PIKM '07: 1st Ph.D. Workshop in CIKM

Workshop for Ph.D. Students in Information and Knowledge Management

In conjunction with ACM CIKM 2007

ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management

Lisboa, Portugal, November 5 to 10, 2007




The goal of the PIKM workshop is to encourage Ph.D. students to present their dissertation research at a relatively early stage. The targeted students are those with a focus in any of the CIKM research tracks, i.e., databases, information retrieval or knowledge management. Interdisciplinary work across the three tracks is particularly encouraged.


It is noticed that a broad range of topics are addressed in CIKM related to various issues in databases and information systems, information retrieval and semantic web, knowledge management and data mining. The CIKM conference with its confluence several research tracks provides an excellent opportunity for learning about the latest developments in the respective fields. It provides a good forum for graduate students to expose their research at an early stage. Particularly, such a workshop encourages interdisciplinary studies across the three major fields addressed by CIKM: databases, information retrieval and knowledge management.


This workshop will enable graduate students to present their dissertation proposals and/or ongoing research on their dissertation sub-problems. It will give them an opportunity to get feedback on their early work from researchers worldwide. The reviewers’ comments will help them assess and possibly revise their work. Selected papers will be published in the workshop proceedings and the respective authors will give a talk on their dissertation at the workshop. This will give considerable recognition to the work of the students.


A wide range of topics on any area in databases, information retrieval and knowledge management can be presented at the PIKM workshop. The areas of interest are similar to those at the CIKM main conference and can be found on the CIKM 2007 website. 





The main idea of this workshop is to present Ph.D. proposals addressing all parts of the dissertation. The authors could be Ph.D. students or Masters students aspiring to get a Ph.D. having in mind a clear idea of a proposal. Students could also submit work on one or more sub-problems of their dissertation. The papers should address the research issues in their proposal focusing on the challenges in solving them. They could also include the proposed techniques to solve the given problems.  Preliminary experimental evaluation may also be included if necessary. However it should be clear that the work is ongoing.


Papers should be maximum 8 pages in length in ACM CIKM format. The graduate student should be the first author on the paper. The student’s research advisor, committee members and others may be co-authors. Please note that at least one author of each accepted paper is required to register for the PIKM workshop in order for their paper to be included in the proceedings. All CIKM 2007 workshop proceedings will be printed on CD together with the main CIKM proceedings.


Submission Site for Draft Papers

Submission Site for Camera Ready Papers

Please submit to the one of the PIKM workshop co-chairs by email just in case you face a problem with the submission site.



Draft Paper Submission:  August 5, 2007

Notification of Acceptance:   August 20, 2007

Camera Ready Submission: August 29, 2007



Note: All submission deadlines are 23:59:59 GMT



Aparna Varde  Virginia State University, USA, avarde@vsu.edu

Jian Pei  Simon Fraser University, Canada, jpei@cs.sfu.ca




Chabane Djerba, University of Science and Technology of Lille, France

Daniel Keim, University of Konstanz, Germany

Helena Galhardas, INESC-ID and Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal

Johannes Gehrke, Cornell University, USA




Fatma Bouali, Lille 2 University, France

Ernest Friedman-Hill, Sandia National Labs, USA

Edward Fox, Virginia Tech, USA

Sreenivas Gollapudi, Microsoft Search Labs, USA

Jiawei Han, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

Vagelis Hristidis, Florida International University, USA

Giti Javidi, Virginia State University, USA

Andreas Koeller, Oracle Corp., USA

Shuhua Lai, Virginia State University, USA

Pawan Lingras, St. Mary’s University, Canada

Bin Liu, Ajia Lighthorse Asset Management Inc., China

Murali Mani, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA

Amelie Marian, Rutgers University, USA

Florent Masseglia, INRIA, France

Shubhabrata Mukherjee, Virginia State University, USA

Stephen North, AT&T Labs, USA

Prasan Roy, Aster Data Systems, USA

Carolina Ruiz, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA

Jaideep Vaidya, Rutgers University, USA

Li Xiong, Emory University, USA

Helen Yang, Virginia State University, USA

Mohammed Zaki, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA

Zhongfei Zhang, Binghamton University, USA



  • Natural Language Processing for Information Retrieval: the time is ripe (again), Matthew Lease
  • Reusing Relational Sources for Semantic Information Access, Lina Lubyte
  • An Architecture for XML Information Retrieval in a Peer-to-Peer Environment, Judith Winter
  • Leveraging Semantic Technologies for Enterprise Search, Gianluca Demartini
  • Two-Level Classifier Combination Techniques: A New Paradigm for Network Intrusion Detection, Mohammed Hossein Rezvani
  • Visualization and Analysis of Large Graphs, Eloise Loubier
  • Mining Semantic Distance Between Corpus Terms, Ahmad Sayed
  • CUFRES: Clustering Using Fuzzy Representative Events Selection for the Fault Recognition Problem in Telecommunication Networks, Jacques Bellec
  • MaxProb and categorization of queries based on linguistic features, N. Desire
  • Exploiting Web 2.0 for Knowledge-Based Information Retrieval, David Meline
  • Incorporating Quality Aspects in Sensor Data Streams, Anja Klein
  • Mutually Beneficial Learning with Application to Online News Classification, Lei Wu
  • Temporal Constraints for Rule-based Event Processing, Karen Walzer
  • Managing Highly Correlated Semi-structured Data: Architectural Aspects of a Digital Archive, A. C. Schering
  • Towards Workload Shift Detection and Prediction for Autonomic Databases, Marc Holze
  • Personal Digital Library: PIM through a 5S Perspective, Yi Ma
  • Document Retrieval for Question Answering: A Quantitative Evaluation of Text Preprocessing, Gracinda Carvalho
  • Combining Resources with Confidence Measures for Cross Language Information Retrieval, Youssef Kadri
  • Top-K Subgraph Matching in a Large Graph, Lei Zhou
  • Formalizing Ontology Reconciliation Techniques as a Basis for Meaningful Mediation in Service Related Tasks, Patricio de Alencar Silva
  • Possibility and Necessity Measures for Relevance Assessment, Fatma Zohra Bessai Mechmache
  • Collaborative Framework for Indigenous Knowledge Management, Theodora Mwebesa Twongyirwe Mondo
  • Webview Selection from User Access Patterns, Samia Saidi Here is the order of presentations forming the schedule for PIKM 2007. Each presentation will be 15 minutes. Speakers are encouraged to keep their talks short giving the crux of their work allowing room for workshop style discussion. Particularly, since this is a Ph.D. workshop, the focus is mainly on the proposals of the respective students.


    Panel: This would be an open forum for discussion. The presenting students would get an opportunity to critique each other. Other attendees of the workshop would be able to provide useful feedback to the students. The entire audience would also be encouraged to a hold group discussion on the latest developments in the fields addressed at the PIKM workshop.