flaws namely 1) hand is too strong and 2) no diamond tenace (picture partner with SK x x HK x x x x DQ x Cx x x and 3N by him is best).
Chris Buchanan: 2NT. No perfect bid here. I'll shave a point and overcall a strong NT.
Paul McMullin: 3C. Too much to pass, wrong shape for a double.
Hendrik Sharples: Dbl. Sorry pard, I had 3 diamonds in with hearts.
Lars Erik Bergerud: 3NT. Good potential for game. 2NT and certainly 3C will burn a lot of laydown games which all the pairs who do not face 2D will find. 2NT will often get an unwanted transfer to hearts and a double is asking for trouble.
Kf Tung: 2NT. You are likely to collect 100 with a pass. 2N may get you 120, 110, 140 or a game. If you go down, maybe it is a good save with -50.
Louk Verhees: Dbl. Too strong for 2NT and also unsuitable.
Mike Roberts: 2NT. Least of evils. 3C is too dangerous, pass is insane, and it's just not good enough to start with double.
Ig Nieuwenhuis: Dbl. Will pull hearts to clubs.

2. IMPs. N-S vul.
S K Q 5 3 2   H 7   D A   C A Q J 8 6 3  
West North East South  
2H Dbl 4H ?

Your call?

5H 4 100
5NT 4 90
4NT 2 70
6C 2 70
6S 2 70
Moderator: Is there an intelligent way to bid the grand?
Steve Weinstein: 4NT. I imagine that partner will bid 5D, which I can pull to 6C. In my dreams, partner raises when it's right.
Janice Molson: 5NT. . . pick a slam. Passing 6C and correcting 6D to 6S.
Mel Colchamiro: 6C. I'm not trying to be a hero. Just bidding what I think I can make without getting into one of those convoluted, never-having-discussed-it, 'it-was-obvious' auctions that I just *hate*.
Jill Meyers: 5H. Wow, I have quite a hand when partner has made a takeout double of 2H. I would bid 5H. If partner bids 5S, I raise; if partner bids 6D, I bid 6S; if partner bids 5NT, I bid 6C. The problem is that I can't find out if partner has the two missing aces in order to bid the grand.
Steve Robinson: 6S. I have to guess, so I'll guess 6S. 4NT asks partner to bid a minor, so I can't bid that.
Michael Dimich: 5NT. Force to slam. If partner bids diamonds, correct to spades.
Larry Meyer: 4NT. Show 2 places to play. 12 tricks are likely if we can find our fit and partner has SA and CK.
Christopher Diamond: 5NT. I think 4NT is minors so that's out. I hope a correction of 6D shows the blacks and invites a grand. Lots of room for discussion on what different cue bids mean.
Stephen Vincent: 5H. 3 specific cards needed from partner.
Allan Simon: 6S. Unfortunately I can't think of of a way to ask which of 3 key cards partner has, so I'll just punt to the most likely contract.
Chris Buchanan: 5H. Pesky pre-empts! Will follow up by (likely) raising partner from 5S to 6S. This is better than jumping directly.
Paul McMullin: 6S. If partner has SA and HA, then the 2H opener most likely has the offside CK.
Hendrik Sharples: 5H. 6S at the table.
Lars Erik Bergerud: 6C. What do I know? 5H shows 1 control in hearts and 5NT doesn't? 4NT is two places to play (probably) or Blackwood? I just bid the practical 6C and then 6S if the opponents bid 6H.
Kf Tung: 5H. Slam probe, and then try to reveal 2 suits.
Bob Zeller: 4NT. Checking on controls before trying slam.
Louk Verhees: 5H. What an unlikely hand to have. Can you find about 7 in an intelligent way? If not, the practical bid is 5NT to keep clubs in play. Otherwise just bid 5H single-suited-slam-try (usually spades).
Mike Roberts: 6S. I'd love for 4NT to be Blackwood, but I don't think it is. Other calls invite catastrophe.
Ig Nieuwenhuis: 5H. Trying for slam.

3. Matchpoints. N-S vul.
S J 10   H A Q 7 3 2   D K 10 9   C Q 7 4  
West North East South  
2S Dbl Pass ?

Your call?

2NT 7 100
3C 6 90
3D 0 50
3H 0 50
Pass 1 50
Moderator: Half the panel choose 2NT, despite the lack of a spade stopper.
Josh Donn: 2NT. 2S wasn't raised, so maybe partner has help. Let the opponents figure out that I don't have a stopper. It's not like bidding a minor is any guarantee of a brilliant contract anyway.
Jeff Meckstroth: 3C. I don't want to bid 2NT without a stopper here.
Michael Dimich: 3C. There is more room for partner to have high club honors.
Larry Meyer: 3C. 2NT would be natural, so bid my cheaper minor.
Christopher Diamond: 3C. Ugly. Since my clubs are weaker maybe his are better and it's better to take the tap there.
Allan Simon: 2NT. Partner probably has a spade honor, so I'll take aim at the most likely game contract .
Chris Buchanan: 3C. Leaves the most room.
Paul McMullin: 3H. After my optimistic opening, I will try for the cheapest disaster.
Hendrik Sharples: 3C. I'm too old to bid 2NT.
Lars Erik Bergerud: 2NT. Default. Partner will bid 3S without a spade stopper, if he is interested in 3NT. Otherwise you have to take your chances with Pass or an awkward 3C.
Kf Tung: 3D. If you have a game, a 3D bid won't hurt. If not, 3D is the safest harbour.
Louk Verhees: 2NT. This is a nasty problem. My practical approach is that I believe we usually have a spade stopper together. I don't like bidding 3-card suits. Obviously, going down vul may be very bad.
Mike Roberts: 3C. I really don't get this one. If there's an advantage to 3D, I can't see it.
Ig Nieuwenhuis: Pass. Risky, but I think best chance for matchpoints.

4. Matchpoints. N-S vul.
S K 8 5 4   H K 10 3   D A 6 5   C A J 6  
West North East South  
2S 3D (1) Pass 3NT
Pass 4S Dbl ?
(1) Natural and forcing.

Your call?

Pass 9 100
5C 3 80
4NT 1 60
5D 1 60
6D 0 50
Rdbl 0 30
Moderator: The majority opt for a [forcing] pass.
Daniel Korbel: 5C. I actually have a pretty good hand on the auction and I'll cooperate.
Barry Rigal: Pass. My spade holding isn't good, but I'm prepared to give partner one more chance to reach slam. My H10 and CJ fill the gaps nicely.
Michael Dimich: 4NT. Interrupt the sequence. The hand is so flat.
Larry Meyer: Pass. With a min NT opener and 4333, I want to put the brakes on.
Christopher Diamond: Pass. Nothing to say. Good primes despite the wasted SK. My next bid will be tougher.
Stephen Vincent: 5C. I can afford to cuebid now. East's double is a little puzzling.
Joel Forssell: Pass. . . second round control. Artificial.
Allan Simon: Pass. Give partner the opportunity to redouble to show a void. I can cue 5C on the next round. An immediate 5C would needlessly crowd our auction.
Chris Buchanan: 5C. I'll cooperate and cue bid 5C.
Paul McMullin: 5C. I have prime values; this should be some slam interest.
Hendrik Sharples: 5C. I have a decent hand for partner without too much wasted in spades. I think XX should show second round control but I don't think that's all that helpful.
Lars Erik Bergerud: 5C. Automatic.
Kf Tung: Pass. Let partner complete his slam search his way.
Louk Verhees: Pass. It looks like I have 3 good cards and one bad one. I could bid 4NT. But sometimes it's the wrong spot. Partner knows now I have spade stopper, but not the SA.
Mike Roberts: 5C. I don't like my hand, but I want to cooperate. I think redouble shows the SA here.
Ig Nieuwenhuis: Pass. In my agreements this promises second round control. Bidding would promise nothing in spades.

5. IMPs. None vul.
S A   H K Q 7 5 3   D A 4 3   C A K 8 7  
West North East South  
Pass 1S Pass 3C
Pass 3S Pass ?

Your call?

4S 6 100
3NT 4 90
4D 4 80
Moderator: A split vote between game in spades, game in notrump and a slam try. The majority favour playing in spades, even with the stiff SA.
Larry Cohen: 3NT. I really wish I had the DJ, or even the D10, but 3NT gets across the general nature of my hand --- short spades, not a 5-5 or long type of heart/club hand.
Jill Meyers: 4D. I feel obligated to show some kind of interest.
Zachary Grossack: 4S. Partner is promising 6 spades here, and with the singleton ace, we often need to play it as trump. My second choice would be 4D, an advance cuebid for spades, as my hand is quite powerful with spades as trump. Although 3NT shows my spade correctly and I have a diamond stopper, it rates to play far worse in notrump than in spades; sometimes we won't even have an entry to partner's spades.
Michael Dimich: 4S. I hope partner has 6 of them or a good 5 with the DQ.
Larry Meyer: 4S. Partner's long spades in his weak hand will likely only take tricks if they are trump.
Christopher Diamond: 4D. Don't like 3NT with the blocking honor. So pattern out and settle for 4S if that happens.
Stephen Vincent: 4S. Give partner SK Q x x x Hx x Dx x x Cx x x and even 4S is going down.
Allan Simon: 3NT. I've completed a pretty accurate description of my distribution and strength. The excellent controls are nice.
Chris Buchanan: 4S. Looks like this one should be played by partner. With a better fit, I would try 4D but with just a singleton ace, I will be a bit passive.
Paul McMullin: Pass. Hard to see how he can get 10 tricks before the opponents take 4 after the obvious diamond lead.
Hendrik Sharples: 3NT. Thanks Bob.
Lars Erik Bergerud: 4S. Who knows? We may belong in 3NT but perhaps only from partner's side. Sounds like there are enough tricks but not enough entries to collect them.
Kf Tung: 4D. 20 points, 1-5-3-4, 8 controls. Partner, what do you want?
Louk Verhees: 4S. The way I play: 3S should be 6 (otherwise 3D). 3NT looks like a problem because we may be short of tricks. Then raising also not great because if partner has a good hand you have a slam try. Tough call.
Mike Roberts: 3NT. I don't mind 4S, but I'll bid what's in front of me.
Ig Nieuwenhuis: 4S. Probably best playable game. Don't like the chances in NT.

Panel's Answers

  1 2 3 4 5 Total
Barry Rigal Dbl 5H 2NT Pass 4S 490
Josh Donn Dbl 5NT 2NT Pass 4S 480
Zachary Grossack Dbl 5H 3C Pass 4S 480
August Boehm 2NT 5H 2NT 5C 3NT 470
Larry Cohen 2NT 5NT 3C Pass 3NT 470
Janice Molson 2NT 5NT 2NT Pass 4D 470
Jill Meyers Dbl 5H 3C Pass 4D 460
Steve Weinstein 2NT 4NT 3C Pass 4S 460
Kerri Sanborn 2NT 6C 3C Pass 3NT 450
Jeff Meckstroth 2NT 6S 3C Pass 4D 440
Daniel Korbel Dbl 5NT 2NT 5C 4D 440
Mel Colchamiro Dbl 6C 2NT 4NT 4S 420
Steve Robinson 3NT 6S 2NT 5D 4S 400
Mike Lawrence 3NT 4NT Pass 5C 3NT 360

Local Heroes

    1 2 3 4 5 Total Points
1.    Stephen Vincent Dbl 5H 3C 5C 4S 460 101.06
1.    Joel Martineau Dbl 5H 3C 5C 4S 460 101.06
3.    David Schmidt 2NT 5H 3C 5D 4S 450 35.13
3.    Larry Meyer Dbl 4NT 3C Pass 4S 450 35.13
3.    Jack Qi 2NT 5H 3C 4NT 4S 450 35.13
3.    Christopher Diamond Dbl 5NT 3C Pass 4D 450 35.13
7.    Rod Coote Dbl 5H 3C 5D 4S 440 16.50
8.    Kai Zhou Dbl 4NT 3C Pass 4D 430 14.44
9.    Larry Pocock 2NT 6S 3D Pass 4S 420 12.83
10.    Lucy Zhong 3C 6C 3C Pass 4S 410 10.56
10.    Gary Gilraine Dbl 4NT 3C 5D 4S 410 10.56
10.    John Lenaghan Dbl 4NT 2NT 5D 3NT 410 10.56

World Leaders

    1 2 3 4 5 Total Points
1.    Louk Verhees (Netherlands) Dbl 5H 2NT Pass 4S 490 98.00
2.    Gareth Birdsall (Uk) 2NT 5NT 3C Pass 4S 480 73.50
3.    Bob Todd (Canada) Dbl 5NT 3C Pass 4S 470 41.65
3.    Chris Buchanan (Canada) 2NT 5H 3C 5C 4S 470 41.65
5.    Chris Galbraith (Canada) Dbl 5H 3C Pass 4D 460 17.97
5.    Bob Kuz (Canada) Dbl 5H 3C 5C 4S 460 17.97
7.    Hendrik Sharples (United States) Dbl 5H 3C 5C 3NT 450 13.13
7.    Allan Simon (Canada) Dbl 6S 2NT Pass 3NT 450 13.13
9.    Qiang Wu (China) 2NT 4NT 3C Pass 4D 440 10.34
9.    Ig Nieuwenhuis (Netherlands) Dbl 5H Pass Pass 4S 440 10.34
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