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TGIF July 2020: Scores

1. IMPs. None vul.
S A K 10 8 5 2   H A 6   D K   C A 10 5 2  
West North East South  
    1C Dbl
Pass 1S 2C ?

Your call?

3C 7 100
4C 3 80
4D 3 80
4S 1 70
3S 0 20
Moderator: The ubiquitous cuebid shows up early this month.
Mike Lawrence: 4C. I suspect I am splintering in partner's singleton. But no matter. What I'm hoping for is that partner cuebids 4D. If he does that and only that, I will feel comfortable bidding 4NT. It's true that if parnter has a singleton club and the DA, we may miss 7S. If he has a stiff club and the HK, I may miss a slam that way.
Zachary Grossack: 3C. Often, cuebidding after making a takeout double is confusing, as it's unclear whether the cuebidder promises support for partner's response. Because of this ambiguity, I tend to avoid these types of cuebids and make clear bids, such as 4S here. But because I had a takeout double available over 2C holding a strong hand without a guaranteed spade fit, I think this 3C cuebid promises spade support, and allows our side to investigate slam if it's there.
Roger Lee: 4D. All we need is a singleton club and a bit more, so we have to make a move. I dislike 3C because an auction like 3C-3D; 3S-4D will leave us poorly placed.
David Waterman: 5S. This will score zero - so be it. If he has a stiff club, I will play him for HK, or HQ J, or DQ with no heart lead.
Anssi Rantamaa: 3C. Can't let partner pass! Even with nothing 4S seems a near certainty.
Christopher Diamond: 3C. Wish I could find a way to RKC in hearts. I will try to get info. Might be better to just RKC now. In real life I might just blast 6S to not give lead info.
Aidan Ballantyne: 3C. Old college try for slam. Not expecting to play beyond 4S.
Larry Meyer: 3S. Partner may have a bust hand, so don't hang him.
Michael Dimich: 4S. All you need is a singleton or doubleton club in dummy.
Stuart Carr: 3C. Could make 6 if partner has SQ x x x, HK and short clubs.
Perry Khakhar: 3C. We probably don't have a slam, and a game maybe iffy. But I get to express my strength at a low level without jumping. Possible that partner has SQ x x x HK x x Dx x x x x Cx?
Paul McMullin: 3C. I do not know what info partner might have to share, but let's give him a chance to share it.
Chris Buchanan: 3D. Not usually a fan of splintering with a stiff DK or DA but I will go that route this time.
Hendrik Sharples: 3C. I should be able to make game opposite four little spades, and hope to hear some cooperation from partner.
Timothy Wright: 3C. Partner probably does not have what we want (2 kings in the right suits), but we have to try.
Bill Treble: 4S. Sure, it might go down, but a doubleton club and four small spades is enough for it to have a play.
Mike Roberts: 4S. I know slam is a possibility, but I don't think partner has anything.
David Gordon: 3C. There is some slam potential. Let's start with a cuebid.
Kf Tung: 4S. If you bid 3S and then you make five, partner will not be happy.

2. Matchpoints. None vul.
S 8 3   H K 8   D K Q J   C A K Q 8 7 6  
West North East South  
    Pass 1C
Pass 1D 1S Dbl (1)
Pass 1NT Pass 2S
Pass 3S Pass ?
(1) Three-card diamond support.

Your call?

3NT 8 100
4C 5 80
4D 1 60
4NT 0 30
Moderator: The panel majority choose 3NT. Some lament they ought to have bid 3NT on the previous turn.
Barry Rigal: 4C. I assume partner had a balanced hand with no spade stopper and now is checking back for a stopper. I think this is forcing, but wouldn't be amazed to discover if partner passed that we could make nothing above the four level.
Jeff Meckstroth: 3NT. Don't see a slam. Could be right to play five of a minor, but tough to know.
David Waterman: 4NT. He would not cuebid with only four diamonds. If he as two aces we have slam. And really, how can he not? What else can he have?
Anssi Rantamaa: 3NT. Partner bid notrump and the HA figures to be right.
Christopher Diamond: 3NT. If there is another answer I don't know what it is. Old BW laugh track ... should be unanimous.
Aidan Ballantyne: 4C. First meaning of 3S is stopper asking in my books. I'll continue to describe my hand.
Larry Meyer: 3NT. If pard delivers his spade stopper, we should have 9 tricks in notrump.
Michael Dimich: 4C. Partner has the SA and extra high card. 4C is a slam probe and asks for a second ace.
David Hooey: 4C. What is 3S here? I think it's asking for spade control or help. None, so retreat to clubs.
Perry Khakhar: 6C. It would seem that this hand belongs in clubs and not notrump. Partner has shown a little strength (he could just bid 2NT or 3D) by cue bidding spades. Expressing doubt about the heart suit. My suit is good enough to play opposite Cx x. And this protects the HK.
Paul McMullin: 3NT. I wimp out; there MAY be 12 tricks here, but I am a skeptic.
Chris Buchanan: 4C. SA and DA x x x x should make the slam possible here.
Hendrik Sharples: 6C. Partner might hold 5+ diamonds and correct, if not I might need partner to hold the D10, or CJ, or any club higher than the 8 with clubs 2-2 to make this. Of course the HA offside would be unwelcome.
Timothy Wright: 3NT. What does 3S mean? Not sure, but my clubs are certainly assets in notrump.
Bill Treble: 6C. The only possible reason for my bidding 2S rather than 3NT on my previous turn was because I was looking for slam. I now bid 6C to give partner a choice of contracts.
Mike Roberts: 4C. This is dependent on what kind of hands partner would bid 1D vs 1NT originally.
David Gordon: 3NT. Not sure what the 2S bid was.
Kf Tung: 4C. The contract usually ends in 5C or 5D. It depends on what ace(s) partner holds!

3. IMPs. None vul.
S A 10 2   H K J 8 7 6 3   D A 7 2   C 6  
West North East South  
    1H Pass
1S 2C 2S (1) ?
(1) Four-card spade support.

Your call?

2NT 5 100
Dbl 5 100
Pass 4 90
3NT 0 40
Moderator: This was a three-way race between a penalty double, a constructive action, and pass.
Larry Cohen: Dbl. Likely I am turning a plus into a minus --- partner pulls to 3C which goes down one --- but I am afraid of getting stolen from. There are a lot of thieves out there, and I can't afford to settle for 50 a trick if we belong in 3NT.
Steve Robinson: Pass. Even though I have a good hand, I don't see that we have a fit. Partner should be short in both majors and will bid again if he has a decent hand.
Josh Donn: 2NT. Double looks fancy, but I think it shows a different sort of hand than this. I am too good to pass, and too misfitting to blast to game. So I will try to show some values but give partner an out.
David Waterman: Pass. What am I supposed to bid here, other than pass? 3C is possible I suppose --- make them misguess their fit and get 1 level too high? Too fanciful.
Christopher Diamond: Pass. Going to be harder to figure out what to bid if he doubles.
Aidan Ballantyne: Pass. I'm supposed to bid something? LHO is probably light and advance rescuing from hearts, but I still have no bid.
Larry Meyer: Pass. Prefer to defend on this misfit deal.
Michael Dimich: Pass. I think West has a light response and extra length in spades. Almost feel like bidding 3C but partner might take me seriously.
David Hooey: 2NT. Points but no suit. Pass is probably the winning bid. Partner has some diamonds but they are also breaking badly.
Perry Khakhar: Pass. This being IMPs, I'm hopeful they get too high! We might beat 2S by a trick, but double is too risky. If they reach game, all bets are off!
Paul McMullin: 2NT. Pass probably leads to defending 2S, which cannot be right.
Chris Buchanan: Dbl. This likely will not play well.
Hendrik Sharples: Pass. I might hold the best hand at the table. If partner has 6 solid clubs he will bid again and I'll reevaluate.
Bill Treble: Dbl. Partner will likely be pulling, but I have a couple of aces for him. I want to get them to the three-level, where we might be able to defeat their contract.
Mike Roberts: Dbl. I almost want to raise to 3C.
David Gordon: 2NT. Looks about right on values.

4. IMPs. N-S vul.
S A Q J   H A   D Q 8 7 4 3 2   C K Q 8  
West North East South  
1H Dbl Pass ?

Your call?

2H 11 100
2NT 2 60
3C 1 50
2S 0 40
2C 0 30
2D 0 20
3D 0 20
3NT 0 20
Moderator: Another nebulous cuebid.
Jill Meyers: 2NT. I'm not crazy about my stiff HA, but I'm also not crazy about missing a vulnerable game. My diamond suit is too ratty to bid 3D. My alternate bid would be a jump to 2S on my three-card suit.
Daniel Korbel: 2H. . . announcing a game forcing hand. This is a slight overbid, but because a 4-3 spade fit could play well, I'll take the plunge. My plan is to bid diamonds and then spades, unless partner bids notrump.
David Waterman: 2NT. Ugh. Nothing really appeals. This is the least bad bid.
Christopher Diamond: 2H. This looks too suity for an off shape 2NT. Unless that is an info asking force.
Aidan Ballantyne: 2H. Slight overbid.
Larry Meyer: 2C. I don't want to jump in such a poor suit, so I will tell a lie in a minor.
Michael Dimich: 2H. No bid is great. I think 2H 'unsure of where to go' is my only option.
David Hooey: 3H. . . western cue.
Perry Khakhar: 2H. Partner promised two places to play. Let's see the other. I hope my general strength can get us to 3NT.
Paul McMullin: 3D. We probably have the strength for 3NT but my diamonds are rather ratty; I would rather partner started that way.
Chris Buchanan: 2H. Tell me more.
Hendrik Sharples: 2H. At least partner will know I have a good hand.
Timothy Wright: 2NT. East's pass implies that partner (limited to four spades) has heart length.
Bill Treble: 2H. As 18-counts go, it's not that sparkling because of the mediocre quality of the long suit. If partner bids 3C, I might try for game with another heart cuebid.
Mike Roberts: 3D. Might work out horribly, but I won't force to game, which I think 2H does.
David Gordon: 3D. Shame about the suit.
John Gillespie: 2C. You have a much better forward going move over anything but pass from partner.
Kf Tung: 3D. If partner can bid 3N and make, he will be happy. If partner passes and 3D makes, he will be happy too.

5. Matchpoints. Both vul.
S 9 5   H K 10 9 8 5 4 2   D A J 8 3   C ---  
West North East South  

Your call?

3H 9 100
4H 4 70
1H 1 60
2H 0 40
Pass 0 40
Moderator: How many hearts?
August Boehm: 3H. . . warts and all, but pretty standard in the modern game.
Mike Lawrence: 4H. I would bid 3H at IMPs. Two red queens with a tad more makes game possible.
Mel Colchamiro: 1H. . . at any game, at any vulnerability. I've got tricks and I've got defense, so I've got an opening bid. No second choice.
Daniel Lyder: 4H. A question of style, anything could be right. Might open 1H depending what mood I'm in.
David Waterman: 1H. No right answer. 1H, 2H, and pass, should score equally, and 4H should be close behind.
Christopher Diamond: 1H. 2H: no. 3H: no, too much potential. 4H: no, suit not good enough. Pass: no, because I'll still bid if it comes back to me at the 3-level.
Aidan Ballantyne: 3H. Could open 4H or 2H. Settle for middle ground.
Larry Meyer: 3H. The intermediates make the suit good enough to open at the 3-level.
Michael Dimich: 3H. If I had HK Q, I would open 4H.
Perry Khakhar: 2H. 3H isn't really going to slow them down. Yet, I'd like a heart lead, so ...
Paul McMullin: Pass. Put a gun to my head, I would open 1H instead of 3H because of the game potential.
Chris Buchanan: 3H. Looks like a 3H preempt to me.
Hendrik Sharples: 4H. Shoot the arrow into the air, hope it doesn't land on me.
Timothy Wright: 3H. Last month (when the juniors were the original panel), this would have been a timid bid.
Bill Treble: 1H. I used to be a passer with these cards, but have found out it's tough to catch up. I'll stretch for a 1H opening and keep bidding them.
Mike Roberts: 1H. Matter of style, obviously, and I don't mind 4H, but feels too good for 3H.
David Gordon: Pass. 3H is also possible.
Kf Tung: Pass. You have offensive and defensive tricks, but no opening strength.

Panel's Answers

  1 2 3 4 5 Total
August Boehm 3C 3NT Dbl 2H 3H 500
Larry Cohen 3C 3NT Dbl 2H 3H 500
Sylvia Shi 3C 3NT 2NT 2H 3H 500
Jeff Meckstroth 4C 3NT 2NT 2H 3H 480
Jill Meyers 3C 3NT Dbl 2NT 3H 460
Zachary Grossack 3C 3NT Pass 2H 4H 460
Barry Rigal 4S 4C 2NT 2H 3H 450
Kerri Sanborn 3C 4C Dbl 2H 4H 450
Roger Lee 4D 4C Pass 2H 3H 450
Mike Lawrence 4C 3NT Pass 2H 4H 440
Steve Robinson 4C 3NT Pass 2H 4H 440
Daniel Korbel 4D 4D 2NT 2H 3H 440
Josh Donn 3C 4C 2NT 2NT 3H 440
Mel Colchamiro 4D 4C Dbl 3C 1H 370

Local Heroes

    1 2 3 4 5 Total Points
1.    Kai Zhou 3C 3NT Dbl 2H 3H 500 137.81
1.    Gary Gilraine 3C 3NT Dbl 2H 3H 500 137.81
3.    Monica Angus 3C 3NT Pass 2H 3H 490 66.94
3.    Sam McIlwain 3C 3NT Pass 2H 3H 490 66.94
5.    Stuart Carr 3C 4C Dbl 2H 3H 480 31.50
6.    David Schmidt 3C 4C Pass 2H 3H 470 22.81
6.    Aidan Ballantyne 3C 4C Pass 2H 3H 470 22.81
6.    Diana Jing 4S 3NT Dbl 2H 3H 470 22.81
9.    Keith Lee 3C 3NT 2NT 2NT 3H 460 16.63
9.    Joel Martineau 3C 3NT 2NT 2H 1H 460 16.63
11.    Christopher Diamond 3C 3NT Pass 2H 1H 450 13.19
11.    Elliott Burnell 3C 4C 2NT 2H 4H 450 13.19
11.    Arun Chopra 4S 4C 2NT 2H 3H 450 13.19

World Leaders

    1 2 3 4 5 Total Points
1.    Gerard Laquerriere (France) 3C 4C Pass 2H 3H 470 101.50
2.    Peter Qvist (Danmark) 4C 4C 2NT 2H 3H 460 63.44
2.    Jp Weber (Canada) 3C 3NT Pass 2H 4H 460 63.44
4.    Timothy Wright (United States) 3C 3NT Pass 2NT 3H 450 27.91
4.    Qiang Wu (China) 3C 4D Pass 2H 3H 450 27.91
6.    Bob Kuz (Canada) 3C 4C Dbl 2H Pass 420 16.92
7.    Leo Weniger (Canada) 3C 3NT Pass 2NT 1H 410 13.59
7.    Roy Bolton (Canada) 3C 3NT Pass 3D 3H 410 13.59
9.    John Gillespie (Canada) 3C 4C Pass 2C 3H 400 10.71
9.    Dennis Caswell (Canada) 4S 3NT Pass 2S 3H 400 10.71
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