Simili/Visibly Instructions

These were sent by a student in a previous semester of CMPT 250:

Graphical waveforms can be generated from the following software:

You will need to download and install tcl/tk and Visibly as instructed on
the page.  (7+Mb and count on >30min installation time)

Then, create a file (called file.cmd) that looks like this:
        add list signal1
        add list signal2
        add list signal3

(where signalx is a top-level signal you want to show up in your waveform

Then, run
        vhdle MYENTITY -do file.cmd -list signal.lst

(Where MYENTITY is your test bench)

Then click on visibly.tcl (from when you installed it, see above) and open
the file signal.lst with it.  Your waveform diagram will be displayed. Use
Alt+PrintScreen to copy the output to Word or Paintbrush for printing.

Copyright © Greg Baker, last modified 2003-06-26.