Evgenia (Eugenia) Ternovska

School  of Computing Science

Simon Fraser  University


  1. ECAI 2020 Senior PC Member

  2. LICS 2019 Co-Organizer

  3. KR 2018 PC Member

  4. LPNMR 2019 PC Member

  5. AAAI 2018: PC Member

  6. IJCAI 2016: SPC Member

  7. KR2016: PC Member

  8. NMR’16: PC Member

  9. IJCAI 2015: PC Member

  10. LPNMR 2015: PC Member

  11. KR2014: PC member

  12. ASPOCP 2015: PC Member

  13. GTTV'15: PC Member

  14. LaSh 2014: co-organizer, PC Member

  15. NMR 2014: PC Member

  16. ASPOCP13: PC member

  17. LPNMR-13: PC member

  18. NRAC 2013: PC member

  19. IJCAI 2011: SPC Member

  20. JAIRnm11: PC member

  21. LPNMR-11: PC member

  22. GTTV 2011: Co-Chair

  23. NMR‘2010 Co-Chair (with Tommie Meyer)

  24. KR 2012, PC Member

IWIL 2012: co-chair

GTTV 2011, (co-organizer, PC member)

IJCAI’11 (Senior PC Member)

NonMon at 30 (a special conference devoted to the 30th anniversary of the field) (PC member)

LPNMR’09, LPNMR’11 (PC member)

AAAI’08 (PC member)

ECAI’10 (PC member)

IWIL’10 (Co-Chair)

DALT’09, DALT’10 (PC member)

• Workshop on Applications, co-chair (within NMR’08)

LaSh’08 (Logic and Search) workshop (PC member)

LaSh’10 (Co-Chair)

24th Canadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence (PC member)

              Associate Professor, Computational Logic

Logic in Computer Science,

Descriptive Complexity, Theoretical Computer Science,

Knowledge Representation, Efficient Reasoning,

Reasoning about Actions, Modal Logics, Fixpoint logics

I obtained my PhD in 2002 in Artificial Intelligence under the supervision of Ray Reiter (1939-2002) at the University of Toronto, Canada.       



Currently looking for PhD students

(Please see under Students above)

Also looking for postdoctoral researchers, to apply for PIMS postdoctoral scholarship

Current research focus: Descriptive Complexity, Algebra of Modular Systems, Model Expansion, Logic of Information Flows

Talk: Declarative Programming of Search Problems with Built-In Arithmetic: Complexity and Expressiveness

[slides in pdf]

Links http://ecai2020.eu

Research Interests

current activities