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TGIF October 2020: Scores

1. IMPs. None vul.
S Q J 9   H A 8 5   D 10 7 6   C Q 9 6 4  
West North East South  
  1D Pass 1NT
Pass 3C Pass ?

Your call?

3D 9 100
3H 4 80
3S 2 70
3NT 0 50
4C 0 50
4D 0 30
5C 0 20
Moderator: Poll by Drew Casen (2018). The majority opt for 3D, ostensibly waiting.
Mike Lawrence: 3H. I take jumpshifts seriously. Will follow with 4C. My spades are not always useless. 3D waiting might be best, but because I intend to bid 4C, I prefer 3H now. The only flaw here is my three low diamonds.
Jill Meyers: 3S. If partner has a stiff heart, I am not thrilled about 3NT, so 3S should get the message across that I am looking for a heart stopper.
Mel Colchamiro: 3D. 3NT is premature. That could even fail opposite a stiff heart when we are cold for five or six of a minor, e.g., SA K x Hx DK Q J x x CA K x x. 3D gives partner the most room to do what he chooses. If need be, I'll support clubs later.
David Waterman: 4C. Slam is poor opposite several possible hands, but I am worth one try. I wll bid 4H over 4D, 4NT over anything else.
Michael Dimich: 3H. Great fit, so cue bid.
Larry Meyer: 3D. Give pard room to further describe his hand.
Christopher Diamond: 3NT. I've played mentally with all the smart answers including 3D but I don't know where they will get me except beyond 3NT. He can always pull if he's got big shape. Then I'll cue hearts.
Stephen Vincent: 3D. Partner knows I have four clubs on this auction so there's no need to get too excited and bid 3H.
Perry Khakhar: 3H. The way we play, this is a cue for the second suit. If you wish to cue for diamonds, you have to bid 3D to set the suit. I am not interested in a slam necessarily, but 3NT should show a lot less.
Paul McMullin: 3H. I've got to make SOME forward going bid.
Chris Buchanan: 3H. . . keeps 3NT in the picture while giving support for partner and lets partner tell me more.
Hendrik Sharples: 3H. My hand isn't terrible so cue bid. If partner thinks I'm showing a stopper that's ok also.
David Gordon: 3H. Should be a cuebid.
Kf Tung: 3NT. If partner has a very strong hand he will move on and then you can arrive at 6C.

2. IMPs. N-S vul.
S K Q   H 9 6 5   D 7 6 2   C A 10 9 6 4  
West North East South  
  1S Pass 1NT
2D 2H 3D ?

Your call?

3S 5 100
4D 5 90
Pass 3 80
3H 1 60
Dbl 1 40
4S 0 30
4H 0 20
4C 0 0
Moderator: Poll by Oren Kriegel (2017). The panel see treasure in this collection.
Janice Molson: 4D. I have too good a hand to do anything else and no real idea where to play this. I hope 4D will be read as a choice of games. Because I started with 1NT and my partner rebid two non-forcing hearts, it's hard to imagine I am cuebidding towards a heart slam.
Daniel Korbel: Pass. Double is penalty and we have no fit. What am I missing?
August Boehm: 3S. Very difficult problem. I'll treat this as a three-card limit raise, not too far off. What is troubling is having the long trump hand tapped in diamonds. If partner holds 5-5, he has an easy 4H call and we'll be OK. I have three working cards for a partner who has advertised extras.
David Waterman: 3S. Seems clear. 4 of a major could be right, but partner is still there.
Michael Dimich: 3S. Can't see getting enough for 3D doubled.
Larry Meyer: Dbl. Tell pard that I have cards, but no fit for him.
Christopher Diamond: 3S. This is a pretty good hand so I think I have to do something. If double was one of those new fangled things that just show a willingness to compete I'd do that. I hope if he's 5-5 he bids hearts if he moves.
Stephen Vincent: Pass. While having a nice hand I have no real bid. Tempting to support spades with that holding but it won't play well on diamond forces.
Perry Khakhar: 3H. I can't imagine partner not reopening with a double unless he had 5+ hearts. My hand is great for partner, but 3 small hearts isn't great so I will just compete.
Paul McMullin: 3H. Should have reasonable play in the possible 4-3 fit.
Chris Buchanan: 3S. SK Q is better than most 3-card raises.
Hendrik Sharples: Dbl. Since penalty doubles no longer exist I think I'm showing a directionless hand that wants to compete.
David Gordon: Pass. I will wait to see if partner can reopen.
Kf Tung: 3H. 3 useful tricks, compete to 3H.

3. Matchpoints. None vul.
S K   H 10 9 6   D Q 7 3   C J 10 9 7 6 5  
West North East South  
    Pass Pass
Pass 1D 1S Pass
2S Pass Pass ?

Your call?

3C 9 100
2NT 5 80
Pass 1 60
Moderator: Poll by Ray Yuenger (2018). Almost 100% of the panel competed. The flexible 2NT (unusual) fell in the minority this time.
Steve Weinstein: 2NT. . . clubs with diamond tolerance. I have an extra club (3C is a close second), but with weak clubs, I'll keep diamonds in the picture.
Zachary Grossack: 3C. I'll compete even though partner may well be too short in clubs. Perhaps I could be convinced that pass is right with partner often having four spades here. But the club spots make the suit playable even opposite shortness.
David Waterman: 3C. 2NT might work, but on trump leads my hand is worthless in diamonds.
Michael Dimich: 2NT. Opponents bailed out, so compete --- 2NT shows long clubs. I may lose if partner is 4-4-4-1.
Larry Meyer: 3C. Not willing to let them play 2S.
Christopher Diamond: 2NT. Matchpoint craziness. 2S feels good for them so it's bad for us. If anyone thinks 2NT is natural then they're wrong.
Stephen Vincent: 3C. I'd like to bid 2NT but it's the sort of bid that's easily misunderstood.
Perry Khakhar: 3C. Can't let them play here! I sure hope that partner isn't 4-4-4-1! Or that they take the push. Typical matchpoint bid!
Paul McMullin: Pass. It cannot ALWAYS be wrong to let the opponents play at the two level.
Chris Buchanan: 3C. I also like 2NT here to show longer clubs than diamonds.
Hendrik Sharples: 3C. No matchpoints for defending 2S when they have a fit.
David Gordon: 3C. Should play well when the weak hand has the long trumps.
Kf Tung: 3C. Do not let them play 2S.

4. IMPs. None vul.
S J 10 4   H A Q 9 4   D K 10 5   C 9 6 2  
West North East South  
    1H Pass
2H 2S Pass ?

Your call?

Pass 7 100
3S 5 90
3H 2 80
2NT 1 70
3NT 0 40
4S 0 40
Moderator: Poll by Avon Wilsmore (2020). The plurality cut partner slack. A lot of slack.
Daniel Korbel: 3H. I think I have enough to invite game strongly. Even though I have a lot of points in hearts, they are the 'right' kind of points, and my S10 and D10 might prove invaluable.
Roger Lee: 3S. I don't want to hang my partner --- I know he has short hearts, so might be light. But it's still worth an effort, but not quite enough for 3H (4-2 in the minors, maybe).
Steve Robinson: Pass. Partner is bidding my hand, so I won't hang him. SA K Q x x Hx Dx x x Cx x x x is a 2S bid, and if the DA is offside, we might not make 2S.
David Waterman: 3H. With heart shortage, he will try to get in there on lots of hands --- no point hanging him.
Michael Dimich: 3H. Flat hand is the only drawback.
Larry Meyer: Pass. With the boss suit and no shape, not interested in going higher.
Christopher Diamond: 3NT. 9 tricks are easier than 10 and I think game should have a play.
Stephen Vincent: 3H. I must make a try, but don't want to hang partner.
Perry Khakhar: 2NT. 9-trick contract may be easier, so suggest that. I think that this shows the correct amount of values and 2 stoppers with tolerance for spades.
Paul McMullin: 3S. This feels less wrong than 2NT.
Chris Buchanan: 3H. Looks like everything I have is likely working for partner.
Hendrik Sharples: 2NT. Close between this and 3H.
David Gordon: 3S. Not good enough for a limit raise.
Kf Tung: 2NT. 3N is not far away, and partner can correct as appropriate.

5. IMPs. Both vul.
S 10 9 8 6   H K 5 4   D 3   C A K Q 8 5  
West North East South  
Pass 1H Pass 1S
Pass 2D Pass 2H
Pass 3C Pass ?

Your call?

3H 6 100
4C 4 90
4D 4 90
4H 1 50
3D 0 40
5C 0 20
Moderator: Poll by Karen Walker (2020). A 3-way race. Many panelists say they would have raised to 2H instead of bidding 1S.
Larry Cohen: 4D. I originally voted for 3H, but a wise lady has caused me to change my mind. This bid paints a perfect picture of my hand for investigating a club slam. Because it is IMPs, I don't care if we miss a 5-3 heart fit (partner won't be sure I have three).
Jeff Meckstroth: 3H. 2H could be a doubleton, so I first want to confirm I have three. I will bid 3C over 3NT if that's partner's next call.
Kerri Sanborn: 4C. . . completes the picture of my shape and emphasizes the good suit.
David Waterman: 3H. Forward going, and shows partner where my values are. This is a good hand.
Michael Dimich: 4D. Show my shortness.
Larry Meyer: 3H. If we are to play 3NT, pard must be the one to bid it.
Christopher Diamond: 3H. Just trying to confirm three hearts and sort of shaping out. Moysians build character if that's where we end up.
Stephen Vincent: 4C. My hand, although minimum, looks as if it's working nicely.
Perry Khakhar: 3H. I considered a splinter, but maybe a slow moving cue bid is best.
Paul McMullin: 3H. Was 2D a game force or a one round force? Anyway, my singleton diamond should be helpful.
Chris Buchanan: 3H. Cue bid.
Hendrik Sharples: 4D. I hope partner has slam interest for this sequence. It's no tragedy to stop in 5C at IMPs.
David Gordon: 3NT. The spades could be a stopper if partner has a stray SJ. 4C bid would rank a close second.
Kf Tung: 4C. . . mild slam interest! Partner knows you have a stiff diamond, good clubs and he may envisage 12 tricks with suitable cards.

Panel's Answers

  1 2 3 4 5 Total
Larry Cohen 3D 4D 3C Pass 4D 480
Steve Robinson 3D 4D 3C Pass 4D 480
Josh Donn 3D Pass 3C Pass 3H 480
Janice Molson 3H 4D 3C Pass 3H 470
August Boehm 3D 3S 2NT 3S 4C 460
Jeff Meckstroth 3S 3S 3C 3S 3H 460
Barry Rigal 3D 3S 2NT 3S 4D 460
Daniel Korbel 3D Pass 3C 3H 3H 460
Kerri Sanborn 3H 4D 3C 3S 4C 450
Mel Colchamiro 3D 3S 2NT 3H 4D 450
Steve Weinstein 3H 4D 2NT Pass 4C 440
Zachary Grossack 3D Dbl 3C Pass 3H 440
Jill Meyers 3S 3S 3C 2NT 4C 430
Roger Lee 3D 3H Pass 3S 3H 410
Mike Lawrence 3H Pass 2NT Pass 4H 390

Local Heroes

    1 2 3 4 5 Total Points
1.    Brad Bart 3D 3S 3C 2NT 3H 470 150.50
2.    Stephen Vincent 3D Pass 3C 3H 4C 450 112.88
3.    Martin Henneberger 3D Pass 2NT 3S 4D 440 63.96
3.    Larry Meyer 3D Dbl 3C Pass 3H 440 63.96
5.    Michael Dimich 3H 3S 2NT 3H 4D 430 25.56
5.    David Waterman 4C 3S 3C 3H 3H 430 25.56
5.    Craig T. Wilson 3NT 3S 3C 3S 4C 430 25.56
8.    Arun Chopra 3H 3S 3C Pass 5C 400 18.81
9.    Stuart Carr 3S 4H 3C Pass 3H 390 15.15
9.    Joel Martineau 3H Dbl 3C 2NT 3H 390 15.15
9.    Gary Harper 3NT 3H 3C 3S 4C 390 15.15

World Leaders

    1 2 3 4 5 Total Points
1.    Gerard Laquerriere (France) 3D Pass 3C 3S 3H 470 76.56
1.    Peter Qvist (Danmark) 3H 3S 3C Pass 4D 470 76.56
3.    Leo Weniger (Canada) 3D 3S 3C 2NT 4D 460 37.19
3.    Chris Buchanan (Canada) 3H 3S 3C 3H 3H 460 37.19
5.    Diane Bolton (Canada) 3NT 3S 3C 3H 4C 420 17.50
6.    Perry Khakhar (Canada) 3H 3H 3C 2NT 3H 410 14.58
7.    Veljko Vujcic (Serbia) 4C Pass 3C 2NT 3H 400 10.48
7.    Bob Kuz (Canada) 3H Dbl 3C 3S 4D 400 10.48
7.    Liz Duffield (Uk) 3NT 3S Pass 3S 3H 400 10.48
7.    John McAllister (United States) 3D 4H 3C 3H 3H 400 10.48
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