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TGIF June 2017: Scores

1. Matchpoints. Both vul.
S A J   H 9 8 7 5 3 2   D Q 2   C J 5 4  
West North East South  
1C 1S 2C ?

Your call?

2H 9 100
Dbl 5 80
2S 2 70
Pass 0 60
Moderator: The majority choose 2H, but what are they thinking?
August Boehm: 2S. At least I'll get a good lead, which 2H imperils. Double, planning to correct diamonds to hearts, is possible, but correction may come at an uncomfortable level if West re-raises clubs.
Larry Cohen: 2H. I do have six of them, right?
Jill Meyers: Dbl. With the SA J, I would rather keep spades in play.
Martin Henneberger: 2H. Although 2H overstates my values slightly, I like it better than all the alternatives. Making a responsive double and correcting diamonds to hearts would be fine if the opponents gave us free reign.
Stephen Vincent: 2S. Even non-forcing, the values aren't quite there to bid 2H.
Christopher Diamond: 2H. A flawed 2S will probably be the top pick. But if we are going to play at the 3-level at all it will likely to be better in hearts. If not, I just caused a terrible lead.
Larry Meyer: 2H. Relying on quantity instead of quality.
Eugene Chan: Pass. If partner cannot take further action, this is not our hand. Heart suit sucks. No reason to bid.
Hk Ho: 2H. I have 8 1/2 LTC. It is reasonable to assign 8 LTC to pard's 1-level overcall. Hope that pard has 2 or 3 hearts to enable 2H to make. If 2H is doubled, 2S is in reserve.
Perry Khakhar: 2H. If THEY have a fit . . .
Timothy Wright: 2S. 2H is wrong on hand strength and suit strength. The only thing wrong with 2S is that I am missing a third spade.
David Gordon: 2H. Stretch for one bid.
Plarq Liu: 2H. It is not too late to announce my suit. Possibly we have a heart fit.
Chris Buchanan: Dbl. Not enough for a direct 2H and I have decent support for partner's spades.
Allan Simon: 2S. Just too afraid of a heart lead vs 3C.
Kf Tung: Pass. If this is their hand let them play in 2C. If this is your hand partner will make one more bid and then you can act accordingly.

2. IMPs. N-S vul.
S A 8 7 6   H Q 7 6 5 3   D A K 9 3   C ---  
West North East South  
    Pass 1H
Pass 1NT Pass 2D
Pass 2NT Pass ?

Your call?

Pass 12 100
3S 4 60
3NT 0 40
Moderator: The promise of a misfit has most of the panelists slamming on the brakes.
Mike Lawrence: Pass. Partner has a maximum of three spades, a maximum of two hearts and a maximum of four diamonds. He has four clubs and very likely has more. Anyway, what am I to do if not pass?
Daniel Korbel: 3S. Partner will know my approximate shape and we will at least avoid a very silly 3NT (perhaps to play in a very silly 4H or 5D?).
Martin Henneberger: Pass. Normally I wouldn't second-guess trying for game, red at IMPs. Here, I am without a trick source, and the warning signs are enough to have me go conservative before anything bad happens.
Stephen Vincent: Pass. It would be nice to pattern out with 3S but the values aren't quite there on this likely misfit.
Eurydice Nours: Pass. Play Flannery! No problem on rebid.
Christopher Diamond: Pass. This is going to be a terrible spot. Pard's most likely shape is 3-1-3-6 with values and mediocre clubs. But I see no way to improve the contract.
Larry Meyer: Pass. Sounds like we have less than game values, and no fit.
Eugene Chan: 3NT. Probably won't make 9 tricks but the cost if wrong is too high at IMPs. I am further encouraged by the lack of deuces.
James Harris: Pass. This would be a good 2D Flannery opening bid.
Hk Ho: Pass. Pard should have 10 HCP for his bidding, a balanced hand. Our club void does not help to develop winning tricks in that suit. It is best to get out of the field asap.
Perry Khakhar: 3D. Where are the tricks coming from in NT?
Timothy Wright: Pass. I've seen this movie and it does not end well for those who take a third bid.
David Gordon: 3NT. Borderline.
Plarq Liu: 3S. Fragment calls.
Chris Buchanan: Pass. Excuse me while I vomit. I have no reason to bid again.
Allan Simon: Pass. As good a spot as any.
Kf Tung: Pass. Rule of prudence. Many will go for a vulnerable game but how can partner get 9 tricks?

3. Matchpoints. Both vul.
S 10 4 3   H K J 3   D K 5   C 10 9 7 5 4  
West North East South  
    1H Pass
2H 2S Pass Pass
3H Dbl Pass ?

Your call?

4S 7 100
Pass 6 90
3S 3 80
3NT 0 50
Moderator: The plurality take their three-card fit and modest values to game.
Geoff Hampson: Pass. I have the wrong values for 4S to have a good shot, and I do have a good chance to defeat them two, so I will take it.
Josh Donn: 4S. Picture partner with SA K x x x x Hx DA x x CA x x. I probably don't even need 2-2 spades because I am likely to get a club discard on a heart. That scenario would probably make game for us even if partner's spades are SK Q J x x x.
Sylvia Shi: 3S. When partner doubles here, he wants me to bid, not pass. With three-card support, I would need to have a huge trump stack and HK J x isn't cutting it. 4S is a consideration, but I'm not going to bury my partner at matchpoints.
Martin Henneberger: 3S. If the HK J were elsewhere, I would consider bidding more. It is important to give partner some rope here and allow them to compete with: SA K x x x Hx DQ J x CK Q J x or similar hand types.
Christopher Diamond: 4S. A huge hand for the auction. Don't know why I didn't bid before. If the heart honours are split it's more likely the ace is on my right, so spades over NT.
Larry Meyer: Pass. Most of my strength, hearts, will be more useful on defense.
Eugene Chan: Pass. At matchpoints, an easy decision to try for +200. Risk vs reward is in our favour.
Hk Ho: 3S. We have only 1 defensive trick. Pard can hardly be expected to take 4 tricks by his simple overcall.
Perry Khakhar: Pass. Perfect hand for a matchpoint pass!
Timothy Wright: 3NT. If partner really has that 5=0=4=3 moose, then she can make a move next round.
David Gordon: 3S. Close to a 3S bid initially.
Plarq Liu: Pass. This hand is better for defense.
Chris Buchanan: 4S. I have a max pass over 2S and a ruffing value. Tough to beat 3H more than 2 tricks.
Allan Simon: 4S. I wouldn't have passed 2S.
Kf Tung: 3S. You don't want to double 3H. Will they double your 3S?

4. IMPs. N-S vul.
S K Q J 2   H K 5 4   D 6 5   C A Q 10 7  
West North East South  
  2D (1) 2S ?
(1) Weak.

Your call?

Dbl 10 100
2NT 2 60
3NT 2 50
Pass 1 50
3D 1 40
Moderator: The majority see blood in the water.
Kerri Sanborn: 3NT. Hope for no heart lead.
Roger Lee: 2NT. I'll let partner out opposite a minimum, but I think we should try for our vulnerable game before making a penalty double we might regret.
Mel Colchamiro: Dbl. Yum, yum. Anywhere between plus 300 and plus 1100 is coming our way.
Martin Henneberger: Dbl. Missing three aces and holding two small in partner's suit makes me skeptical about making game our way. On a really bad day, the opponents might make 2S, but I still like our chances for a significant plus score by doubling.
Stephen Vincent: Dbl. Once in awhile this will make: the big penalties coming our way will more than compensate in the long run.
Gilbert Lambert: 2NT. I hope 2NT is asking.
Christopher Diamond: Dbl. 2D is likely good at these colours. But even if we can bring them home for 5 winners we likely need an obedient spade lead and some luck even after that if East ducks. So with only double and 3NT as choices I will take the near certain, if smaller plus.
Larry Meyer: 3NT. Trusting pard to have a somewhat sound bid, given that we are vulnerable.
Eugene Chan: Dbl. Partner's vulnerable weak two should have some defense. Penalty double hoping for +500.
James Harris: Dbl. As partner preempted, I presume he will not take the double as take-out.
Hk Ho: 3NT. Vulnerable against not, pard's weak 2D should have 6 tricks in the bag. We have between 3 to 6 tricks. Making 600 is far better than doubling 2S for 100 or 300. After all, it is IMPs.
Perry Khakhar: Pass. I think 3NT is too greedy, unless we are behind in the match. If we knew how good the suit and a side card were we may go, but that is too many specific cards to place in partner's hand.
Timothy Wright: 3NT. At matchpoints, this would be a harder problem. At IMPs, it is easy enough to give partner hands where 3NT has play, so we have to bid game if we can.
David Gordon: 2NT. Invite game.
Plarq Liu: 3NT. Could possibly make it with partner to have 6 good diamonds and a side entry.
Chris Buchanan: 3NT. What I am missing should be easy to find. Let's see how bad partner's vul preempt is.
Allan Simon: 3NT. . . in case it makes.
Kf Tung: 3NT. A spade lead is welcome!

5. IMPs. N-S vul.
S J 7 4 3   H A 10 8 5 2   D A 4   C K 2  
West North East South  
  1C 1S 2H
2S 3C 3S ?

Your call?

5C 10 100
4S 4 70
3NT 2 60
4C 0 50
4NT 0 30
Dbl 0 10
Moderator: The panel choose the practical value bid of 5C.
Steve Weinstein: 5C. I would like to bid a forcing 4C, but because I'm not sure that 4C is forcing, I'm going with 5C. There are not enough hands where partner would bid only 3C where slam is probable enough to make it worth it to cuebid 4S.
Mike Lawrence: 4S. I could bid 4C, but 4S should imply great interest in a club slam, moreso than 4C. Even 4NT is a possible choice. If partner asks for key cards, I can show three and partner will know my exact hand, but asking partner for key cards won't help me much.
Barry Rigal: 3NT. I expect partner to run with a void and for us to have nine tricks, even if a spade honour is tripleton to my left and partner sits for 3NT with a void.
Martin Henneberger: 5C. Doubling would be a knee-jerk reaction and would often end the auction. Partner is at most 1-2 in the majors. I have important cover cards where partner needs them and no spade wastage. The least I can do is bid 5C.
Stephen Vincent: 4D. A club slam is very possible.
Christopher Diamond: 4D. If pard raises which is unlikely, I guess we are playing 6C. Otherwise, a cue before bidding 5C. Tough set.
Larry Meyer: 3NT. That's where the money is. 6 clubs, 2 red aces, and a spade.
Eugene Chan: 4C. In this sequence 4C should be forcing. Partner can decide to bid game or go exploring for slam.
Hk Ho: 3NT. Again, it is IMPs vulnerable against not. Game should be arrived at whenever possible. West is likely to have honour third in spades. The SJ should stop the run of the suit.
Perry Khakhar: 4D. With the primes (3 key cards) that we are holding, let's cooperate with partner in case a 30 point deck can bring a slam. Sx HK x DK Q x CA Q x x x x x maybe?
Timothy Wright: 4S. I could just blast 6C here, since partner has a very likely spade void, but I don't want to hang partner for (over)bidding HJ x x DQ J x CA Q J 10 x x x.
Plarq Liu: Pass. This hand is better for defense.
Chris Buchanan: 4S. I don't need much of a hand for partner to make 6C here.
Allan Simon: Dbl. Enough is enough.
Kf Tung: 3NT. They cannot get 5 quick spades!

Panel's Answers

  1 2 3 4 5 Total
Josh Donn 2H Pass 4S Dbl 5C 500
Jill Meyers Dbl Pass 4S Dbl 5C 480
Martin Henneberger 2H Pass 3S Dbl 5C 480
Steve Weinstein Dbl Pass Pass Dbl 5C 470
Mike Lawrence 2H Pass Pass Dbl 4S 460
Roger Lee 2H Pass 4S 2NT 5C 460
August Boehm 2S Pass 3S Dbl 5C 450
Jeff Meckstroth 2H 3S Pass Dbl 5C 450
Geoff Hampson 2H Pass Pass Dbl 3NT 450
Kerri Sanborn Dbl Pass 4S 3NT 5C 430
Mel Colchamiro 2S Pass Pass Dbl 4S 430
Larry Cohen 2H Pass Pass 3NT 4S 410
Daniel Korbel 2H 3S 4S Pass 5C 410
Barry Rigal Dbl 3S 4S Dbl 3NT 400
Steve Robinson Dbl 3S 4S 2NT 5C 400
Sylvia Shi 2H Pass 3S 3D 4S 390

Local Heroes

    1 2 3 4 5 Total Points
1.    Larry Pocock 2H Pass Pass Dbl 5C 490 147.00
2.    Martin Henneberger 2H Pass 3S Dbl 5C 480 110.25
3.    Michael Dimich Dbl Pass 3S Dbl 5C 460 73.50
4.    Julien Levesque 2H Pass 3S 3NT 5C 430 51.45
5.    Susan Bleakney 2H Pass Pass 2NT 3NT 410 26.95
5.    Caroline Solonenko 2S Pass 3S 2NT 5C 410 26.95
7.    David Walker 2H Pass 3S 2NT 3NT 400 15.33
7.    Larry Meyer 2H Pass Pass 3NT 3NT 400 15.33
7.    Kai Zhou 2H Pass 3S 3NT 4S 400 15.33
7.    Christopher Diamond 2H Pass 4S Dbl 4D 400 15.33
7.    Gary Gilraine 2S Pass 3S Dbl 4C 400 15.33
7.    Jack Aaron 2H 3S 3S 2NT 5C 400 15.33
7.    Barbara Chaworth-Musters 2H Pass 3S 2NT 3NT 400 15.33

World Leaders

    1 2 3 4 5 Total Points
1.    Bob Todd (Canada) Pass Pass 4S Dbl 5C 460 108.50
2.    Chris Galbraith (Canada) 2H Pass 4S 3NT 5C 450 81.38
3.    Leonid Bossis (Canada) Pass Pass 3S Dbl 5C 440 46.11
3.    Rina Rosenberg (Usa) 2H Pass 3S Dbl 3NT 440 46.11
5.    John Gillespie (Canada) 2H Pass 4S 2NT 3NT 420 19.89
5.    Kees Schaafsma (Netherlands) 2H Pass 3S 3D 5C 420 19.89
7.    Sam Aaron (England) 2S Pass 3S 2NT 5C 410 14.53
7.    Bjarne Andersen (Denmark) Dbl Pass 3S 3NT 5C 410 14.53
9.    Paul Mcmullin (Usa) 2H Pass 3S 2NT 3NT 400 10.45
9.    Susan Julius (Canada) Pass Pass 3S Dbl 3NT 400 10.45
9.    Chris Buchanan (Canada) Dbl Pass 4S 3NT 4S 400 10.45
9.    Franco Masoero (Italy) 2H Pass 4S 3NT 4C 400 10.45
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