Associate Professor (since Sep'16)
School of Computing Science
Simon Fraser University
Gmail: moc.liamg@krow.marirhsa
Arrvindh Shriraman School of Computing Science ASB 9241, 8888 University Drive Simon Fraser University Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6, Canada Tel: I prefer email contact. perm_contact_calendarCalendar directions_carDirections
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Active Research (more-)

NEEDLE Vendors have closely integrated reconfigurable logic (e.g., FPGAs) into multicores that enable the software community to realize accelerators for specific program regions. We propose a methodical LLVM-based compiler approach to answer the question, what is acceleratable? and help software developers with early stage exploration of acceleration targets. Our hypothesis is that an entirely new program execution-based abstraction is needed to extract acceleratable regions from programs to help hardware synthesis tools. [IISWC'16,HPCA'16]
FUSION Chip designers have shown increasing interest in integrating specialized fixed-function coprocessors. With increasing energy cost of wires and caches relative to compute operations, it is imperative to optimize data movement to retain the energy benefits of accelerators. We have developed a lightweight coherent cache hierarchy for accelerators to optimize the data movement. We are studying coherence based memory models for both GPUs [HPCA'13] and fixed-function coprocessors [ISCA'15].

Recent Publications and Talks


  • ┬ÁIR - Microarchitecture Intermediate Representation (MICRO'19)
    High-level synthesis and Accelerator generation tool [More]
  • Deepframe (PACT'19)
    Deep-learning based trace compiler for constructing accelerator offload [More]
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