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TGIF August 2021: Scores

1. IMPs. N-S vul.
S K 9 7 4   H A 8 5 4 2   D Q 10   C 10 6  
West North East South  
  1C Pass 1H
3S Dbl (1) Pass ?
(1) North's double is not a support double. Bridge Bulletin Standard plays support doubles only through 2H.

Your call?

3NT 9 100
Pass 6 80
4H 0 60
Moderator: The panel are split 60-40 between the brass ring of 3NT and passing for penalties.
Steve Weinstein: 3NT. Partner's double shows a very good hand. I'm not worried about the diamonds, but if they can run them to set 3NT, they're probably making 3S on their double fit.
August Boehm: Pass. Just how is that double intended? Clearly not penalty, but is it a big balanced hand or takeout? Given the ambiguity, I'll take my plus score and refine our agreements for the next time.
Michael Dimich: Pass. North has a great hand and I have a good hand for defense. It's IMPs, I suspect we will be +500 or +800.
Stephen Vincent: Pass. Happy to defend.
Ralph Buckley: 3NT. Not certain what the Dbl means but I'm guessing it's like a Western Cue bid asking me if I have a spade stopper.
Christopher Diamond: 3NT. Not sure what he's got except extras. Might have passed with the S10 since it would pretty much guarantee a max of 5 spade tricks for them. Take the cheap off ramp and let him bid if he wants.
Larry Meyer: 3NT. My spades are good enough to try 3NT, but not good enough to sit for the double.
Earle Fergusson: 3NT. Vul game versus nonvul penalty.
Allan Simon: 3NT. The downside is not as big as for passing 3S-X.
Paul McMullin: Pass. I do not think partner asked me anything; I do not see where we would have game.
Kf Tung: 3NT. 3S-X will lose a lot. Tell partner you have strength and guard for 3N. Usually he will pass, but 4H, 5C or a slam still may follow.
Perry Khakhar: 3NT. This must be an undiscussed thrump double! Nothing else makes sense. Long clubs and a diamond card?

2. Matchpoints. E-W vul.
S A 10   H 8   D A J 9 7 5 4   C K 7 5 4  
West North East South  
2H 2NT 4H ?

Your call?

Dbl 5 100
4NT 4 90
5NT 4 80
6D 2 70
5D 0 60
5H 0 30
Moderator: The plurality opt for a responsive double, and are happy to defend at this vulnerability. The remainder aim for a minor suit game or slam.
Daniel Korbel: 6D. With East-West vulnerable, East should not be kidding around too much. Partner probably has only two hearts, and because he didn't make a takeout double, he may often have only two spades. Thus we will have a huge fit in the minors. The only question is whether to insist on diamonds or try to find clubs.
Roger Lee: Dbl. . . for takeout. If partner passes, I'm happy to play for penalties at this vulnerability. If partner pulls, I'll assume they have a non-defensive hand and therefore (likely) a good fit for me, and I'll try 6D.
Jill Meyers: 4NT. I'm hoping this is not natural in our Bridge Bulletin Standard system. If partner bids 5C, I will bid 5D. I imagine partner will take this as a slam try in diamonds. I would love to bring clubs into the picture too, but with 2-3 or 3-3 in the minors, partner will always bid clubs.
Kerri Sanborn: 5NT. There are several choices. We can bid 5D or 6D, 5H, double (responsive) or 4NT. The thing is, our right-hand opponent must have some big distribution to bid this way at unfavourable vulnerability. That is worrisome, bit I am guessing 6-4 in the majors. So, partner is a big favourite to have a long minor.
Michael Dimich: 4NT. North can't have 4 spades with short hearts otherwise they would have made a takeout double. North has minor cards so 4NT should be the spot. East could be an unbalanced 6/4 or 5/4 in the majors.
Stephen Vincent: Dbl. Restraining the urge to punt 6D: the opponents must be bidding on distribution and there's too much chance we have two inescapable losers.
Christopher Diamond: 4NT. Everybody is using the Law of Total Tricks these days so he's got 2 hearts, fewer than 4 spades and so 8+ cards in the minors. Should make 10 tricks at MPs. If he pulls it's likely slam time.
Robert Sauve: Dbl. Try for 500.
Larry Meyer: 4NT. Asking partner to bid his better minor.
Earle Fergusson: 6D. What I think I can make.
Allan Simon: Dbl. At this vulnerability, I expect 500. Better than taking a stab at slam.
Paul McMullin: 6D. If partner has no aces, we were probably going down in 5D, but I do not think they can double here!
Kf Tung: Dbl. 500 beats all game scores, which is what the majority N/S will do.
Louk Verhees: 4NT. East must have some 6-4 hand. It is feasible you can make a slam if partner has the right cards. I make a slam try in diamonds by bidding 4NT and then 5D. If partner bids 5D then I have to guess.
Perry Khakhar: 5D. Sometimes preempts work!

3. IMPs. E-W vul.
S A 6   H Q 7   D Q 7 4 3 2   C K J 10 3  
West North East South  
Pass 1S Pass 1NT (1)
Pass Pass 2H ?
(1) Semi-forcing.

Your call?

2S 11 100
2NT 1 60
Dbl 2 60
Pass 1 60
Moderator: The vast majority choose 2S. Many would like to double to show values as a general takeout, but most believe to double would be for penalty.
Janice Molson: 2S. I must admit this is the most top-heavy 1NT I have ever seen. Partner is 5-3-3-2 in some form, so this seems as good a spot as any.
Barry Rigal: Dbl. Easy to gamble someone else's IMPs. After all, they do have only 16 HCP between them. I'm glad you didn't ask me to lead. (I think the CJ.)
Michael Dimich: 2S. North has a flat minimum. I can't double with short hearts so 2S is the only call.
Stephen Vincent: 2S. Partner clearly has a minimum hand so we don't have game. Try and push them up a spot even if it's a bit of a misfit.
Christopher Diamond: 2S. I'm semi-annoyed by this abuse of language. I'd double at matchpoints and hope. Anybody want to play 2NT forcing yet?
Larry Meyer: Dbl. It is our hand. We can not sell out to 2H undoubled.
Allan Simon: 2NT. Three weird bids so far. Might as well make it four.
Paul McMullin: 2S. Let's try to scramble for 8 tricks. (Why did I make a semi-forcing bid with an opening hand?)
Kf Tung: 2S. . . the safest part score as partner can pass 1N. 2H-X risks a big loss.
Louk Verhees: Dbl. . . for takeout. Easiest problem.
Perry Khakhar: 3H. If 1NT is semi forcing, shouldn't I have bid 2D the first time? I suppose bad as this auction has been, may as well make an esoteric cue bid!

4. IMPs. Both vul.
S 8   H K J 9 5 4   D ---   C K Q J 10 7 6 3  
West North East South  
    1NT ?

Your call?

2C 5 100
4C 4 90
5C 3 80
3C 2 70
2NT 1 40
Dbl 0 40
Moderator: Playing DONT, the panel follow the system. But many just ... don't.
Josh Donn: 4C. 2C showing clubs and another suit would probably give us another chance to bid hearts later, but I am more interested in making it hard for the opponents to find spades.
Larry Cohen: 2C. Too much game potential to preempt to 3C. The big question is whether I correct partner's 2D to only 2H or to 3H.
Roger Lee: 5C. With hands like this, it's always such a guess for everyone at the table. I'll just make the bid directly that I think I'm going to have to make at some point anyway.
Michael Dimich: 5C. Constructive versus destructive. Let the opponents try to make the correct decision at the 5 level.
Christopher Diamond: 4C. I actually think the right answer is pass. But that's not going to fly. So take up the maximum space with the roundeds while letting the pressure curtail their slam ambitions.
James Harris: 4H. If I am doubled, I will bid 5C.
Larry Meyer: 3C. 4H is unlikely after they open 1NT, so just bid as high as I am willing to go right away.
Earle Fergusson: 5C. No guarantees on this hand, so let them guess.
Paul McMullin: 3C. I will try 3H if a 3D bid comes back to me.
Louk Verhees: 5C. Anything can be right. Need partner to have 1-2 useful cards. Put the pressure on.
Perry Khakhar: 3C. And, BBS only has DONT!! May as well get a plus. But if partner has the HA, we will make too many.

5. IMPs. None vul.
S A Q 7   H A K Q 10 8   D A 7 5 2   C K  
West North East South  

Your call?

2C 10 100
1H 5 80
2NT 0 30
Moderator: Door #1 or door #2?
Mel Colchamiro: 2C. If my H8 were the C8, this would be unanimous.
Zachary Grossack: 1H. I'll figure out what's next later. Not vulnerable, I'm not overly terrified that 1H will get passed out.
Michael Dimich: 2NT. I'm torn between opening either 1H or 2NT. If partner has 5/6 spades and a weak hand then they will bid over 2NT but pass over 1H.
Stephen Vincent: 2C. Would partner respond to 1H with SK x x x x and out?
Christopher Diamond: 2C. OK, don't see the problem.
Larry Meyer: 2C. 22 HCP, -1 for stiff king, +1 for 5-card suit, +1 for quality suit = 23 starting points.
Earle Fergusson: 2C. Follow up w/2NT.
Allan Simon: 2C. You didn't ask, but I plan to rebid 2N.
Paul McMullin: 1H. Not enough for 2C; I expect some will argue for 2NT.
Kf Tung: 2C. Too many games are possible opposite 4/5 points. If overbid, you may get a trick from the CK!
Louk Verhees: 1H. I don't like opening these hands at the 2-level. Hearts and diamonds reversed I may opt for a NT-range which is still a possibility now.
Perry Khakhar: 2C. My decision should be what to do on the next bid! I will rebid 2H and not 2NT with this hand.

Panel's Answers

  1 2 3 4 5 Total
Josh Donn 3NT Dbl 2S 4C 2C 490
Kerri Sanborn 3NT 5NT 2S 2C 2C 480
Steve Weinstein 3NT 5NT 2S 2C 2C 480
Roger Lee 3NT Dbl 2S 5C 2C 480
Jeff Meckstroth 3NT 4NT 2S 5C 2C 470
Steve Robinson 3NT Dbl 2S 3C 2C 470
Daniel Korbel 3NT 6D 2S 2C 1H 450
Zachary Grossack 3NT 5NT 2S 4C 1H 450
Larry Cohen Pass Dbl Dbl 2C 2C 440
Jill Meyers Pass 4NT 2S 4C 1H 440
Mike Lawrence Pass 4NT 2NT 4C 2C 420
Mel Colchamiro Pass 6D 2S 3C 2C 420
Janice Molson 3NT Dbl 2S 2NT 1H 420
August Boehm Pass 4NT Pass 2C 1H 410
Barry Rigal Pass 5NT Dbl 5C 2C 400

Local Heroes

    1 2 3 4 5 Total Points
1.    Joel Martineau 3NT Dbl 2S 2C 2C 500 147.00
2.    Stephen Vincent Pass Dbl 2S 2C 2C 480 91.88
2.    Christopher Diamond 3NT 4NT 2S 4C 2C 480 91.88
4.    David Schmidt Pass Dbl 2S 2C 1H 460 35.12
4.    Silvana Trotter 3NT 5D 2S 2C 2C 460 35.12
4.    Kevin Contzen 3NT Dbl Dbl 2C 2C 460 35.12
7.    David Hooey 3NT 4NT Dbl 2C 2C 450 21.00
8.    Stuart Carr 3NT 5NT Dbl 2C 2C 440 17.35
8.    John Lenaghan Pass 5D 2S 2C 2C 440 17.35
10.    Kai Zhou 3NT Dbl Dbl 3C 2C 430 14.70
11.    Larry Meyer 3NT 4NT Dbl 3C 2C 420 11.44
11.    Claire Thompson Pass Dbl Dbl 2C 1H 420 11.44
11.    Dave Gabel 3NT 5D Dbl 2C 2C 420 11.44
11.    Robert Sauve Pass Dbl 2NT 2C 1H 420 11.44
11.    Douglas Avis 3NT 5D Dbl 2C 2C 420 11.44

World Leaders

    1 2 3 4 5 Total Points
1.    Leo Weniger (Canada) Pass Dbl 2S 2C 2C 480 87.50
2.    Mike Tanner (Canada) 3NT Dbl Dbl 2C 2C 460 65.63
3.    Roy Bolton (Canada) Pass 6D 2S 2C 2C 450 26.61
3.    Beverley Candlish (Canada) Pass Dbl 2S 3C 2C 450 26.61
3.    Earle Fergusson (Canada) 3NT 6D 2S 5C 2C 450 26.61
3.    Lars Erik Bergerud (Norway) 3NT 6D 2S 2C 1H 450 26.61
7.    Tim Margolian (Canada) Pass 5D 2S 2C 1H 420 12.50
8.    Chi Deng (Canada) Pass 4NT Dbl 2C 1H 410 10.33
8.    Louk Verhees (Nederland) 3NT 4NT Dbl 5C 1H 410 10.33
10.    Paul McMullin (United States) Pass 6D 2S 3C 1H 400 7.68
10.    Kf Tung (China) 3NT Dbl 2S 2H 2C 400 7.68
10.    John McAllister (United States) Pass 6D Pass 4C 2C 400 7.68
10.    Steve Anderson (Canada) 3NT 5D Dbl 2C 1H 400 7.68
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