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TGIF November 2017: Scores

1. IMPs. E-W vul.
S J 9 8 7 3 2   H A 9   D ---   C Q 10 8 7 4  
West North East South  
  Pass Pass ?

Your call?

3S 7 100
1S 3 70
2S 2 70
Pass 3 70
4S 0 10
Moderator: You have 7 HCP opposite a passed hand, you have shape and you have the master suit. So what if the quality of the spade suit is somewhat suspect?
August Boehm: 2S. . . not 1S, which leaves me unprepared for diamonds or defense. If we have a future, it's probably in spades. Should it go double-pass-pass back to me, I can try 3C.
Mike Lawrence: 3S. It would be nice to know the state of the match and our opponents. 3S is oddly harder to double than 2S and I'm definitely going to do something.
Barry Rigal: Pass. I can't believe I'm doing this, but with such a weak suit, passing then bidding gets both suits in, while bidding one suit may commit me to act later and regret it.
Daniel Korbel: 1S. I think if I catch a spade fit, I want to at least get to 4S at these colours, so I won't try an offbeat 2S or 3S. If I don't catch a spade fit, we could also be making 5C. Opening 1S gives us the best chance of finding either fit.
Gilbert Lambert: 3S. Eddie Kantar: It is not about how much you can go down, but about how much they can make.
Christopher Diamond: 1S. Depends on what pard might have passed. My general rule: bid slow with spades, fast with other suits.
Larry Meyer: 2S. My suit is pretty ugly, but West must have a strong hand, so I need to be disruptive.
Eugene Chan: Pass. At favourable vulnerability, very tempting for 2S. However if I take action, I prefer 3S. But this is IMPs. Hence Pass.
Andrew Krywaniuk: 3S. Preempting 1 level higher for 6-5 shape.
Hk Ho: 2S. Pard has passed, so we have more freedom. In 1st or 2nd seat, a better suit is required. After 2 passes, the bid tells pard that you have less than opening strength, but 6+ cards of the suit. Most important of all, it forces West to come in at the 3-level.
Perry Khakhar: 2S. This seems clear cut with the vulnerability. I may bid clubs at some level as well!
David Gordon: Pass. I do not mind a 2S bid. It is a situational decision.
Plarq Liu: 2S. Have to bid something as nonvul versus vul. If doubled, run to clubs.
Ig Nieuwenhuis: Pass. Probably worth more on defense.
Allan Simon: 2S. This no longer seems eccentric.
Kf Tung: 2S. Pave the path for a save.

2. Matchpoints. None vul.
S A 8 7 5   H A K Q 8   D A 5 3 2   C 8  
West North East South  
    3D ?

Your call?

Dbl 11 100
3NT 2 70
4D 2 70
Pass 0 60
3H 0 40
Moderator: Double, while the clear panel favourite, has its issues.
Larry Cohen: 3NT. At least I can hold up in diamonds and hope that RHO has no side entry. If you could remove all the club bids from my partner's bidding box, then I'd double 3D.
Geoff Hampson: 4D. My hand is very suit-oriented, but the possibility of playing clubs after double is too high. I can stand to play a 4-3 major as long as partner is taking the tap.
Sylvia Shi: Dbl. I think double is the winner in the long term. Partner will strive to not bid clubs, and if he does, I can just blame him because clubs isn't a suit anymore, as we all know.
Stephen Vincent: Dbl. While making a silent prayer to the bridge gods.
Gilbert Lambert: Dbl. Not enough potential tricks for NT.
Christopher Diamond: Dbl. Sorry Hamman, not this time. Guess I'm passing the dreaded 4C.
Larry Meyer: 4D. Michaels to show both majors. My strength should compensate for my lack of length.
Eugene Chan: Dbl. Not giving up on possible slam. On the other hand, may be creating a big minus. It is matchpoints: I've had zeroes before.
Andrew Krywaniuk: Dbl. Too many diamond losers to consider 3NT. I will insist on a major but 4D Michaels is too big of a stretch.
Hk Ho: 3NT. Pass or Dbl is out of the question. If pard can't offer any help, we can't set 3D. Dbl might see pard take out in 4C. Hope 3NT results in -100 vs -110 or -200 vs -400. If West doubles, I will redouble for pard to run to a long major.
Perry Khakhar: 3H. Cannot possibly make a take out double, can I? The possible bids can get ugly with the take out double.
David Gordon: 3NT. Make the value bid.
Joel Forssell: Pass. Pard will reopen.
Plarq Liu: Dbl. Two majors to choose. If partner bid clubs, run to 4NT.
Ig Nieuwenhuis: 4D. Hope he has a 4-card major.
Allan Simon: Dbl. . . and pass any response including the dreaded 5C.
Kf Tung: Dbl. It is more frequent to strike a major suit fit than to invite a disaster.

3. IMPs. N-S vul.
S A 4 3   H J   D A Q 10 2   C A K 8 6 3  
West North East South  
2S Pass Pass ?

Your call?

2NT 10 100
3D 4 70
Pass 1 60
3C 0 30
Dbl 0 30
Moderator: The singleton rules out doubling this time; must be because hearts is a real suit and clubs isn't! The lonely heart does not, however, dissuade panelists from bidding notrump.
Daniel Korbel: 3D. . . a vile bid, but 2NT doesn't feel right. Partner could have: Sx x x Hx x x x DK J x x x Cx and all we make is 5D. If partner has a little something and wants to try to get to 3NT, he can still cuebid 3S. I hope nobody is doubling 2S with this hand.
Josh Donn: 2NT. . . natural. We can easily have game if partner had an awkward hand to bid, or else I will just hope we get to a making contract.
Stephen Vincent: 2NT. . . with misgivings. Where are the hearts?
Gilbert Lambert: 2NT. Here I do have more potential for tricks.
Christopher Diamond: 2NT. I like 2NT a lot better when its forcing. But I don't see a viable alternative here even if its natural.
Larry Meyer: 3D. Continue with my plan to show a reverse in clubs and diamonds.
Eugene Chan: Dbl. OK kids. Repeat three times. All good hands start with double.
Andrew Krywaniuk: 2NT. The opponents seem to have a big heart fit. Passing might be our last chance for a plus, but don't believe the panel will pass because game is still possible.
Hk Ho: 3D. Dbl implies hearts. 3D shows reverse-strength and clubs longer than diamonds. The ball is in pard's court.
Perry Khakhar: 2NT. With SA x x, I think that Notrumps may play well. Double is out with this hand and 3D may be too crazy.
David Gordon: 2NT. Shows diamonds or hearts.
Plarq Liu: Dbl. Let partner bid again.
Ig Nieuwenhuis: 2NT. Right on strength, but could be down easily.
Allan Simon: Pass. Partner couldn't even croak a negative double, so we don't have a game. And defending gives us a good chance at going plus.
Kf Tung: 2NT. Your hand is better than a 1NT opening and you have clubs.

4. IMPs. Both vul.
S ---   H K 9 8 6 5 4   D K Q 7 6 5 3   C 8  
West North East South  

Your call?

2H 6 100
Pass 5 90
1H 4 80
2D 0 40
Moderator: The panel are split between the 3 choices of 1H, 2H or Pass. Good problem!
Jill Meyers: 1H. I have so much playing strength, I just can't see passing and entering the auction later.
Roger Lee: Pass. Nothing feels right at the moment, so I'll just come back in and show a big two-suiter later.
Mel Colchamiro: 2H. . . then 4D or 5D if I have to. That's just how I handle these low high-card-point 6-6 jobs.
Stephen Vincent: 1H. I don't like freak hands in bidding competitions.
Gilbert Lambert: Pass. You have to pay some respect to the vulnerability!
Christopher Diamond: 2H. Nearly a possible opposite hand for problem 1. So fast with hearts. Easy game. Might be able to get diamonds into play later.
Larry Meyer: 1H. Relying on the Rule of 20.
Eugene Chan: Pass. This will be our hand . . . or it won't be. Initial action won't help our cause.
Andrew Krywaniuk: Pass. IMHO the best opening is 1H. But last time this question was posed the panel chose to pass.
Hk Ho: 1H. 2H is not my cup of tea with a better 2nd suit. If pard responds vigorously, we can bid diamonds again and again. Passing will let E/W plain sailing to find spades.
Perry Khakhar: 2H. . . followed by whatever number of diamonds I need to bid. Emphasizing a lack of defense and a crazy hand.
David Gordon: Pass. . . and bid lots later.
Plarq Liu: 2H. Bid hearts and prepare to run to diamonds.
Ig Nieuwenhuis: 1H. Disaster looms, but can't get myself to pass.
Allan Simon: Pass. I hope to get a chance on the next round.
Kf Tung: Pass. You can enter later. You do not open with 8 points on the first seat with two suits.

5. IMPs. None vul.
S K J 10 4 2   H 4   D K 9 7 6 4   C Q 3  
West North East South  
  1H Pass 1S
Pass 2C Pass ?

Your call?

2NT 8 100
2S 7 90
2D 0 50
Pass 0 30
Moderator: Another split panel, taking preference to neither of partner's suits.
Mike Lawrence: 2S. Hardest of the set. 2S ends the bidding in what may be our best contract. Or not. 2NT might survive. 2D is OK if it isn't forcing forever. I expect it will be the winner, but the comments will be wishy-washy. My guess is 2S. Hopefully partner can raise.
Kerri Sanborn: 2NT. I rate to find a stiff spade opposite, so maybe a diamond card or two. If I bid 2D, it forces to game, and 2S for the above reason feels wrong.
Stephen Vincent: 2S. Least of evils.
Gilbert Lambert: 2NT. A slight stretch.
Christopher Diamond: Pass. Ugly. Guess I could take a false preference. Not forcing to game with this. Spades aren't good enough to play opposite shortness. Pard could have a good hand but a nonvul game isn't a big loss.
Larry Meyer: 2S. 2D would be 4th suit game forcing, so rebid my 5-card suit instead.
Eugene Chan: 2S. 2D is game forcing for most partnerships. Nothing bad about rebbidding decent spade suit.
Andrew Krywaniuk: Pass. Another repeat. My choice would be to psyche a 2D fourth-suit-forcing and pass any response, but last time the panel chose pass.
Hk Ho: 2S. 2D is fourth suit. In the lack of support for pard, to rebid a not bad 5-card suit at the lowest level is the best thing to do.
Perry Khakhar: 2NT. Backed into a corner! This is only a slight exaggeration of values compared to the alternative! At least shows a semblance of diamond cards!
David Gordon: 2S. Keep the auction alive.
Plarq Liu: 2S. Not enough to bid 2D, rebid spades.
Ig Nieuwenhuis: 2S. A perennial problem; this is my choice on reasonable spades.
Allan Simon: 2NT. I don't like it either.
Kees Schaafsma: 2NT. 2C is unlimited; 2NT is non-forcing.

Panel's Answers

  1 2 3 4 5 Total
Steve Weinstein 3S Dbl 2NT 2H 2NT 500
Josh Donn 3S Dbl 2NT Pass 2NT 490
Mike Lawrence 3S Dbl 2NT Pass 2S 480
Roger Lee 3S Dbl 2NT Pass 2S 480
Larry Cohen 3S 3NT 2NT 2H 2S 460
Jeff Meckstroth 3S Dbl 3D Pass 2NT 460
Kerri Sanborn Pass Dbl 2NT Pass 2NT 460
Jill Meyers Pass Dbl 2NT 1H 2NT 450
Sylvia Shi 1S Dbl 2NT 1H 2NT 450
Steve Robinson 1S 4D 2NT 2H 2NT 440
Geoff Hampson 3S 4D 2NT 1H 2S 440
Barry Rigal Pass Dbl 3D 2H 2S 430
Mel Colchamiro 2S Dbl 3D 2H 2S 430
Daniel Korbel 1S Dbl 3D 1H 2NT 420
August Boehm 2S 3NT Pass 2H 2S 390

Local Heroes

    1 2 3 4 5 Total Points
1.    Gilbert Lambert 3S Dbl 2NT Pass 2NT 490 185.50
2.    Brad Bart 2S Dbl 2NT Pass 2NT 460 115.94
2.    Kai Zhou Pass Dbl 2NT Pass 2NT 460 115.94
4.    Stephen Ottridge Pass Dbl 2NT 1H 2NT 450 51.01
4.    Laurence Betts 2S Dbl 2NT Pass 2S 450 51.01
6.    Stephen Vincent Pass Dbl 2NT 1H 2S 440 25.30
6.    David Schmidt 2S Dbl 3D 2H 2NT 440 25.30
6.    Bill Angus Pass Dbl 2NT 1H 2S 440 25.30
6.    David Hooey 2S Dbl 2NT 1H 2S 440 25.30
10.    Larry Pocock 2S Dbl 3D 2H 2S 430 16.96
10.    Dave Gabel 2S Dbl 3D Pass 2NT 430 16.96
10.    Joel Martineau 2S Dbl 3D 2H 2S 430 16.96
13.    Andrew Krywaniuk 3S Dbl 2NT Pass Pass 420 12.48
13.    Kevin Contzen 2S Dbl 3D Pass 2S 420 12.48
13.    Jack Aaron 2S Dbl 3D 1H 2NT 420 12.48
13.    Janice Avis Pass Dbl 3D 1H 2NT 420 12.48
13.    Craig T. Wilson 1S Dbl 3D 1H 2NT 420 12.48

World Leaders

    1 2 3 4 5 Total Points
1.    Franco Masoero (Italy) 2S Dbl 2NT Pass 2NT 460 115.50
2.    Kf Tung (China) 2S Dbl 2NT Pass 2S 450 86.63
3.    John Gillespie (Canada) 1S Dbl 2NT 1H 2S 440 49.09
3.    Bob Kuz (Canada) Pass Dbl 2NT 1H 2S 440 49.09
5.    Dennis Caswell (Canada) 3S Dbl Dbl 2H 2NT 430 21.18
5.    Qiang Wu (China) 2S 4D 2NT Pass 2NT 430 21.18
7.    Judi Carter (Canada) 2S Dbl 3D 1H 2NT 420 10.75
7.    Susan Julius (Canada) 2S Dbl 3D Pass 2S 420 10.75
7.    David Gordon (Canada) Pass 3NT 2NT Pass 2S 420 10.75
7.    Beverley Candlish (Canada) 2S Dbl 3D 1H 2NT 420 10.75
7.    Leonid Bossis (Canada) 2S Dbl 3D Pass 2S 420 10.75
7.    Roy Bolton (Canada) 2S Dbl 3D Pass 2S 420 10.75
7.    Mike Tanner (Canada) Pass 4D 2NT Pass 2S 420 10.75
7.    Diane Bolton (Canada) Pass Dbl 3D Pass 2S 420 10.75
7.    Bob Todd (Canada) 2S 4D 2NT Pass 2S 420 10.75
7.    Allan Simon (Canada) 2S Dbl Pass Pass 2NT 420 10.75
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