40. Final Exam

The final exam is a comprehensive (i.e. covers the entire course) 3-hour written exam on Tuesday August 6th from 8:30 to 11:30.

Important: Please bring your SFU student card to the exam. If you don’t have it with you, then you may be asked to go get it before writing the exam.

The exam is in rooms 5240 and 5280. You are assigned to your rooms based on your last name as follows:

  • Ahmad to Ip - room 5240
  • Ji to Zou - 5280

40.1. About the Exam

This is a comprehensive, closed-book exam. That means it covers the entire course from the beginning, and may ask questions related to the lectures, assignments, or on-line notes.

From the course notes, the exam covers sections 1 to 32 (and no sections afterwards, except for the samples - section 37). Generally, if a topic was only discussed briefly in class then only simple questions will be asked about it. Topics covered more extensively may have more detailed questions.

It is a written exam: everything you do will be by hand on paper.

It is a closed-book exam: no notes, books, computers, calculators, or other such aids are permitted.

While the questions could be of any format or style, some kinds of questions are more likely than others. You will certainly be asked to:

  • Read Processing code, e.g. to tell us what the code does, or to fix errors, etc.
  • Write Processing code, e.g. writing code fragments, or complete programs that solve a given problem.

Other common forms of questions on programming exams are:

  • short answer
  • true/false
  • multiple choice

40.2. Preparation Advice

  • Here is a sample exam (solutions). Please note that this is just a sample, and so does not cover all the topics or question styles that might be on the final exam you write. Plus, the length/difficulty of the exam you write might not be the same.
  • Here are some more sample questions (solutions).
  • It is guaranteed that some true/false questions chosen from the Boolean expression practice program at the bottom of this page will be on the exam.
  • Read the notes and do the questions at the end (unfortunately, we cannot provide solutions for the questions at the end of the notes).
  • Practice: write and modify lots of programs.

40.3. Practice with Boolean Expressions


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