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TGIF July 2021: Scores

1. Matchpoints. Both vul.
S A K J 8 6 5 3   H 8 2   D 6 4   C A J  
West North East South  
Pass 2D Pass 2S
Pass 3H Pass 3S
Pass 5NT Pass ?

Your call?

6S 6 100
6NT 4 90
6C 2 80
6D 0 50
7C 1 50
7D 1 40
7NT 0 30
7S 0 30
Moderator: Partner bid two suits and then jumped to 5NT. What does the panel make of that?
Larry Cohen: 6NT. If we have 12 tricks in spades, we probably have the same 12 in notrump.
Mike Lawrence: 7C. This 5NT does not feel like a pick-a-slam bid. It sounds like it's asking about my spades. Hence 7C. I'm showing what I hope is a good enough suit for this bid plus I'm showing the CA as well. 7C asks partner to pick the slam.
Barry Rigal: 6C. Not sure where we belong, but let's try to make sure partner takes his fair share of the blame if we don't get this right. If he bids 6D, it might be right to pass, assuming 5NT offered us a choice, e.g., Sx HA K x x DA K J 10 x x CK x.
Daniel Korbel: 6S. Can I really suggest playing in diamonds with two small? I think not, as partner should not really have robust diamonds here. Perhaps: Sx HA K Q x DA Q x x x x CK Q. Can I afford to invent a 6C bid, hoping partner will read it as a sign of desperation? If partner held a small singleton spade, and if his diamonds were lovely, he could have tried 4D.
David Waterman: 7S. 7NT too risky, partner is not marked with running diamonds. For instance, SQ x x HA K x DA K x x x x x C--.
Christopher Diamond: 7C. Grand Slam Forcing even today for me. 7C in case 7NT is viable. Or maybe pard was on a different radio frequency?
Stephen Vincent: 7C. Surely we must have a grand: let partner pick the correct one.
Larry Meyer: 6D. Taking a preference to partner's first bid suit.
James Harris: 7NT. Assumes 5NT is a Grand Slam Force and as I have clubs covered, I can bid NT instead of spades.
Stuart Carr: 6NT. I pick a slam.
Jack Aaron: 7S. I take my partner's jump to 5NT as being a grand slam try. Partner, who has also reversed, is asking me to bid a grand slam if I hold at least 2/3 top trump honors.
Perry Khakhar: 7C. For this bidding, partner must be playing you for SA K x x x x holding the SQ. It may be that 7NT is the right contract with 1 trick necessary in clubs, which is his void for this set. Say SQ x HA K x x DA K Q J x x x C--. I willl show my ace along the way to 7S or 7NT.
Paul McMullin: 6C. I hope this helps partner place the contract.
Chris Buchanan: 7C. Grand slam force. I have 2 of the top 3 and partner will let me know where they want to play it.
Hendrik Sharples: 6S. Grand Slam Force or pick a slam?
Allan Simon: 6NT. I'm playing partner for Sx HA K Q x DA K x x x x CK x. He is trying to protect his CK.
David Gordon: 7S. Good spades.
Louk Verhees: 6NT. 5NT is pick a slam. It feels like partner can not bid like this without CK . However you can also argue with that hand he could (should) bid 2NT.
Earle Fergusson: 7C. Grand slam force for spade tops, always answer in clubs.
Bob Todd: 6C. 5NT must be pick a slam. Without the CA, he must have the SQ. I will show the CA. This can't be a place to play.
Kf Tung: 7NT. Most pairs will be in 7S or 6N. 7N is slightly more dangerous than 7S, but it is good for a top more often than not.

2. IMPs. E-W vul.
S ---   H 8 5   D A Q 6 4   C A Q 10 8 6 5 4  
West North East South  
1S Pass 3C (1) ?
(1) At least four-card spade support, 6-10 points.

Your call?

4C 6 100
3D 6 90
Dbl 2 60
Pass 0 40
3S 0 30
5C 0 30
Moderator: The panel are split between 4C and 3D. The edge goes to 4C.
Jeff Meckstroth: 3D. We could have a huge fit in diamonds and this helps partner know I have lots of distribution.
Steve Robinson: Dbl. . . to show a club rebid. I don't think I'm strong enough to bid 3D and my hand is all clubs. Bidding more clubs lets the opponent off the hook if partner has a penalty double of 3S. I will get another chance.
Josh Donn: 4C. 3D is convenient, but not especially effective. 4C seems like the right amount of room to take up.
David Waterman: 4C. Showing diamonds will be popular, but diamonds play well only if pard has 5+. 4C makes LHO guess --- partner is now well-placed to decide.
Christopher Diamond: 4C. Something about 7-baggers should be rebid. Could try to get diamonds in but mostly just taking up space.
Stephen Vincent: 4C. 3NT, even if interpreted correctly, is a bit of a distortion.
Larry Meyer: 3D. Bid out my shape.
James Harris: 5C. Assuming they have game, I can afford to be down 3 doubled.
Stuart Carr: 3D. Plan to bid 4C over 3S.
Perry Khakhar: 3D. A little bit of an overbid, but with 7 clubs, we may survive this danger. Mainly need to let partner know about the long clubs and shorter diamonds. Vulnerability made me do it!
Paul McMullin: 3D. This should indicate my shape.
Chris Buchanan: 3D. Lots of playing strength and a reasonable lead director.
Hendrik Sharples: 5C. Make them guess.
Allan Simon: 3D. Partner may have lots of diamonds and a stiff club. If not he will bid 4C. And if he doubles 4S, he’ll have a good idea of my hand.
David Gordon: 4C. Looking for a sac.
Earle Fergusson: 3D. Slow and easy. Maybe they will Dbl at the 5 level.
Bob Todd: 4C. I would like to bid 3D but don't want to play in diamonds. Double is silly. Can still bid 4N over 4S if it seems right.
Kf Tung: Dbl. Confirms clubs, better than pass, not enough for 4C, and West will clarify the rest.

3. Matchpoints. Both vul.
S J 3 2   H K Q 10   D ---   C A Q J 10 9 8 7  
West North East South  
1D 1H 2D ?

Your call?

Dbl 9 100
3C 3 70
3D 1 50
4C 1 50
Moderator: Even with the extreme shape, the panel strongly favour the support double.
Jill Meyers: 3C. Although I would love to let partner know I have three hearts, I don't want to defend 2D doubled, which I am concerned could be the final contract if I make a support double. I do not want to defend.
Kerri Sanborn: Dbl. I guess I'll start this way, otherwise I deny heart support. I will bid some clubs on the next round of bidding if there is a next round.
David Waterman: 3H. I don't like support doubles, but one could work out well here.
Christopher Diamond: Dbl. If I have to use support doubles, I'll abuse support doubles. Not even sure it should be on here. I'd never do this in real life. 7 baggers should be rebid.
Stephen Vincent: 3C. Hoping the bidding will proceed in such a way as to let me show hearts later.
Larry Meyer: Dbl. Support double to show 3-card support. Partner might only have 4 hearts and fewer than 4 spades.
James Harris: Dbl. Support double.
Stuart Carr: 3C. If 3D comes back to me, I bid 3H.
Perry Khakhar: 2H. I thought about many interesting bids to make until I remembered that 1H shows 4+. I will stretch to show support.
Paul McMullin: Dbl. Should be a support double.
Chris Buchanan: Dbl. Are support doubles considered standard now?
Hendrik Sharples: 2H. Last time partner used his judgment and didn't make a support Dbl I held DK Q J 1 0 9 x x of opponent's suit.
Dan Cecchelli: Dbl. Support Double.
Allan Simon: Dbl. Support doubles are pretty well mandatory.
David Gordon: 3C. Will back in with hearts on next bid.
Louk Verhees: 3C. Funny problem. I prefer to bid the soul of my hand. When they bid 3D I can still bid 3H.
Earle Fergusson: 3C. Lots of playing strength, not stopping short of 4H or 5C.
Kf Tung: Dbl. Show support for hearts, will clarify more later on.

4. Matchpoints. Both vul.
S 9   H A K Q 10 8 5   D A K   C J 8 4 3  
West North East South  
  2S 3C ?

Your call?

3H 7 100
Dbl 3 80
3NT 2 70
4H 2 70
Moderator: Is 3H forcing? Most of the panel seem to think (or hope) it is.
Zachary Grossack: Dbl. Could be a big disaster if partner has zero or one club and two or three hearts. But anytime partner has two or more clubs, we want to be defending. 4H might be tricky to handle. I have a lot of club losers and probably not much heart help from partner. I'll double and take the money.
Daniel Korbel: 4H. I believe 3H is not forcing, and I am too concerned that we can make game in hearts while we can set 3C doubled only one (or zero tricks on a bad day). This is an ugly hand and probably why I don't win often enough at matchpoints.
Janice Molson: 3H. . . forcing. If partner bids 3S, I bid 3NT. A penalty double could be the winner, but with no club spots, I will go for normal.
Mel Colchamiro: 3NT. Isn't that the usual winning choice when long suits abound? I don't even know if 3H is forcing, and I'm not going to risk a misunderstanding of partner passing 3H with: SA Q 10 x x x Hx x DJ x Cx x x and us a big favourite for nine tricks in notrump.
Robert Sauve: Dbl. Try for 800.
David Waterman: Dbl. Opps vul at matchpoints? This is clear cut. If pard has HJ x x and a stiff club, too bad.
Christopher Diamond: 3H. Pass and 3NT occurs to me. But we could conceivably be on for 6H. I'll try 3NT over 3S.
Larry Meyer: 4H. Bid what is in front of my nose.
Perry Khakhar: Pass. What is the problem? 3H forces to 3S which is a dead end. Why create my own problem? No thanks, I pass.
Paul McMullin: 3H. Not quite enough to double and bid?
Chris Buchanan: Dbl. The reward in matchpoints is too much to pass up.
Hendrik Sharples: Dbl. Shouldn't make too many overtricks.
Allan Simon: Dbl. Declarer will have a hard time taking more than 6 tricks.
David Gordon: 3H. Hoping partner has a couple of hearts.
Louk Verhees: 3NT. Nasty problem as I don't even play 3H as forcing. Not even sure we beat 3C.
Earle Fergusson: 3H. Forcing of course. 4S may be better than 4H and 3NT could be best.
Bob Todd: Dbl. Do we have slam? If not 800 is good.
Kf Tung: 3H. Good hearts! Forcing!

5. IMPs. None vul.
S Q 9 7 5 4   H A 7 5   D 5   C Q 10 6 3  
West North East South  
1D Dbl 1H 2S
3D Pass 3NT ?

Your call?

Pass 6 100
Dbl 6 90
4S 2 60
4C 0 30
Moderator: I held this hand in the Canadian Mixed Teams and posed this bidding problem to the panel. At the table I passed, but the winning action was 4 of a black suit. LHO had solid diamonds and partner had a thin double: SA 10 x x HK Q x x Dx x x CJ x. Some of the panel pointed out that they would have bid 4S (not 2S) which in retrospect was a better call. Only two of the panelists (Sanborn and Lawrence) divined the solid diamonds. Oh well.
August Boehm: Pass. How heroic am I supposed to be? Partner passed over 3D and I've shown my hand.
Steve Robinson: 4S. I'll make the same bid I would have made earlier, but now they're in a better position to guess right.
Josh Donn: Dbl. I really don't know that they are down, but they may not know either, and they might run when 3NT was cold because our side does have plenty of high cards. Let's play a little poker. Besides, 3NT doubled, making only loses a small swing. As long as they don't make overtricks ...
Robert Sauve: Dbl. Lead 4th best spade.
David Waterman: Pass. I just don't think double will be too profitable. They will have 6 running diamonds and are unlikely to be more than 1 down.
Christopher Diamond: 4C. They likely have 6 or 7 diamonds and a spade stop. Even doubled down 1 would be a crappy score for us and they might make it. So, hope we have a plus playing.
Larry Meyer: Pass. I have already described my hand.
Stuart Carr: Pass. Against 3NT, what to lead? I'll try the H5.
Perry Khakhar: 4C. I realize this is an overbid, but I am not letting them play a comfortable contract that has 6+ diamond tricks. Sympathy for 4S but too unilateral for my taste.
Paul McMullin: Pass. I have nothing new to say.
Chris Buchanan: 4C. I can forsee getting out for -100 or -300 against a greasy 3NT. Seems like a reasonable hedge bet.
Hendrik Sharples: Pass. I think I've described my hand, partner still has a call.
Allan Simon: Dbl. East is trying to steal from us. I think.
David Gordon: 4C. Finish shaping out.
Louk Verhees: 4C. Next question should be what do you lead if you pass. You have a lot of HCP on the auction.
Earle Fergusson: Pass. I'll be content with pard's decision, having shown my hand.
Kf Tung: Dbl. East is ready to play 3N because 9 quick tricks are in his eyes. You double to tell partner you have an Ace, and probably they don't have 9 quick tricks.

Panel's Answers

  1 2 3 4 5 Total
Josh Donn 6S 4C Dbl 3H Dbl 490
Steve Weinstein 6NT 3D Dbl 3H Pass 480
Zachary Grossack 6S 4C Dbl Dbl Pass 480
Larry Cohen 6NT 3D Dbl 3H Dbl 470
Jeff Meckstroth 6NT 3D Dbl 3H Dbl 470
Janice Molson 6C 4C Dbl 3H Dbl 470
Kerri Sanborn 7D 4C Dbl 3H Pass 440
Mel Colchamiro 6S 4C 3C 3NT Pass 440
Jill Meyers 6NT 4C 3C 3NT Dbl 420
Barry Rigal 6C 3D 3C Dbl Pass 420
Daniel Korbel 6S 3D Dbl 4H 4S 420
August Boehm 6S Dbl 3D 3H Pass 410
Mike Lawrence 7C 3D Dbl Dbl Dbl 410
Steve Robinson 6S Dbl 4C 4H 4S 340

Local Heroes

    1 2 3 4 5 Total Points
1.    Craig T. Wilson 6S 3D Dbl 3H Pass 490 147.00
2.    Claire Thompson 6NT 4C 3C 3H Pass 460 110.25
3.    Monica Angus 6S 3D Dbl 3H 4S 450 73.50
4.    Silvana Trotter 6NT 4C 3D 3H Pass 440 35.12
4.    Alan Kemp-Gee 6NT 4C 3D 3H Pass 440 35.12
4.    John Lenaghan 6NT 4C 3D 3H Pass 440 35.12
7.    Pam Ottridge 6S 4C 3C 3H 4S 430 19.69
7.    Stuart Carr 6NT 3D 3C Dbl Pass 430 19.69
9.    Larry Pocock 7NT 3D Dbl 3H Pass 420 15.52
9.    Barbara Chaworth-Musters 6NT Dbl 3C 3H Pass 420 15.52
11.    Stephen Vincent 7C 4C 3C 3H Dbl 410 11.86
11.    Larry Meyer 6D 3D Dbl 4H Pass 410 11.86
11.    Dave Gabel 6S Dbl 3D 3H Pass 410 11.86
11.    David Hooey 7NT 3D Dbl 3H Dbl 410 11.86

World Leaders

    1 2 3 4 5 Total Points
1.    Lars Erik Bergerud (Norway) 6S 4C Dbl 3H Pass 500 112.00
2.    Paul McMullin (United States) 6C 3D Dbl 3H Pass 470 84.00
3.    Mike Tanner (Canada) 6S 3D Dbl 4H Dbl 450 47.60
3.    Allan Simon (Canada) 6NT 3D Dbl Dbl Dbl 450 47.60
5.    Qiang Wu (China) 6NT 4C Dbl Dbl 4S 430 20.53
5.    John McAllister (United States) 6S Dbl Dbl Dbl Dbl 430 20.53
7.    Bob Todd (Canada) 6C 4C Dbl Dbl 4S 420 16.00
8.    Earle Fergusson (Canada) 7C 3D 3C 3H Pass 410 14.00
9.    Dan Cecchelli (Canada) 7S 3D Dbl Dbl Dbl 390 11.28
9.    Leonid Bossis (Canada) 6D 3D 3C Dbl Pass 390 11.28
9.    Steve Anderson (Canada) 6NT 5C 3C 3H Pass 390 11.28
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