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TGIF May 2018: Scores

1. IMPs. Both vul.
S ---   H Q J 9 8   D A K Q 10 6 5   C A Q 7  
West North East South  
1NT (1) Pass 2H (2) ?
(1) 15-17.
(2) Transfer to 2S.

Your call?

Pass 10 100
3D 3 70
2S 2 60
3S 0 60
2NT 1 50
Dbl 0 30
Moderator: Trusting in the transfer process, most of the panelists wait silently, plotting their dramatic entrance next round.
Larry Cohen: Pass. Double = hearts, 2S = Michaels and 3D isn't strong enough. So I will pass now and double later for takeout. It feels so strange to pass with this great hand, but logically, it makes sense. I suppose I could get creative with 3S, but I wouldn't want to pass 3NT anyway.
Jill Meyers: 3D. I don't expect partner will take action over this, but if my LHO bids 3S, I will reopen with a double.
Kerri Sanborn: 2S. A good old-fashioned cuebid probably showing hearts and a minor, but will remove hearts to diamonds. I could also be exposing an unlikely psych.
Ralph Buckley: Dbl. I intend to bid diamonds later. The Dbl tells pard about my hearts.
David Walker: Pass. Wait to see.
David Waterman: 2S. This bid is obvious - the next one is hard. I probably want to play hearts only if partner has 5+.
Anssi Rantamaa: 3NT. . . 4D if doubled.
Larry Meyer: 3D. Pard will have very little, and the strong hand is over me, so take the low road.
Andrew Krywaniuk: 3D. This is probably my best chance to mention diamonds at the 3 level.
Hk Ho: 3D. Opener and I have a total of 33-35 HCP, leaving 5-7. All we need to make 4D would be the CK or CJ + S10.
Stephen Vincent: Pass. I'll chime in later.
Perry Khakhar: Pass. Maybe they will pass 2S! Anyhow, I have a balance, not an intervening bid. They can probably make 5S, We might be lucky to make 3D. Pass seems best.
Hendrik Sharples: 2S. Never held a hand this big in 4th with this bidding. 2S is of course takeout, can't lose the heart fit if we have one.
Ig Nieuwenhuis: 2S. This is take-out. Will raise hearts and correct clubs to diamonds to show a strong hand.
David Gordon: Dbl. . . with the intention of bidding diamonds later.
Plarq Liu: 3D. Bid your suit when in doubt.
Allan Simon: 2S. On a good day partner will find a 2NT or 3H bid.
Kf Tung: 3D. Get in early when vulnerable. Shows a good hand.

2. Matchpoints. None vul.
S 8 7 4 3   H A K 9 6 4   D 8   C A 7 5  
West North East South  
  1D Pass 1H
Pass 2C Pass ?

Your call?

2NT 6 100
3C 4 90
2S 2 70
Pass 3 70
2H 1 50
3NT 0 30
2D 0 10
Moderator: The panel are content to make a forward-going move, but are faced with a set of flawed choices: 2NT lacks a spade stopper; 3C lacks a fourth club.
Zach Grossack: Pass. I think it's the percentage call, especially the way people open nowadays. If partner had bid 3H, he certainly would have raised, so I'm not worried about that. I'll pass and try to go plus at matchpoints.
August Boehm: 2S. . . an overbid, particularly if partner may open light, but this hand has no lead value for 2NT and nothing else appeals.
Barry Rigal: 3C. Horrible, I know, but this is the least lie I can think of. 2NT is also on the cards, but wrong-siding the spades seems too much.
Daniel Korbel: 2NT. This is a disgusting bid, but to be fair, it's also a disgusting bidding problem. I don't like raising to 3C; there's no particular reason partner should have a fifth club or strong club texture. I wouldn't be surprised if passing 2C was the long-run winner, but I can't bring myself to do it.
Ralph Buckley: 2S. 4th suit forcing.
David Walker: 2S. Forcing for one round asking for 3 card support of hearts or stops in spades.
Bill Angus: 2H. If pard bids 2NT next, I'm passing.
David Waterman: 2S. 1. This is a terrible bid, but everything else is worse. 2. We will get to the right strain if I bid 2S. 3. It may make their defence difficult.
Larry Meyer: 2H. Can not support either of pard's suits, and no spade stopper, so make the only bid left.
Andrew Krywaniuk: 2NT. I hate to wrong-side the NT, but this is the only bid that doesn't distort my values.
Hk Ho: 2S. Shows 11+ HCP, suggesting a NT contract but lacking a spade stopper. With his implied strength, we did not jump support diamonds nor raise clubs . . . this should suggest our heart suit is longer than 4 cards.
Stephen Vincent: 2NT. Horrible, but the alternatives are even worse.
Perry Khakhar: 3C. I canít totally give up on a game in NT or hearts.
Hendrik Sharples: 3C. Another exposee of an ugly part of standard.
Ig Nieuwenhuis: 2NT. . . not 2S: that would force a game. Need extras from partner for that.
David Gordon: 2S. An opener opposite an opener should play game.
Plarq Liu: 2S. Force one round.
Allan Simon: 2S. 4th suit forcing seems called for.
Kf Tung: 2NT. . . invitational. The next bid from partner completes the sequence, including pass.

3. IMPs. E-W vul.
S A   H 6 5 4 2   D K J   C A K Q J 7 6  
West North East South  
Pass 1H Pass ?

Your call?

4C 9 100
2D 3 70
4H 2 70
3D 1 60
3S 1 60
3NT 0 40
3H 0 30
Moderator: The majority choose the 4C picture bid, despite the extremely weak heart holding.
Steve Robinson: 2D. I would like to end up in 3NT if we only have game. I don't want partner to go slamming with HK x x x or HQ x x x.
Mel Colchamiro: 4H. I don't want to induce the opening leader into a diamond lead via a splinter or a 4C please-opponent-lead-as-aggressively-as-you-can type bid. It's not that I object very much to a splinter with a singleton ace, it's just that I object to a diamond lead on this hand and want my opponents to maybe be induced into leading trump.
Josh Donn: 4C. My view about this bid - showing 6+ clubs and 4 hearts - is that it should be made on a hand interested in playing clubs rather than in the major-suit fit, especially in slam. This hand is perfect for that understanding. If I had better hearts and wanted to play in hearts for sure, I would splinter instead.
Ralph Buckley: 2D. I need a forcing bid.
David Walker: 4H. 19 points, four hearts.
David Waterman: 4C. Not perfect, but the closest I can come to describing my hand.
Larry Meyer: 3S. Splinter to show 4-card trump support, game going values, and spade shortness.
Andrew Krywaniuk: 4C. I wish my SA was the HA, but you can't have everything.
Hk Ho: 3S. Splinter in support of hearts, leaving the rest to partner.
Stephen Vincent: 3C. Premature to support hearts when clubs or NT might play so much better.
Perry Khakhar: 4H. Maybe a bit of an underbid. But splinter in spades is not my cup of tea. Is 4C available in this format?
Hendrik Sharples: 4C. Hopefully this treatment is standard.
Ig Nieuwenhuis: 4C. Not happy about the quality of the hearts, but this is descriptive and leaves room for partner to show something if he is not absolutely minimum.
David Gordon: 4C. . . 4 hearts and a good 6-card club suit. It is even running for those of my partners who demand it. :-)
Uday Maitra: 4C. We play this to show 6-4 in minor-major in support.
Plarq Liu: 3C. Strong with long clubs.
Allan Simon: 2S. For me 2S is a splinter, so that's what I bid. Is it possible I might bid 2S on all 5 problems, never natural?
Kf Tung: 3C. Pave a way to 6C or 6H.

4. Matchpoints. None vul.
S J 5 3   H 10 9   D A K   C K 7 6 5 4 3  
West North East South  
  1D Pass ?

Your call?

2C 6 100
1NT 6 90
2NT 2 60
3C 2 40
Moderator: Force to game with 2C, make a non-forcing limit bid of 1NT or invite game via some other means? The panel is divided: 10 move forward while 6 are content to play 1NT.
Steve Weinstein: 2C. I would bid 3NT opposite a 12-14 1NT, so I'm going to force to game. I'd much rather play from partner's side, so I'll hope he can bid notrump.
Larry Cohen: 1NT. Not enough to force to game, and I see no need to push with 2NT at this form of scoring. Have you seen what players open on these days? We'll be plenty high already opposite, say: SK x x x HA Q x x DQ 10 x x Cx.
Mike Lawrence: 2NT. . . invitational. My majors are weak, but the honors may be useful. 2C looks OK, but it will create later problems. What should I bid next if partner bids an innocuous 2D? 3C, if invitational, is reasonable, too. But I'll stick with 2NT.
Sylvia Shi: 3C. Too strong to bid 1NT, and 2NT is sick.
David Waterman: 2C. Is 2C game forcing in this system? I assume so, or this would not be a problem. I still bid 2C - seduced by the spots.
Larry Meyer: 2C. Deny 4-card major and show 10+ HCP. If playing 2 over 1, then must bid 1NT instead.
Andrew Krywaniuk: 2NT. I don't think BBS has 2C game forcing, so maybe that is better.
Hk Ho: 1NT. The club suit is too empty to bid.
Perry Khakhar: 2C. Seems better than any alternative!
Hendrik Sharples: 3C. Tempted to bid 1NT but the lure of game is too strong.
Ig Nieuwenhuis: 2C. Best description, but really hate DA in partner's first suit.
David Gordon: 2C. I will stretch to make a 2/1 call.
Plarq Liu: 2C. Long clubs, bid it.
Allan Simon: 2C. Hard to think of anything else.
Kf Tung: 1NT. We like plus scores. +90 is fine, +120 is good, +150 is excellent. Occasionally we miss a game.

5. IMPs. None vul.
S Q 8 6   H A K Q 6   D A Q 4 3 2   C 7  
West North East South  
  1C Pass 1D
Pass 1S Pass 2H
Pass 2NT Pass ?

Your call?

3NT 10 100
3S 3 70
3H 2 60
4NT 1 50
Moderator: Most of the panelists brake in 3NT.
Ken Cohen: 3NT. One point short of a 4NT bid.
Kerri Sanborn: 3S. This type of hand often plays well in a Moysian (4-3) fit, but looking at my hearts, I know partner is not ever going to want to bid 3NT, and I haven't really pinpointed the singleton. Which of us is going to make the last guess? I'm thinking that the clubs are not rebiddable, so 4-3-2-4 is the most likely shape.
Roger Lee: 3H. Partner must have HJ x x at least, so I'm going to make an attempt to get to 6H, planning on playing just 4H if partner can't show a good heart raise via 4C.
Ralph Buckley: 3D. Assuming the 2H bid is 4th suit forcing, I need to describe my distribution, and at the same time see what pard responds.
David Walker: 3D. Only with diamond support go beyond 3NT.
David Waterman: 3NT. Yeah, yeah. 3NT goes down opposite weak clubs and the Moysian spade game makes - if I bid 3S now it shows 4, so I can't do that.
Larry Meyer: 3H. Game force already in place, so let pard know that my hearts are real.
Andrew Krywaniuk: 3H. Confirm a real suit on the way to a potential slam.
Hk Ho: 3S. Pard should not be very strong for his 2NT rebid over our reverse. 3S won't be passed out. It's likely showing 3-card support, letting pard decide to close with 3NT or 4S.
Stephen Vincent: 3NT. A mild misfit: it's very easy to construct perfectly respectable hands for partner where 3NT is quite high enough.
Perry Khakhar: 4NT. Itís either this or 3D. Iím not convinced that diamonds will be a better slam.
Hendrik Sharples: 3S. Partner will of course play me for a hand too strong to bid 4S, but I don't know what else to do.
Ig Nieuwenhuis: 4NT. Since 2NT should show a non-minimum (3NT would be fast arrival) 4NT is reasonable even without a confirmed fit.
David Gordon: 3S. Shows 3 spades.
Plarq Liu: 4C. Starting with Gerber I guess.
Allan Simon: 4NT. . . quantitative obviously. Just a tad too much for 3NT. Partner could easily have SK J x x HJ x DK x x CA Q x x or even more.
Kf Tung: 3S. Partner has 4-3-2-4, and sometimes he can visualize 6S opposite your good 3-4-5-1 cards.

Panel's Answers

  1 2 3 4 5 Total
Larry Cohen Pass 2NT 4C 1NT 3NT 490
Barry Rigal Pass 3C 4C 1NT 3NT 480
Zach Grossack Pass Pass 4C 2C 3NT 470
Steve Robinson Pass 2NT 2D 1NT 3NT 460
Josh Donn Pass 2NT 4C 2C 3H 460
Roger Lee Pass 3C 4C 2C 3H 450
Daniel Korbel Pass 2NT 4C 3C 3NT 440
Ken Cohen 3D 2S 4C 2C 3NT 440
Mike Lawrence Pass 2NT 3D 2NT 3NT 420
August Boehm Pass 2S 4C 1NT 4NT 410
Sylvia Shi Pass Pass 4C 3C 3NT 410
Jill Meyers 3D 3C 2D 2C 3S 400
Steve Weinstein 2NT 3C 3S 2C 3NT 400
Jeff Meckstroth 2S Pass 4H 1NT 3NT 390
Kerri Sanborn 2S 2NT 2D 2NT 3S 360
Mel Colchamiro 3D 2H 4H 1NT 3S 350

Local Heroes

    1 2 3 4 5 Total Points
1.    Brad Bart 2S 2NT 4C 2C 3NT 460 175.00
2.    Martin Henneberger 3D 2NT 4H 2C 3NT 440 131.25
3.    Zoran Peca 3D 2NT 4C 1NT 3S 430 61.25
3.    David Waterman 2S 2S 4C 2C 3NT 430 61.25
3.    Christopher Diamond 3D 3C 4C 2C 3S 430 61.25
6.    Gilbert Lambert 2S 3C 4H 2C 3NT 420 27.08
6.    David Hooey 3D 3C 3S 2C 3NT 420 27.08
8.    Stephen Vincent Pass 2NT 3C 2C 3NT 400 20.66
8.    Monica Angus 3D 2S 4H 1NT 3NT 400 20.66
10.    Julien Levesque Dbl 3C 4H 2C 3NT 390 14.79
10.    Julie Smith 3D 2S 4C 1NT 3H 390 14.79
10.    Andrew Krywaniuk 3D 2NT 4C 2NT 3H 390 14.79
10.    Arun Chopra 3S 2S 3S 2C 3NT 390 14.79
10.    Robert Sauve 3D 3C 2D 1NT 3S 390 14.79

World Leaders

    1 2 3 4 5 Total Points
1.    Diane Bolton (Canada) 2S 3C 4H 2C 3NT 420 79.63
1.    Bjarne Andersen (Denmark) Pass 2NT 3S 1NT 3S 420 79.63
3.    Perry Khakhar (Canada) Pass 3C 4H 2C 4NT 410 31.85
3.    Leo Weniger (Canada) 2S 3C 4C 2NT 3NT 410 31.85
3.    Ig Nieuwenhuis (Netherlands) 2S 2NT 4C 2C 4NT 410 31.85
6.    Paul Mcmullin (Usa) 2S 2S 4H 2C 3NT 400 13.18
6.    Roy Bolton (Canada) 2S 2S 4H 2C 3NT 400 13.18
6.    Franco Masoero (Italy) 2S 2S 2D 2C 3NT 400 13.18
9.    Chris Galbraith (Canada) Dbl 2NT 4C 1NT 3S 390 9.16
9.    Uday Maitra (Canada) 2S Pass 4C 1NT 3S 390 9.16
9.    Qiang Wu (China) 3D 2NT 2D 1NT 3H 390 9.16
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