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TGIF June 2022: Scores

1. Matchpoints. None vul.
S A K Q 7 6 3   H Q 10 9 3   D ---   C 6 5 4  
West North East South  
1D 1H Pass ?

Your call?

2S 8 100
3S 2 80
4H 1 80
2D 1 70
4D 1 70
4NT 1 40
Moderator: Can you have too many ways to support partner? Bridge Bulletin Standard plays fit-showing jumps here, which gets the majority vote.
Jeff Meckstroth: 4H. I'm giving up on slam to hopefully get a diamond lead. At IMPs, I would splinter looking for the possibility of bidding slam, but here I want to keep my hand a secret in hope of a favourable lead.
Barry Rigal: 2S. I'm delighted we have a fit jump available. I plan, if allowed, to bid 4D next, then give up over a signoff.
Zachary Grossack: 3S. . . should be a 10-card fit jump, whereas 2S would show nine cards in spades and hearts, both with four hearts. If partner gives it 4C, I'll be calling for slamantha.
Stephen McConnell: 2D. How do I keep from getting a club lead, yet find the right contract? 2S could be right. Don't like 4D with the void when I also have a solid spade suit. I need to get a better feel for how good or bad partner's hand is and if opener has anything more to say. If pard keeps discouraging, we'll stop in four, but six or seven are very much in play.
Craig T. Wilson: 3D. Splinter.
Michael Dimich: 4H. Hope this will get us a diamond lead.
David Waterman: 2D. Splintering won't help. I need time to get him to appreciate his minimum hand with a club control.
Christopher Diamond: 2D. A cunning person (McCully) would show a club void then use GSF. Being non-cunning I will coax a club cuebid then GSF.
Larry Meyer: 2D. Cue bid to show limit raise or better support for hearts.
Perry Khakhar: 2D. I play mini splinters, so 3D is a perfect bid allowing an easy club cue. 4D takes too much space, so compromise.
Allan Simon: 6H. Rather than the scientific approach (diamond splinter, spade cue bid) I prefer to jump to slam and give East a lead problem. I don't expect many points in your contest, but that's my call!
Paul McMullin: 2D. Expecting partner to rebid 2H if his overcall was just a lead director; will bid game over 2H, or splinter if he bids anything else.
Kf Tung: 4D. Slam potential. Shows short diamonds, 4 trumps.
Earle Fergusson: 2D. Followed by exclusion Blackwood.
Ig Nieuwenhuis: 4D. I like this hand enough.

2. IMPs. Both vul.
S 10 7 6 2   H 10 2   D A 10 7   C A 10 4 2  
West North East South  
2D (1) 4D (2) Pass ?
(1) Weak.
(2) Both majors.

Your call?

5D 5 100
5S 4 90
4S 4 80
6S 1 50
4NT 0 30
Moderator: A 3-way race between a signoff (4S) and two types of slam tries (5D, 5S). 5D gets the nod.
Daniel Korbel: 5D. . . a slam try in an unspecified major. I think I'm a little too strong to bid only 4S.
Mike Lawrence: 4S. Because we don't have a guaranteed game, I'm not looking for a slam.
Stephen McConnell: 5S. If pard is 6-6, one of my aces is worthless. Having four spades and a doubleton heart is a real plus. I'll let pard decide how good their majors are.
Michael Dimich: 5D. I have too much to bid only 4S.
David Waterman: 4S. A guess.
Stephen Vincent: 5S. 4D doesn't exactly leave much room for slam investigation does it?
Christopher Diamond: 4S. Huge hand but no way to cheaply investigate. I got got.
Larry Meyer: 4S. If partner has the cards needed for slam, he will bid again.
Perry Khakhar: 5S. We could be holding Sx x x Hx x DQ x x CK J x x x. Partner forced to game and we have 4 trumps and 2 outside Aces!
Allan Simon: 4S. Partner rarely has the perfect hand.
Paul McMullin: 4S. Partner had other lines to use with a strong hand.
Kf Tung: 5NT. Now partner cannot go wrong.
Earle Fergusson: 5D. Too good for 4S.
Ig Nieuwenhuis: 4S. Should be enough unless partner has significant extras.

3. Matchpoints. None vul.
S 7   H 9 6 4   D A Q 8   C J 9 8 7 5 2  
West North East South  
  1D Pass ?

Your call?

1NT 7 100
1H 6 90
Pass 1 50
3C 0 20
2C 0 10
2D 0 10
Moderator: The panel are split between the standard 1NT and the sneaky 3-card major.
Steve Robinson: 1H. I rarely do this, but I think this is the hand to have a club mixed in with my hearts. I hate bidding 1NT with a singleton spade.
Stephen McConnell: 1NT. What else? You are not asking me to bid 2D on a three-card suit, are you? Can't do it.
Michael Dimich: 1NT. I would like to bid 1H but nobody on the panel will consider it, so 1NT (wrong sided) it is.
David Waterman: 1NT. What else?
Stephen Vincent: 1NT. I'm too unimaginative to bid anything else.
Christopher Diamond: 2D. Doesn't look notrump-y. This might help him more if he's got a big hand.
Larry Meyer: 1NT. Show a sign of life while denying a 4-card major.
Perry Khakhar: 1H. Might play ok even if partner raises. 1NT is totally out of the question with this hand.
Allan Simon: 1NT. I think I'm stuck with 1N. At least it's not a lie, like the alternatives.
Paul McMullin: 2D. Looking for the cheapest disaster.
Kf Tung: 1NT. Promise partner 7 points.
Earle Fergusson: 1NT. No second choice.
Ig Nieuwenhuis: 1NT. The systemic bid.

4. Matchpoints. None vul.
S 7 6 3   H K Q 7 6 5 3   D 4   C A K 10  
West North East South  
2D 2S Pass ?

Your call?

4S 7 100
3C 1 70
3D 2 70
4D 2 70
3S 2 60
3H 0 30
Moderator: The panel keep it simple: 4S.
Janice Molson: 3D. I hate this hand. Anything could be right. I don't really have the high-card values for 3D, but that might get us back to hearts. So ... 3D?
Steve Robinson: 4D. . . diamond shortness with spade support. This allows partner to bid 4H to encourage and I'll sign off. If he has SA K Q and an ace, we'll get to slam.
Kerri Sanborn: 4D. My hearts are not good enough to rebid; my hand is not good enough for game. It's possible we will miss game, but unlikely.
Stephen McConnell: 4S. 3S is not forcing. I'm light on standard point count, but heavy on trick-taking ability in spades. 3D is also a possibility, but I don't want to get too carried away.
Michael Dimich: 3S. I have enough to raise --- the rest is up to partner.
David Waterman: 3S. What else?
Christopher Diamond: 3D. Better spades would be nice but looks like it's worth a try.
Larry Meyer: 3S. Support with support.
Perry Khakhar: 4S. The practical bid! Partner has shown 5+ spades, and invitational+ values. I will bid game!
Allan Simon: 3S. The problem with 3H is that partner may well rebid 3N and I will be tempted to correct that to 4S. Better to show your spade support now, such as it is.
Paul McMullin: 3S. I would want better spade support before I would splinter in diamonds!
Kf Tung: 3D. Support spades, will show 6 hearts later if appropriate.
Earle Fergusson: 4S. Don't want to miss game or encourage slam.
Ig Nieuwenhuis: 4S. Agreement: I play this as 8-11, but North America plays it forcing.

5. IMPs. N-S vul.
S K 7 2   H A K Q J 5 3   D 3   C Q J 9  
West North East South  
2D 2S 5D ?

Your call?

6H 7 100
5H 6 90
6S 1 70
5S 0 50
Dbl 0 30
Moderator: There was much to decide on both level and strain: you have extras and two viable suits to play. The overwhelming majority choose hearts.
August Boehm: 6H. An old-fashioned slam try. Even if we're overboard, at this vulnerability, opponents often save.
Jill Meyers: 5H. I am not supporting spades with six solid hearts. Partner is going to know I have a good hand by bidding vulnerable vs not at the five level. I don't have to push myself higher.
Stephen McConnell: 6S. I hate preempts. Based on partner's vulnerable bid, 6S it is.
Michael Dimich: 5S. Robbed of bidding space so a conservative call in some respects.
David Waterman: 6H. A guess.
Stephen Vincent: 6S. Might make: might provoke a bid of 7D.
Christopher Diamond: 6S. I'm sick of being pushed around this set. With nothing else outside spades he's likely to have the CA.
Larry Meyer: 6S. Partner promised a good hand, so expect him to have values in both black suits.
Perry Khakhar: 5S. Vulnerable game has to be bid. Easily could be a slam, but no safety. We may easily be missing two cashing Aces. No way to tell.
Allan Simon: 6H. They will probably sac anyway. I prefer playing in hearts, as I might survive a 4-1 break in spades if partner has SA Q x x x Hx x x Dx CA K x x.
Paul McMullin: 5S. Guessing game --- this may make 4, 5, 6, or 7 spades. I try for a plus score.
Kf Tung: 5H. If we miss 2 Aces partner can pass or correct to 5S. If not he should move on to small or grand slam in hearts or spades.
Earle Fergusson: 6S. Can't do less. SA Q x x x and CA gives a good play, but if they cash 2 quickies, c'est le vie.
Ig Nieuwenhuis: 6S. Since AQ-A gives play, I'll try for the optimum.

Panel's Answers

  1 2 3 4 5 Total
August Boehm 2S 5D 1NT 4S 6H 500
Josh Donn 2S 5D 1NT 4S 6H 500
Barry Rigal 2S 5S 1H 4S 6H 480
Daniel Korbel 4D 5D 1NT 4S 6H 470
Zachary Grossack 3S 5S 1NT 4S 6H 470
Jill Meyers 2S 5D 1H 3D 5H 450
Janice Molson 2S 5S 1H 3D 6H 450
Steve Robinson 2S 4S 1H 4D 5H 430
Kerri Sanborn 2S 4S 1H 4D 5H 430
Stephen McConnell 2D 5S 1NT 4S 6S 430
Larry Cohen 3S 6S 1NT 4S 5H 420
Jeff Meckstroth 4H 4S 1NT 3C 5H 420
Mel Colchamiro 4NT 5D 1H 3S 6H 390
Mike Lawrence 2S 4S Pass 3S 5H 380

Local Heroes

    1 2 3 4 5 Total Points
1.    Brad Bart 2S 5S 1NT 4S 6S 460 133.00
2.    Kai Zhou 4D 5D 1H 4S 5H 450 99.75
3.    Jack Qi 2D 5D 1H 3S 6H 420 66.50
4.    Larry Pocock 4D 5D 1H 3S 5H 410 31.77
4.    David Waterman 2D 4S 1NT 3S 6H 410 31.77
4.    Gustav Axen 4D 4S 1NT 3D 5H 410 31.77
7.    Jack Aaron 2D 4S 1NT 4S 5S 400 17.81
7.    Ralph Buckley 2S 5S Pass 3C 5H 400 17.81
9.    Stephen Vincent 4D 5S 1NT 3S 6S 390 12.81
9.    Eurydice Nours 2D 4S 1H 3S 5H 390 12.81
9.    Michael Dimich 4H 5D 1NT 3S 5S 390 12.81
9.    Zoran Peca 2D 4S 1H 3S 5H 390 12.81

World Leaders

    1 2 3 4 5 Total Points
1.    Earle Fergusson (Canada) 2D 5D 1NT 4S 6S 440 87.50
2.    Joel Forssell (Sverige) 4H 4S 1NT 4S 6S 430 54.69
2.    Bob Kuz (Canada) 2D 5D 1H 4D 6H 430 54.69
4.    Bob Todd (Canada) 2D 5S 1NT 3D 5H 420 24.06
4.    Ig Nieuwenhuis (Netherlands) 4D 4S 1NT 4S 6S 420 24.06
6.    Chris Galbraith (Canada) 2D 5S 1NT 3S 5H 410 12.67
6.    Gareth Birdsall (Uk) 2D 5S 1NT 4S 5S 410 12.67
6.    John Mac Gregor (Canada) 2D 5S 1NT 3S 5H 410 12.67
9.    Perry Khakhar (Canada) 2D 5S 1H 4S 5S 400 9.72
10.    Mike Tanner (Canada) 2D 6S 1NT 4D 5H 380 8.75
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