Fixing 9840 Problems

Many commands don't work (emacs, gzip, ...)

Usually, this is caused by missing setup files. You can copy these files back into your home directory by typing these three commands at the Unix prompt:

cp ~proto/.login ~
cp ~proto/.cshrc ~

This copies the default files back into your home directory. If you log out and then back in, everything should be fine.

It says I haven't filled out the Ethics form

If you haven't filled out the ethics form, you need to before you can access the lab machines. You can pick one up in the main computing science office. It takes a day or two to process it.

If you're sure you have filled out the Ethics form, waited a few days for it to be processed and still can't log in, please email

I can't login

First, make sure you've filled out the Ethics form.

You can also be prevented from logging in if your disk quota is full. Instructions on how to fix this are available.

If you have, and still can't log in for some reason, email Tell them your userid and what is happening.

My access card won't open the door to the lab

You should email and tell them about the problem.

I can't FTP to from home

This is in the CSIL section becuase FTP is the easiest way to get files from your computer to your CSIL home directory. If you try to get to your FTP space and are constantly told you have an invalid password, even though you're sure you're typing it right, the problem is almost certainly not at the SFU end.

Both Shaw and Telus offer high-speed home connections. Both often have a misconfiguration problem that makes the fraser FTP server think you're faking your identity. You should call your tech support line and tell them "Reverse DNS lookup is not properly configured for my IP address."

Tech support for these services being what it is, you might want a workaround:

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