Professor Ramesh Krishnamurti - Selected Publications

  1. R. Krishnamurti, D. Gaur, S. Ghosh, and H. Sachs, Berge's theorem for the maximum charge problem, Discrete Optimization (to appear).
  2. R. Kohli, R. Krishnamurti, and K. Jedidi, Subset-conjunctive rules for breast cancer diagnosis, Discrete Applied Mathematics (to appear).
  3. D. Gaur, T. Ibaraki, and R. Krishnamurti, Constant ratio approximation algorithms for the rectangle stabbing problem and the rectilinear partitioning problem, Journal of Algorithms 43 (2002), pp. 138-152.
  4. D. Gaur, and R. Krishnamurti, Simple Approximation Algorithms for MAXNAESP and Hypergraph 2-colorability, Journal of Combinatorial Optimization 5:2 (2001), pp. 167--173.
  5. R. Kohli, R. Krishnamurti, and P. Mirchandani, The minimum satisfiability problem, SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics, 7:2 (1994), pp. 275-283.
  6. R. Kohli and R. Krishnamurti, A total-value greedy heuristic for the integer knapsack problem, Operations Research Letters, 12 (1992), pp. 65-72.
  7. R. Kohli and R. Krishnamurti, Average performance of heuristics for satisfiability, SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics 2:4 (1989) pp. 508-523.

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