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CMPT 275: Software Engineering I

Course Information and important dates

Contact Information
How to contact your Instructor and TA's, Schedule of office and lab hours for TA's and Instructor
Academic Honesty
Grading + Exam dates
How the course is evaluated (graded), When are midterms, quizzes and final exams
Notes, Class Schedule
Posted class notes, lists of suggested readings to complete before each lecture, and an approximate schedule of topics to be covered in each lecture.
Project Specification
Initial client specifications for software to be built for your class project
Deliverable Schedule
Detailed calendar showing when every project deliverable is due, and when every exam will be given. Links to detailed descriptions of specific expectations for each deliverable (descriptions will be available at least two weeks before the deliverable is due)
Deliverable preparation
General instructions for preparation of all deliverables
Team Selection and Team Conflict Resolution
How teams are selected, How to resolve interpersonal problems within your team
Tutorials and other useful links
CMPT 275 email archive
Copies of all emails sent to the CMPT 275 class
Course Management System
Submit your assignments and review your unofficial grades

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