Getting to 9840 with Windows

From Off-campus

Text Only

If you don't need graphics applications, you can log in with a text-only console. This is your easiest option, by a long shot.

You really should use a secure connection. It will keep your password safe from whatever network might be between you and campus. You should download SSH for Windows (the file you want is SSHWinClient-?.?.?-build???.exe) and install it. Use this to connect to .

From there, you can connect to one of the lab machines: telnet machine.csil .

If you want, you can open up several SSH windows and connect with each.

If you're comfortabe using an insecure connection, you can use a telnet program, like Tera Term. Stay away from the telnet program that's built into Windows; it's brain-dead and will cause no end of headaches.

With X-Windows

You can connect securely to campus, and use X applications with X-Secure Pro. Download and install this program on your computer.

This is only a demo, which is limited to 60 minutes per session. You have two options: take a break every 60 minutes, or buy it. You could connect with the text-only method and do your editing there with emacs -nw and only use the X connection for the graphical stuff. That way, if your demo does time out, you won't loose as much of your session.

To connect to the lab, start the "X Session" program, to get your X server running. Then, run the "Telnet_SSH" program to connect. Set the interface to "ssh-1", the host to and don't disable forwarding. This will connect you to; from there, you can connect to a lab machine with the command ssh machine.csil .

You can test the X Windows connection by typing the command xlogo . If a new window appears with an "X" symbol in it, you're good to go.

From On-campus

There aren't any machines on campus with an X-server installed, so you're stuck with text-only. From some of the labs, you're even more stuck, since telnet and SSH access are blocked.

You can use whatever telnet or SSH program is installed to access whatever CSIL machine you want. Generally, you open the program, and connect to machine.csil . Then log on as usual.

Copyright Greg Baker, last modified January 2002.