Spotting Colours

Georgina Kwei, Kobus Barnard, and Brian Funt
"Spotting Colours," Proceedings Colour Image Science 2000, Univ. of Derby, Derby, UK, April 2000.


Spotting an object of a chosen colour, skin for example, in an image taken under uncontrolled lighting conditions requires some form of preprocessing to convert the image colours to an illumination-independent specification. Computational colour constancy algorithms are designed specifically to accomplish this task. We process images with different colour constancy algorithms and evaluate the results in terms of the resulting accuracy of object colour spotting. Since spotting a colour depends on the threshold used to define the colour, ROC analysis is used in evaluating the results. The experiments help to evaluate the performance of the colour constancy algorithms and to predict what can be expected in terms of being able to find particular colours in a cluttered environment.

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Keywords: colour, object recognition, computational colour constancy

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