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TGIF May 2019: Scores

1. IMPs. Both vul.
S 7 6 4   H 8 5   D A Q 8 6   C A 10 5 4  
West North East South  
    3H Pass
Pass Dbl Pass ?

Your call?

4NT 6 100
4C 3 80
4D 3 80
Pass 2 70
4H 1 50
5C 0 30
5D 0 30
Moderator: This type of hand comes up far too frequently for comfort.
Larry Cohen: 4C. Yes, I see the ace-queen-ace, but facing a balancing double, I don't want to contract for 11 tricks (possibly doubled). 4C seems to be the most flexible --- partner can't correct diamonds to clubs.
Mike Lawrence: Pass. I have no easy way to look for a game, and that means 200 or 500 will be worthwhile. If I can get one of them.
Barry Rigal: 4NT. . . pick a minor a the five level. This doesn't have to be a good idea, but I'd rather not misguess at the four level and go down when we can make game in the other minor.
Mel Colchamiro: 4D. West didn't raise, and I have the death holding in hearts --- two low. Because of that, and despite my 10 high-card points --- I am going low.
Ralph Buckley: 5C. Showing at least 10 HCP. Hope partner wasn't expecting a spade bid.
Arun Chopra: 4NT. Choose the minor game/slam.
Larry Meyer: 4C. In the passout seat, pard's double may be a bit light. By process of elimination, can't pass, bid 3S or 3N, so 4C it is.
David Gordon: 4D. Preparing to bid 5C after so I can play the hand.
Allan Simon: 4C. I hate it, but I don't want to risk the match on board 1!
Kf Tung: 4D. A desire to play for 10 tricks instead of to defend for 5 tricks. Partner can go for 5D if he wants to.

2. Matchpoints. E-W vul.
S Q   H 9 8 6 3 2   D Q 9 3 2   C J 8 4  
West North East South  
Pass 1D 1S Pass
Pass 3C Pass ?

Your call?

5D 6 100
4D 6 90
4S 2 70
3S 1 60
3D 0 50
Moderator: It's nice to wake-up with a 5-point monster from time to time.
Josh Donn: 5D. 3D is clearly not enough, but this is too good even for 4D. I would not spring 4S on partner, which might even be passed!
Daniel Korbel: 4S. Why didn't I raise to 2D last time --- did I have temporary paralysis? Surely I owe partner at least 4D now. Actually, the more I think about it, I will try a 4S splinter; I suspect partner is 3-0-5-5 and this will be music to his ears.
Jill Meyers: 4D. I have a lot of working cards: a stiff spade and queen-fourth of trump. My jump should show long diamonds and some distribution, but I don't want to jam this into game myself.
Larry Meyer: 4D. The double fit and offsetting short suits should play well.
Hendrik Sharples: 3S. Taking a nap over 1S?
David Gordon: 4S. Let's splinter on the way to 5D.
Allan Simon: 3D. I would have chanced a double or at least 2D on my previous turn.
Kf Tung: 3D. Wasted SQ, wasted CJ. If partner can make 5D, can he try a stronger bid than 3C?

3. IMPs. None vul.
S A J 5 2   H A J 10 6 3   D 8   C 7 6 5  
West North East South  
1S 2C 2S ?

Your call?

3H 13 100
Dbl 2 70
2NT 0 60
3C 0 60
3NT 0 50
4H 0 50
3S 0 40
Moderator: A straightforward 3H is the experts' call of choice. Some may have opened this hand in first seat.
Steve Weinstein: 3H. I agree with pass. (I would open playing Flannery, though.) Don't give yourself a second-round problem with a questionable opener. 3H shows club tolerance and a maximum passed hand. Seems like a good description. Happy to bid 3NT if partner bids 3S.
Steve Robinson: Dbl. This hand gets closer to an opening bid in support of clubs, especially if partner is short in the majors. I plan to bid at least 4C.
Larry Meyer: Pass. With good defensive prospects, no need to bid to the 3-level on a likely 8-card club fit.
David Gordon: 3H. Forward going.
Kf Tung: 3H. Dear partner, I almost opened 1H!

4. Matchpoints. E-W vul.
S A K Q J 9 3   H A J 8 2   D K 8 5   C ---  
West North East South  
    1C Dbl
Pass 1D Pass 2S
Pass 3D Pass ?

Your call?

4C 6 100
5C 1 90
4S 3 80
5NT 0 80
3S 2 60
4NT 1 60
3H 1 50
4D 1 50
Moderator: Whatever you do, don't pass.
Sylvia Shi: 4S. I don't think partner has shown much --- I've shown quite a strong hand. Anyway, my spades are self-sufficient, and it's hard for me to see how I could find a slam intelligently, so I'm worried cuebidding is going to get us to 5D, which could be terrible at matchpoints.
Jeff Meckstroth: 4C. I'm willing to try and get to 6D on this one.
Kerri Sanborn: 3S. It's not clear that diamonds will play that well after one tap of dummy or after a heart lead. And this is matchpoints. Remember that partner bid only 1D over my double, so I won't get too excited. There are a few potential losers here.
Zachary Grossack: 4S. It's really not so important if partner has any spades at all. If they have some decent diamonds, this should make with ease.
Larry Meyer: 6D. If pard has DA Q x x x x, there are 6 diamonds, 1 heart, 4 spades, and a club ruff for 12 tricks.
David Gordon: 5C. Some sort of splinter or exclusion Blackwood.
Allan Simon: 4C. I think my 2S was forcing, so I can't read too much into pard's 3D bid.
Kf Tung: 3H. 3N is not far away.

5. IMPs. None vul.
S A Q 6 5   H A 6 4   D 10 8 7 5 3 2   C ---  
West North East South  
3C Dbl 4C ?

Your call?

Dbl 6 100
5C 5 90
4S 3 80
5D 0 60
5NT 1 60
4D 0 50
Moderator: The majority of the panel choose a responsive double.
Larry Cohen: 5C. Just too much to settle for game. Voids are magical (to quote Marty Bergen). Darn those annoying opponents with their Law-of-Total-Tricks raises.
Mike Lawrence: 4S. I'm giving up on trying for perfection. If partner has 4-4-3-2, we might not belong in diamonds.
Barry Rigal: Dbl. . . hoping partner doesn't pass --- and planning to convert 4H to 4S to show two places to play. Partner can work out what they are.
Stuart Carr: 5C. Plan to raise 5S to 6S, or rebid 6D.
Larry Meyer: 4S. The royal road to game is the 4-4 major suit fit.
David Gordon: 5C. Let us try for slam.
Allan Simon: 5D. I would hate to land in a 4-3 spade fit. Tougher at Matchpoints.
Kf Tung: 5D. Will partner bid 6D with good trumps?

Panel's Answers

  1 2 3 4 5 Total
Jill Meyers 4NT 4D 3H 4C Dbl 490
Barry Rigal 4NT 4D 3H 5C Dbl 480
Steve Weinstein 4NT 4D 3H 4C 5C 480
Larry Cohen 4C 5D 3H 4C 5C 470
Sylvia Shi 4NT 5D 3H 4S 5C 470
Jeff Meckstroth 4H 5D 3H 4C Dbl 450
Brad Theurer Pass 5D 3H 4S Dbl 450
Daniel Korbel 4NT 4S 3H 4C 4S 450
Josh Donn 4NT 5D 3H 4D Dbl 450
Mike Lawrence Pass 4D 3H 4C 4S 440
August Boehm 4D 4D 3H 3H 5C 410
Steve Robinson 4D 5D Dbl 3S Dbl 410
Mel Colchamiro 4D 4D 3H 4NT 4S 410
Kerri Sanborn 4C 4S 3H 3S 5C 400
Zachary Grossack 4C 3S Dbl 4S 5NT 350

Local Heroes

    1 2 3 4 5 Total Points
1.    Martin Henneberger Pass 5D 3H 4C 5C 460 101.06
1.    Ernie Dietrich 4D 4D 3H 4C 5C 460 101.06
3.    Brad Bart 4C 5D 3H 4S 5C 450 57.75
4.    Larry Pocock 4NT 4D 3S 4C 5C 420 40.42
5.    Michael Dimich Pass 4D 3H 4C 4D 410 23.10
6.    David Schmidt Pass 5D 3H 3H 4S 400 19.25
7.    Dave Gabel 4C 4D Dbl 3H Dbl 390 16.50
8.    Arun Chopra 4NT 4D 3H 5D 4S 370 12.94
8.    Joel Martineau 4D 3S 3H 3H 4S 370 12.94
8.    Ralph Buckley 5C 4D 4H 4C Dbl 370 12.94

World Leaders

    1 2 3 4 5 Total Points
1.    Leo Weniger (Canada) 4NT 3S 3H 4C Dbl 460 73.50
2.    Hendrik Sharples (United States) 4NT 3S 3H 4C 4S 440 55.13
3.    Chris Galbraith (Canada) 4H 4D 3H 4C 5C 430 31.24
3.    David Gordon (Canada) 4D 4S 3H 5C 5C 430 31.24
5.    Alex Wang (Taiwan, Roc) 4C 5D 3H 3H 5C 420 13.48
5.    Imtiaz Husain (Us) 4C 3D 3H 4C 5C 420 13.48
7.    Gerard Laquerriere (France) Pass 5D 2NT 4C 4S 410 10.50
8.    Bob Kuz (Canada) Pass 3S Dbl 4C Dbl 400 9.19
9.    Allan Simon (Canada) 4C 3D 3H 4C 5D 390 8.17
10.    Bob Todd (Canada) 4H 4D 3H 4D 5C 380 7.35
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