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TGIF May 2022: Scores

1. IMPs. None vul.
S Q 5   H A J 8 6 2   D A K J 9   C A J  
West North East South  
4C Dbl Pass ?

Your call?

Pass 6 100
5C 4 80
6D 4 80
5NT 2 60
4NT 0 40
5D 0 40
6NT 0 30
4D 0 20
Moderator: The panel decide to take the money.
Jeff Meckstroth: 6D. What a difficult problem. I could maybe bid 5C or 5NT, but I think I should have better playability in the majors for those bids.
Jill Meyers: 5C. . . planning to correct 5S to 6D. I hope that paints the picture that I have only four diamonds, or I might have jumped to 6D directly, as I was obviously forcing to slam.
Stephen McConnell: Pass. What does partner have to double? It appears partner doesn't have three hearts and can't have many clubs. Six or seven diamonds could be cold. That said, at IMPs I would rather take what should be a reasonable plus.
Josh Donn: 5NT. . . to try to get us to a slam somewhere reasonable. Note that I would have opened 2NT, which though not traditional, protects my holdings and makes the auction a lot simpler.
Ralph Buckley: 6D. I have around 18 or 19 HCP. Hope Partner's Dbl isn't for penalty.
Robert Sauve: 4D. Assume Dbl is takeout. Bid my shape.
Christopher Diamond: 5C. I have no idea where we're going, but this looks like the only way to get there.
Larry Meyer: 5NT. Pick a slam.
Michael Dimich: 6D. Let's emphasize my hand strength and suit quality.
Perry Khakhar: 5C. Partner has 2 places to play. 6D seems easy, but we need some clarity. The cue bid should alert partner to this. Who knows maybe 7 is possible.
Paul McMullin: 6D. I do not like preempting our own auction, but I do not know what I would do after he responds to a forcing 5C bid by me. I probably could try 5C followed by 6D, but still would not know how to get to any grand with confidence.
Ig Nieuwenhuis: 4D. Forcing. Follow up with 5C? Not sure.
Allan Simon: Pass. Would be harder if only our side was vulnerable.
Louk Verhees: 4D. This depends for starters if partner can pass 4D. You could be cold for a grand and collect only 500 vs 4C. So I bid 4D (forcing in my book).
Earle Fergusson: 4NT. Let's get to the right slam.
Lars Erik Bergerud: 5C. Partner's double promises neither specific shapes nor club tricks. He may be too strong for 4S, so keep the bidding open by showing significant extras and a club control.
Bob Zeller: 5C. Showing strong slam interest.
Kf Tung: 6D. You will win a lot when 6D makes but 6H or 6N fails. Let partner choose the trump suit.

2. Matchpoints. N-S vul.
S K 10 5   H A 9 7 3   D J 9 8 7 5 4   C ---  
West North East South  
  1C Pass 1H
Pass 1S Pass ?

Your call?

Pass 11 100
2S 4 80
1NT 1 60
2D 0 20
Moderator: Sometimes the best bid is no bid at all.
Stephen McConnell: Pass. Seems right to stay low with a club void and bad diamonds. With my good cards in spades, this should play well.
Janice Molson: 2S. Can't see anything else. If partner is annoyed, I'll say I had a club in with my spades.
Robert Sauve: 2S. Least of all evils.
Christopher Diamond: 2S. Moysians build character. Closer to 3S, but the young'uns think every hand is a good hand.
Larry Meyer: 1NT. Keep the auction alive while telling the smallest lie.
Michael Dimich: 2S. We have sort of a good misfit unless partner has 5 spades.
Perry Khakhar: Pass. If partner doesn't jump shift, game makes no sense. I don’t mind defending on this hand. Let them balance!
Paul McMullin: 2S. I will try the cheapest misfit.
Ig Nieuwenhuis: Pass. Misfit? = stop bidding. By the way, I hate the fact that I have to bid hearts before my 6 diamonds.
Allan Simon: 2S. The hand looks wrong for 1NT, anything else is bizarre.
Louk Verhees: Pass. Depends also a bit if we play XYZ. Could consider to bid 2C then. Not so great jf partner bids 3C.
Earle Fergusson: 2S. A compromise, unless of course 3D shows this hand type.
Lars Erik Bergerud: 2S. Moysian's are for deals with ruffing potential. Way too much for pass even in matchpoints. And the passers risk getting fewer tricks than the 2S bidders because pass guarantees a trump lead.
Bob Todd: 1NT. Hoping for a 2C rebid so I can bid 2S. Why didn't I bid 1D?
Kf Tung: 2S. Like 1S-2S in the days of Gordon.

3. Matchpoints. N-S vul.
S A K 5   H 10 3   D A Q 5   C A Q 5 3 2  
West North East South  
  1D Pass 2C
Pass 2NT Pass ?

Your call?

4NT 10 100
3D 4 70
3S 1 60
5NT 1 60
6NT 0 50
3NT 0 10
Moderator: The vast majority make the value invitation to 4NT.
Mike Lawrence: 3D. Get the diamond support out of my system at the three level. Could we have the agreement that 2D shows five?
Stephen McConnell: 3S. I have great diamond cards and too much not to try to find out more from partner before inviting slam. I will follow a 3NT response with 4D. We'll either play a notrump game or slam or minor-suit slam, depending on pard's responses.
Mel Colchamiro: 4NT. Seems pretty straightforward. Does partner have: SQ J x HA J x DK J x x Cx x x or SQ J x HA J x DK x x x CK x x?
Christopher Diamond: 4NT. On the fence. But it just feels too good for 3NT. Not sure what slow rolling to 4NT could achieve.
Larry Meyer: 4NT. Quantitative.
Michael Dimich: 4NT. A normal invite.
Perry Khakhar: 3D. If partner has 5 diamonds or 3 clubs, slam is odds on. We have some room! No point jumping to 4NT.
Paul McMullin: 3NT. He's minimum, no tens or nines in my hand. Let's let the heroes try to find the 12th trick at slam.
Ig Nieuwenhuis: 4D. If partner can cue hearts I'll bid 6NT. If not, 5D. Note: We should have a forcing bid on the 3-level.
Allan Simon: 3S. . . then 4N over 3N.
Louk Verhees: 5NT. I am going to force to slam. Just a matter if you want to keep the minors in the picture. I am not passing 6C. It is close between 6NT and 5NT pick a slam.
Earle Fergusson: 6NT. Pard is always telling me how well she plays them.
Lars Erik Bergerud: 3D. Let's see if partner can produce 3H, which should show the ace or king after the 2NT rebid.
Kf Tung: 3D. Good hand, good clubs, good diamonds, good prospects.

4. IMPs. E-W vul.
S 9 6 5   H A 6 5 2   D K J 9   C K 7 6  
West North East South  
  1D 1H ?

Your call?

1NT 10 100
Dbl 3 70
2H 2 60
2NT 1 60
2D 0 20
Pass 0 20
Moderator: Despite the 11-count, the panel opt for 1NT.
August Boehm: Dbl. My first hope is to reach notrump from partner's side. I can probably manage most continuations.
Daniel Korbel: 2H. 1NT would be reasonable as well. I don't like 2NT, as it aims directly at 3NT from my side, which feels like a poor result in the long term.
Stephen McConnell: 1NT. It's an underbid, but with such bad heart cards and a flat hand, it's better to go low.
Robert Sauve: 2NT. Would like a heart spot. Prime cards.
Christopher Diamond: 1NT. Extras are permitted. Also we're nonvul.
Larry Meyer: 2H. Limit raise for diamonds.
Michael Dimich: 2NT. 11-12 balanced, so 2NT.
Perry Khakhar: 2C. Funny bid, but this hand should be played in NT by partner. Let's see what partner does.
Paul McMullin: 2H. Hoping this is only invitational to ... somewhere?
Ig Nieuwenhuis: Pass. Bidding will probably continue, but don't like my hearts enough yet for NT. If not we'll probably go plus in 100s.
Allan Simon: Dbl. This hand is an example of why I like to play that double denies four spades.
Louk Verhees: 1S. In my system, 1S is like a transfer to 1NT. If I couldn't bid that I would probably go low and bid 1NT.
Earle Fergusson: 2H. Limit in diamonds for now. Maybe NT from his side.
Lars Erik Bergerud: 2H. All in all the best bid, except perhaps for double = max 3 spades. Pard doesn't expect better support than a good 3-card. You get your strength across and have no serious rebidding problems in sight. 1NT (or 2NT) wrongsides a NT-contract.
Bob Zeller: 1NT. Maximum for 1NT but the 4333 shape downvalues the hand.
Kf Tung: Dbl. Righting the NT, perhaps.

5. IMPs. None vul.
S A K 9 8 4 3   H 2   D 10 4   C A K J 9  
West North East South  
3H 4D Pass ?

Your call?

4H 13 100
4S 1 60
5C 1 50
5D 0 50
5NT 1 50
Moderator: Pretty much everyone makes a cuebid.
Larry Cohen: 5NT. Pick a slam. Too much to go lower --- prime cards, controls and even the D10 --- and no idea what strain. Would I love to be more scientific? Sure, but this is why people preempt.
Barry Rigal: 5C. Onwards and upwards! We shall climb to the top of the hill and with luck, down again.
Stephen McConnell: 4H. How good are partner's diamonds? How good is his hand? I don't want to give up on spades yet. But we could easily be making 6D, which pard should bid with a solid suit.
Mel Colchamiro: 4S. Is there any other practical choice?
Christopher Diamond: 4H. Still don't know where we're going, but this looks like the only way there.
Larry Meyer: 4S. Even a small doubleton spade from partner would fill in my suit nicely.
Michael Dimich: 4H. Partner has a fabulous diamond suit and I have short hearts and a doubleton diamond.
Perry Khakhar: 4S. I don't mind 5D or 6D, but I have to show my 6 bagger first. SQ x in partner's hand would be gold!
Paul McMullin: 4H. Can partner show secondary spade support?
Ig Nieuwenhuis: 4H. Agreements? Primary meaning should be either choice of games or cue for diamonds. Don't know yet what to do over 4S.
Allan Simon: 4H. I don't know where I'm going, but maybe partner's next bid will be illuminating, for once.
Louk Verhees: 4H. Seems automatic to keep all options open.
Earle Fergusson: 4H. Control in hearts, choice of game/slam.
Lars Erik Bergerud: 5NT. Pick-a-slam. The hand is worth settling for slam and 5NT shows typically this 6-1-2-4 since you can bid 4H with full diamond-support and 5C natural with 5 clubs.
Bob Zeller: 5C. Too strong to just bid 4S.
Kf Tung: 4H. Not minimum, cue bid hearts, mild slam interest.

Panel's Answers

  1 2 3 4 5 Total
Jeff Meckstroth 6D Pass 4NT 1NT 4H 480
Steve Robinson 6D Pass 4NT 1NT 4H 480
Steve Weinstein 5C Pass 4NT 1NT 4H 480
Daniel Korbel Pass Pass 4NT 2H 4H 460
Roger Lee 5NT Pass 4NT 1NT 4H 460
Stephen McConnell Pass Pass 3S 1NT 4H 460
Kerri Sanborn 6D Pass 3D 1NT 4H 450
Mike Lawrence Pass Pass 3D Dbl 4H 440
Janice Molson Pass 2S 4NT 2NT 4H 440
August Boehm 5C 2S 4NT Dbl 4H 430
Larry Cohen Pass 2S 4NT 1NT 5NT 430
Jill Meyers 5C 2S 4NT Dbl 4H 430
Zachary Grossack Pass 1NT 3D 1NT 4H 430
Josh Donn 5NT Pass 5NT 1NT 4H 420
Barry Rigal 5C Pass 3D 1NT 5C 400
Mel Colchamiro 6D Pass 4NT 2H 4S 400

Local Heroes

    1 2 3 4 5 Total Points
1.    Christopher Diamond 5C 2S 4NT 1NT 4H 460 150.50
2.    Gary Gilraine Pass 2S 3S 1NT 4H 440 112.88
3.    Larry Pocock 5C 2S 3D 1NT 4H 430 63.96
3.    David Hooey 6D 2S 4NT Dbl 4H 430 63.96
5.    Michael Dimich 6D 2S 4NT 2NT 4H 420 27.59
5.    Jack Qi 5C 2S 4NT 2NT 4H 420 27.59
7.    Anssi Rantamaa Pass Pass 6NT 2NT 4H 410 20.16
7.    Diana Jing 5C Pass 3D 2NT 4H 410 20.16
9.    Eurydice Nours Pass Pass 4D 1NT 4H 400 15.15
9.    Stuart Carr 5C Pass 4NT Pass 4H 400 15.15
9.    Joel Martineau 5D Pass 4NT 2H 4H 400 15.15

World Leaders

    1 2 3 4 5 Total Points
1.    John McAllister (United States) Pass Pass 4NT 1NT 4H 500 108.50
2.    Bob Kuz (Canada) 5C 2S 4NT 1NT 4H 460 57.87
2.    Qiang Wu (China) 5C 2S 4NT 1NT 4H 460 57.87
2.    Leo Weniger (Canada) 5C 2S 4NT 1NT 4H 460 57.87
5.    John Mac Gregor (Canada) 5C 1NT 4NT 1NT 4H 440 21.70
6.    Hendrik Sharples (United States) Pass Pass 4NT 2NT 4S 420 16.79
6.    Marco Paladino (Canada) 5C 2S 5NT 1NT 4H 420 16.79
8.    Bob Zeller (Canada) 5C 2S 4NT 1NT 5C 410 12.81
8.    Allan Simon (Canada) Pass 2S 3S Dbl 4H 410 12.81
10.    Joel Forssell (Sweden) Pass 2S 4NT 2NT 4S 400 9.92
10.    Kf Tung (China) 6D 2S 3D Dbl 4H 400 9.92
10.    Gareth Birdsall (Uk) 6D 1NT 4NT 1NT 4S 400 9.92
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