CMPT882: Reading Assignments

Reading assignments are due before the start of lecture. Compose a brief summary of each assigned paper. Each summary should be similar to a mini paper review, and consist of two parts: Completed paper summaries should be emailed to the instructor. Please include "CMPT882 readings" in the subject line of the email.

A good read on how to be a useful reviewer for conference/journal papers is "The Task of the Referee" by Alan Jay Smith. For those who have never reviewed papers before (and even those who have), I recommend taking a look through it.

Due Sept. 13:

Due Sept. 18:

Due Sept. 25:

Due Sept. 27:

Due Oct. 2:

Due Oct. 11:

Due Oct. 16:

Due Oct. 25:

Due Oct. 30:

Due Nov. 6:

Due Nov. 15:

Due Nov. 27:

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