This site applies only to CMPT 165 (Distance Ed) in Summer 2016. See the CMPT 165 sections page for other sections.

Note that the exercises and assignments for different sections of the course may differ. The email address for submitting certainly does. There will be a mark penalty for doing the work from the wrong section or submitting incorrectly.

Lab Exercises

Starting in week 3, there will be a lab exercise due, except the week of the mid-term. These will be submitted online; they are due by 23:59:59 on the given due date. You can do these exercises on your own: there is no need to go to a physical lab.


Like the lab exercises, these are submitted online and are due by 23:59:59 on the given due date.

Everything will be submitted to CourSys.


Late submissions and modified files will both count towards any late penalty. Late penalties for problems with marking (unaccessable files, etc.) will count from the date that they are fixed. Do not delete any of your files until the end of the course.