Bob Hadley's Guitar Albums

During the 1970s, Bob Hadley composed and recorded three albums of guitar solos. These albums, on Kicking Mule Records, have drawn critical praise, and Guitar Player Magazine has called Hadley "A fingerpicking talent on a par with anyone recording today". Melody Maker, the leading music publication in Britian, described Hadley as "The greatest discovery of the Kicking Mule Tour" -- a reference to a European tour by Kicking Mule artists. Bob's three albums, in chronological order, are: ``Raven'', ``Tunes from the Well'', and ``On the Trail of the Questing Beast''

Selections from Reviews

"Hadley has put together a thoroughly satisfying, brilliantly executed collection of original compositions ... Everything on the album is first-class, sophisticated, and compelling. I think it is a better album than Fahey's early productions and I'd go as far as to say that it equals Kottke's finest work."

-- FORTUNE COOKIE (San Francisco)

"Bob Hadley is a genius of melody. He weaves beautiful textures with his steel string guitar. The second solo Kicking Mule album extends the ideas and haunting sounds we first heard on his debut album - Raven ... He combines fingerpicking with bottleneck techniques and produces some fantastic guitar sounds. A must for the listener and player of fine guitar music."

-- GUITAR Magazine (London, England)

"Hadley is a sheer pleasure to hear. ... The subtle, circuitous logic and clean, luminous character of his work is intricate and articulate -- precise, nimbly elegant figures set against a measure of sweetly stinging bottleneck sweeps, the effect entirely compelling."

-- The Province, 1978

MUCH OF BOB HADLEY'S MUSIC has been available on Spotify and similar sources . This may continue to be the case. These sites offer the music as MP3 downloads.

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