39. Midterm Exam

The midterm is a 50-minute closed-book written exam that will be held the during the lecture (in the same room).

The midterm is closed-book: the exam will be written on paper, and no computers, calculators, books, notes, or other aids are permitted.

Please bring your SFU student ID card to the exam: we will be checking it during the exam. If you don’t have it, you may be asked to go get it before you can write the exam.

39.1. Topics Covered

The midterm will cover class notes up to, and including, fonts. The emphasis is on programming, and so you will not be expected to know how to derive any of the trickier mathematical expressions (e.g. such as using similar triangles to determine velocity along any line).

39.2. Kinds of Questions

While the exam could have any kind of question (short answer, true/false, multiple choice, etc.), you should expect to at least be asked to:

  • Write small Processing programs.
  • Read small Processing programs and, for instance, describe in English what it does, or find errors in it.

39.3. Sample Questions

We’ve prepared a sample exam if you want to try it:

39.4. Study Advice

  • Review the lecture notes. Type in the example programs and run them yourself. Change them to test your understanding of the program.
  • Answer all the questions at the end of the notes (sorry, answers are not provided; please come to the instructors office hours, or talk to a TA, if you need help answering these questions).
  • Look at the course glossary. It defines many basic terms.

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