Page Creation

All of my pages are created by hand with a text editor. I usually use NEdit, but occasionally vi or Emacs when the situation calls for it. I use a macro/preprocessing language of my own creation to help with some of the drudgery.

All images are created and edited with The GIMP.

Technical Standards

My pages are written in either HTML 4.01 or XHTML 1.1. They all validate to one of those specifications.

Valid HTML 4.01! - Valid XHTML 1.1!

All pages use structural markup to the greatest extent possible. Cascading Style Sheets are used for manuipulation of the visual design. All styles are valid.

Valid CSS!

Efforts have been made to make all of my pages accessable to all users. This has been done by following the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines as well as the U.S. Section 508 Guidelines.

Level Triple-A conformance icon, W3C-WAI Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 - Bobby WorldWide Approved AAA - CAST: Bobby WorldWide Approved 508

As a result of the above, all of the content should be accessable from any web browser.

Viewable With Any Browser

All of the pages are sent with a PICS label from the ICRA indicating the absence of offensive material.

Labelled with ICRA.

The site has been designed so that any URIs for pages here should be valid, for at least as long as I'm at SFU. This has been done by following Tim Berners-Lee's advice in "Cool URIs don't change," including using content negotiation to do away with type extensions on resource names. Where it has been necessary to move pages, redirects have been used to keep old URIs valid.

Cool URIs

[The "Cool URIs" button was created by me. I consider it public domain.]

The pages are cache-friendly, thus allowing intermediate proxy caches to hold them, decreasing total network traffic. The pages have reasonable Expires headers set, indicating the acceptable length of time to cache without checking for updates.

Cache Now!

Any pages that don't meet the above criteria are simple oversight. Feel free to email me and point problems out.

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