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About the author:

Dominik Szopa is usually a 21-year old 3rd year student of Simon Fraser University in beatiful Vancouver, BC, Canada. This web page started as a CMPT 365 (Multimedia Systems) final project which was the LZW applet. Since he's so masochistic, he offered to continue over the summer, making the web page and the Adaptive Huffman applet. Check out the resume.

If you have any suggestions, comments or offers for additions to the page, please email me at I will be away studying at Montreal until August 13, 1997, so I may not be able to respond until then.

I would like to thank Dr.Ze-Nian Li for his encouragment and help in making this webpage possible. I hope people will find it useful and learn something they didn't even think they wanted to know.

References and further Reading:

Want to find out more about compression? Here are the resources I used and recommend:

comp.compression Frequently Asked Questions,
especially their Introduction to data compression
Also, you watch the comp.comression newsgroup.

Probably the best book I have seen on the subject, which has taught me most of what I know is:

The Data Compression Book, 2nd edition
    by Mark Nelson and Jean-loup Gailly,
           M&T Books, New York, NY 1995
    ISBN 1-55851-434-1     541 pages

another book which I used for the Adaptive Huffman part of this page is:

Introduction to Data Compression
    by Sayood Khalid, 
        Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, San Fransisc, CA 1996
    ISBN 1-55860-346-8

Also, the applet used in the Huffman part, and what gave me the idea for this page, is by Walter Korman from his article:
"Data Compression: Bits, Bytes and Beefalo" in Deep Magic.
He gave me permission to use the applet. It's an excellent article, by the way.