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TGIF October 2018: Scores

1. IMPs. Both vul.
S K 3   H K 9 8 5 3   D ---   C A K Q 10 6 5  
West North East South  
    Pass 1C
1S Dbl 2S ?

Your call?

3S 7 100
4H 6 90
4D 1 60
6H 1 40
Moderator: The panel is fairly evenly split between 3S on the way to a heart call, and a direct 4H.
Steve Weinstein: 3S. I'm on my way to making a strong invite to slam in hearts. I'm not willing to commit to slam, but I want to make a very strong slam try by bidding 5H next.
Kerri Sanborn: 4H. No way to find out. 5H asks second-round spades, and other bids risk partner bidding hearts with the lead through me. If they save, I will bid 5D as a wake-up call.
David Waterman: 4H. This may be an underbid, but I see no practical way to a) investigate slam, and b) play hearts from my side.
Christopher Diamond: 4H. Too tough. Find out how good his hearts are and play it from my side. The only other sequence I can think of is a cue then 5H over any non-heart bid.
Larry Meyer: 4H. If pard has HA Q x x in hearts and I get a spade lead, 12 tricks are likely.
Andrew Krywaniuk: 4H. Can't think of any sensible way to ask for aces without wrong-siding the contract.
Stephen Vincent: 6H. HA x x x x and out makes this good: more scientific approaches will likely result in it being played from the wrong hand.
Paul Mcmullin: 4NT. It would be convenient if 4S was some gadget for hearts; if partner has one Ace, 2/3 of the time it will NOT be the DA, and I'll gamble on 6H.
Hendrik Sharples: 3S. I think the main goal here is to play the hand, so hopefully the cue will slow down the opponents.
Ig Nieuwenhuis: 4H. Well, that's what I would bid at the table as the chances of partner having the magic hand are too small.
Timothy Wright: 4H. While I am strong enough for 3S, we need to right-side the contract.
David Gordon: 4C. Good clubs with 4+ hearts.
Diane Bolton: 5H. We want to bid hearts first and be in 6H if pard has the HA.
Bob Todd: 3S. Impossible problem. Either 4H or 6H could be right. May end up in 6C.
Qiang Wu: 3H. A heart contract should be played by South and a non-strong bid here is very likely to keep the ball rolling.
Allan Simon: 6H. . . gambling that partner has the HA. Or opponents might err and take a phantom sacrifice .
Kf Tung: 5H. If you want to play 6C or 6H you will win a lot when you are the declarer. Will partner be good for the slam invitation?

2. IMPs. Both vul.
S K 9 6   H 9 8   D ---   C A K Q 10 9 7 6 3  
West North East South  
1H 1S Pass ?

Your call?

2H 4 100
3C 4 90
4C 2 70
4S 2 70
5C 2 70
3S 1 60
2S 0 30
Moderator: The panel venture a variety of approaches to this awkward hand.
Mike Lawrence: 4C. In theory, this shows six clubs plus four spades.
Barry Rigal: 3C. OK, you got me. I can't think how to show this hand, so I won't try. I'll pretend I just have a good hand with clubs and see what happens. I may be able to jump to 4S over a 3H cue?
Steve Robinson: 2H. See what partner does to my cuebid. If partner has a weak hand, I'd like to try to get to 3NT of 5C or 6C. If partner has only five spades, this hand won't play well in spades.
Daniel Korbel: 5C. Yes, we have at least an eight-card spade fit. But I can see this hand playing poorly for partner. If partner's spades are decent, 5C should be easy. I'll apologize if I buy: SQ J 10 x x x Hx x x x DA x Cx.
Christopher Diamond: 3C. Could probably get away with 2C but I'd never be able to convince him I've got 8 tricks.
Larry Meyer: 2H. Cue bid to show spade support and a strong hand.
Andrew Krywaniuk: 3D. A mini-splinter, but I will raise to game nonetheless.
Stephen Vincent: 4C. Should really have one more spade here but partner has at least 5.
Ig Nieuwenhuis: 3C. What does partner expect from me? Comes down to style / agreements.
Timothy Wright: 4C. I would love to be 4-6 or 4-7 in the blacks, but here I know partner has 5 spades and this emphasizes that I do not need a club fit.
David Gordon: 3C. Try for game.
Diane Bolton: 2H. Partner has at least 5 spades so this sets spades as trumps.
Allan Simon: 2H. Start with a bid that shows a strong hand. My plan is to next jump to 4C over 2S, setting trump and inviting a cue bid.
Kf Tung: 2H. 3-card spade support, more to say later.

3. IMPs. None vul.
S A Q 9 2   H A K Q 10 8 7 6   D ---   C A 3  
West North East South  
    1D Dbl
Pass 1H Dbl ?

Your call?

4D 5 100
6H 4 90
Rdbl 3 70
2D 1 60
4NT 1 60
5D 1 50
4H 0 30
Moderator: With not much required from partner, the panelists envision slam.
Steve Weinstein: Rdbl. Maybe they'll have an accident. Maybe we'll learn something useful. Probably we're just postponing the eventual jump to 6H. Hope this isn't the companion hand to the problem from a couple months ago when we had H4 3 2 for our 1H advance of partner's takeout double. Or that I'm playing with one of the panelists who bid 2C on that hand.
Zach Grossack: 6H. This is like putting a steak in front of a rottweiler. So easy to envision a slam if partner has absolutely anything at all, or even nothing at all! Sx x HJ x x x Dx x x Cx x x x is odds-on for a slam on the auction.
Sylvia Shi: 4D. On the plus side, the spade finesse is onside; the bad news is that partner could easily have a lot of nothing. Seems unlikely that my splinter will get us anywhere, but I don't think it can really hurt.
Ralph Buckley: 6H. Pard must have some points outside of hearts and your tenace is behind opener.
David Waterman: 6H. This is not a very realistic problem. Anyway, I hope he does not have a 3-3-5-2 yarborough.
Christopher Diamond: 6H. Could make 5, 6 or 7. I'm going with 6.
Larry Meyer: 2D. Cue bid to show heart support and a strong hand.
Andrew Krywaniuk: 4NT. I'm willing to bid 6H on a spade hook. Will bid 7H if partner shows both black kings.
Laurence Betts: 3D. Third cue in a row.
Stephen Vincent: 4D. Partner may turn up with a black king.
Paul Mcmullin: 3D. Double then 2D here would be 'good hand with diamonds', so 3D should be a splinter, setting hearts as trump.
Hendrik Sharples: 2D. This is a hand where I welcome more bidding by the opponents.
Ig Nieuwenhuis: 2D. Let's find out how minimal partner is.
Timothy Wright: Rdbl. Planning to cue-bid diamonds next round.
David Gordon: 3D. Splinter slam try.
Diane Bolton: 6H. Partner never responds in my 7-card suit!
Allan Simon: 6H. Likely the right spot.
Kf Tung: 4D. Good for 4H, and singleton or void in diamonds.

4. IMPs. Both vul.
S K 8 4   H 10 9 5   D A J 10 6 5   C J 10  
West North East South  
  3D Pass ?

Your call?

5D 8 100
4D 4 80
3NT 2 60
Pass 1 50
Moderator: A majority of the panel extends partner's preempt with a straightforward 5D.
Larry Cohen: 5D. I'm not expecting double- all pass (they have too much shape). Rather than something psychic/tactical, I find it best just to eat up a lot of space. I am hoping to go minus only 680 or 710.
Roger Lee: 3NT. I really don't care how many I go down, even at this vulnerability, and it might not be much if they lead badly. I just want to buy it (or sell out to four of a major).
Mel Colchamiro: 4D. There are too many losers for 5D - minus 800 or 1100 loom. Besides, 4D makes West's 4H or 4S ambiguous as to strength, as it does East's 4H or 4S in response to a double by West.
David Waterman: 4D. With many quite normal hands, partner will be 2 or 3 down at the 5-level. I will just preempt a little and hope they miss the best spot.
Christopher Diamond: 4D. They probably have slam. I don't want to push them there. Maybe they subside in game on a cramped auction.
Larry Meyer: 5D. Make them guess at the 5-level.
Andrew Krywaniuk: 5D. It is possible this gets us too high. But the opps with a void in diamonds are unlikely to sit the double.
Stephen Vincent: 4D. Try and make life a little more difficult.
Hendrik Sharples: 5D. Clearly the opponents can make anything they bid, so I donít want to goad them to the 6-level.
Ig Nieuwenhuis: Pass. Took me a lot of years to learn to pass these. Risk of slam for them is abominable, but East could not find a bid. Pass leaves them in the dark about each others' diamond holding.
Timothy Wright: 5D. West has a monster of a hand; we need to force her to guess what to do with it.
David Gordon: 5D. This should be standard.
Diane Bolton: 5D. Opps are cold for some kind of game (or slam) so let them guess at the 5-level.
Allan Simon: 5D. Might even escape a double if opponents' cards are divided evenly.
Kf Tung: 4D. You are willing to play 4D-X, and hopefully they will end up in a not-so-safe major suit game.

5. IMPs. E-W vul.
S A Q 3   H 4 2   D A K 5 4   C A Q 10 6  
West North East South  
3S 4H Pass ?

Your call?

Pass 6 100
4NT 4 80
4S 3 70
5NT 2 60
Moderator: The uncooperative opponents have made it impossible to have a meaningful dialogue about this hand. A majority of the panel favours exploring (or committing to) slam, even though Pass was the top vote-getter.
August Boehm: Pass. Could miss slam, but the SQ is devalued, and usually the adversely-vulnerable preemptor with only a so-so suit has outside values.
Jill Meyers: 4NT. I have too much to pass, and I don't think a cuebid is going to get partner to necessarily do anything intelligent. I want to know how many key cards partner has. If partner has the HA K Q, I am going to bid 6NT.
Barry Rigal: 4S. Ugh. One more move seems mandatory, and setting hearts is a reasonable thing to do. At least cuebidding lets partner express an opinion as to whether to cooperate.
Jeff Meckstroth: 5NT. Pick-a-slam . . . my best guess.
David Waterman: 4S. Partner is under a lot of pressure here - he does not need full values to bid 4H.
Christopher Diamond: Pass. Cowardly but SK wrong, bad breaks and he bid under pressure.
Larry Meyer: 6H. Even if pard has a minimum hand of HA K Q x x x and the CK, that could be 12 top tricks.
Andrew Krywaniuk: 5NT. If you have a bidding decision, bid 5NT pick a slam if it is a plausible choice.
Stephen Vincent: 4NT. Ostensibly RKC but with 6NT in mind. Don't want to exclude the possibility of 7.
Ig Nieuwenhuis: 4NT. Quality of his hearts determines slam or not.
Timothy Wright: 4S. It's hard to imagine a hand for partner with a legitimate 4H call and little play for 6H; we need to go slow so 6NT and 7H are in play.
David Gordon: 4NT. Keycard for hearts.
Allan Simon: 4S. Worth one cue bid. 5H should be safe, but I've been wrong before.
Kf Tung: 4S. Slam interest, so that partner knows that your hand is more than 1N opening.

Panel's Answers

  1 2 3 4 5 Total
Larry Cohen 4H 2H 6H 5D 4S 450
Barry Rigal 4H 3C 4D 5D 4S 450
Josh Donn 3S 2H 5D 5D Pass 450
Mike Lawrence 4H 4C 4D 5D 4NT 440
Sylvia Shi 3S 4S 4D 5D 4S 440
Zach Grossack 3S 4S 6H 5D 4NT 440
August Boehm 3S 3C 6H Pass Pass 430
Kerri Sanborn 4H 3C Rdbl 5D 4NT 430
Mel Colchamiro 4H 5C 6H 4D Pass 430
Steve Weinstein 3S 4C Rdbl 4D Pass 420
Daniel Korbel 3S 5C Rdbl 4D Pass 420
Jeff Meckstroth 3S 3C 2D 5D 5NT 410
Jill Meyers 4H 3S 4D 3NT 4NT 390
Steve Robinson 6H 2H 4D 4D 5NT 380
Roger Lee 4D 2H 4NT 3NT Pass 380

Local Heroes

    1 2 3 4 5 Total Points
1.    Dave Gabel 4H 2H 4D 5D 4NT 470 164.50
2.    Larry Pocock 3S 4C 4D 4D Pass 450 102.81
2.    Christopher Diamond 4H 3C 6H 4D Pass 450 102.81
4.    Rod Coote 4H 3C Rdbl 5D 4NT 430 35.35
4.    Zoran Peca 4H 2H Rdbl 5D 4S 430 35.35
4.    David Waterman 4H 2H 6H 4D 4S 430 35.35
4.    Gary Gilraine 3S 2H 2D 5D 4S 430 35.35
8.    Arun Chopra 4H 4S 4D 3NT Pass 420 20.56
9.    Maurice Ormon 4H 5C 4D Pass Pass 410 18.28
10.    Brad Bart 4H 2H 2D 4D 4S 400 15.70
10.    Laurence Betts 3S 2H 3D 5D Pass 400 15.70
12.    Martin Henneberger 4H 4S 4H 5D Pass 390 12.70
12.    Diana P Jing 4H 3C 2D 4D 4S 390 12.70
12.    Kate Allard 4H 4S 4D Pass 4NT 390 12.70

World Leaders

    1 2 3 4 5 Total Points
1.    Leonid Bossis (Canada) 4H 2H 6H 4D 4NT 440 91.88
1.    Hendrik Sharples (United States) 3S 2H 2D 5D 4NT 440 91.88
3.    Mike Tanner (Canada) 3S 3C 4D Pass 4NT 420 52.50
4.    Leo Weniger (Canada) 4H 5C 4D 4D 4S 410 28.88
4.    John Dong (Canada) 4H 3C 2D 5D 4S 410 28.88
6.    Timothy Wright (United States) 4H 4C Rdbl 5D 4S 400 15.21
6.    Bob Todd (Canada) 3S 5C Rdbl 4D 4NT 400 15.21
6.    Allan Simon (Canada) 6H 2H 6H 5D 4S 400 15.21
9.    Diane Bolton (Canada) 5H 2H 6H 5D 4NT 370 11.08
9.    Ig Nieuwenhuis (Netherlands) 4H 3C 2D Pass 4NT 370 11.08
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