Assignment 1

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For this assignment you will be creating a website. Please be sure to read the requirements carefully. If you have any questions, please contact myself or the TA. All xhtml in this assignment must be done by hand. Use of graphical editors constitutes academic dishonesty. All content from other sources must be referenced and the use of copyrighted images is prohibited without permission from the author or artist.

Page Requirements

  1. "index.html" will only contain your name, userid, and the links to the assignments as they are completed. Your "index.html" should have only 1 hyperlink on it for this assignment and it should link to your main page for assignment 1.
  2. One page of your website should discuss your color choices for your site and which color harmony scheme it falls into, if any. Furthermore, you must describe your design choices for your site with reference to proximity, alignment, repetition, and contrast.
  3. One page of your site should contain 1 link to a website which you think is exemplary. For this site, discuss the color choices and site design (proximity, alignment, repetition, and contrast). Also on this page should be 1 link to a website which you think is good but could be improved. Discuss the color and site design choices, as well as your suggestions for improving the site.
  4. Your site should have a total of 4-6 web pages (not including "index.html"). For the other 2-4 pages you are to create a "homepage." Typically these pages would contain content about you and your interests. However, you are free to use any theme for these pages, for instance it could be about your favorite artist, some environmental issues, etc. The content on these pages should be related.

Site Requirements

General Requirements