Getting to 9840 with a Macintosh

From Off-campus

Text Only

If you don't need graphics applications, you can log in with a text-only console. This is your easiest option, by a long shot.

You really should use a secure connection. It will keep your password safe from whatever network might be between you and campus. You can download either NiftyTelnet SSH or MacSSH and install it. Use this to connect to .

From there, you can connect to one of the lab machines: telnet machine.csil .

If you want, you can open up several SSH windows and connect with each.

If you're comfortabe using an insecure connection, you can use a telnet program, like Better Telnet.

With X-Windows

Mac OSX is based on Unix; many of the basic pieces are already there to allow using X-Windows. It's possible, but not having a Mac, I can't give any instructions. Submissions are welcome.

Copyright Greg Baker, last modified January 2002.