Simili/Visibly Instructions

All the instructions for installing the following software are all available from their web sites; however, I'll include them here:

For simulating using Visibly, following the other instuctions is just fine. However, if you do want to simulate only one input and one output component, such as a NOT gate, then you have to add in another "dummy" signal to the testbench file (ie. add a signal called C in the signal declaration statement, and for file.cmd, add in this: "add list C", without the quotes ).

Also, a tip for using Simtool (the IDE), if one doesn't want to type in vhdle MYENTITY -do file.cmd -list signal.lst all the time, one can write it in a script file, (*.do). So everytime one wants to generate the list file for Visibly to simulate, he/she can simply press the "run script" button.

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